1. UKR33f3r

    Algae/Cyano Issue Not Improving, Help Please?

    Hi all, I have a Red Sea Reefer 250 that has been up and running for 8 months now. My issue is a strange black algae\cyano growth that has plagued me for the last two months+. I have been treating as follows: cleaning gravel twice weekly 20% water changes twice a week Addition of beneficial...
  2. P

    Great water quality, but big cyano troubles

    Hi long time lurker, first time poster. I've had my tank set up for 7 months now, slowly adding livestock and getting my filtration and flow just right. I've had some algae outbreaks that were "typical" of a new tank, but now my refugium kicked into gear and is absorbing nitrates and phosphates...
  3. O

    Dino X and Cyano?

    About a month ago I determined I had a Dino outbreak. Started using Dino X and now after 6 doses my Dino is fading, but now there’s a thick maroon algae building up. I believe it’s cyano. Has anyone had this experience?
  4. P

    My Easy approach to Amphidinium dinoflagellates

    I have a 50 gallon cube, sump, sand, ATS, radion LED, Protein skimmer, my aquascape is fairly easy to remove in sections. My troubles with Dinos coincided with overzealous Iron supplementation and low nutrients. I lost many corals and anemones to the infestation. I am not sure if my approach...
  5. MileHighSeaLevel

    ID This Snot Please?

    Have some snot on the back glass, that's growing in an interesting pattern. It's ONLY growing on the glass, and both the turbos and nerites are eating it, so I don't think (fingers crossed) it's dinos. Some of the strings are nearly a foot long, but no bubbles. Where it's growing best is on the...
  6. djm

    Diatom or Dino??

    Hi all, my tank has been running for about 2 months now and in the last couple of days I have had an outbreak of algae. At first I thought this was just the diatom stage as I haven’t had any yet, but I notice some stringy down bits growing on my rock today. This stuff is growing really rapidly...
  7. N

    Battling Cyano with good parameters?

    Set up an Evo 13.5 4ish months ago and have been battling cyano for about a month now. I know it’s likely a bit of new tank syndrome, but I'm getting nowhere, and it just killed my nice chalice. It is especially frustrating as my parameters seem to be quite good and i’m very regimented with...
  8. J

    Cyano in 20 Gal all in one

    Hello everyone! So my boyfriend and I both have nano 20 gallon all in one tanks (both about a year old) and we have been running without skimmers with no issues up until now. We’ve both started to get cyano bacteria on our sand beds but our tests are showing that our water is perfectly fine! I...
  9. Palytoxin

    Cyanobactera! (Discussion)

    Why does Cyanobacteria get such a bad rap? I haven't dealt with it personally. From what I read it creates Cyanotoxins, steals oxygen, which in itself is bad. But people make it seem like it's the biggest nightmare of their lives! I've heard it can be caused by a multitude of reasons, ranging...
  10. D

    Advise on beating cyano and nutrients question

    Hi guys I have been struggling with what I think is cyano for over a year now. A little bit of cyano doesn't bother me but lately it has started to cover my whole sandbed and creep onto the rocks. I am unsure whether I am nutrient deficient or have too many nutrients. Nitrates and phosphates are...
  11. Salty Hippo

    Help id microscope image video

    Need to know what this is so I can treat it correctly. It’s only a photo but they move around quickly. Thanks
  12. Salty Hippo

    Cyano? Dinos?

    First post, need help.... Can anyone tell me what this is and how to get rid of it. My Phosphates .04 and Nitrates 5. Been doing 25% water changes weekly using RO/DI water 0 tds.
  13. J

    Protein Skimmer Going Crazy After Chemiclean

    Hello, I just went through a round of chemiclean to battle some cyano. First off, let me say that I'm blown away with how that worked. I did 1 treatment, and it's completely gone. Might do a second treatment if I see anything creep back, but 1 treatment and it's gone. Here's my question. My...
  14. fox0521

    Duncan + Chemiclean = !!!

    Hey folks! So I had a minor cyano outbreak. After chatting with some folks at my LFS, I took their advice (against my better judgement) and dosed with chemiclean. I was pretty hesitant about the use of chemicals as I am generally weary of any chemical additives. Hindsight being 20/20, I...
  15. J

    Dinos I think

    Hey everyone, I have a pretty new tank setup. 100 gallon DT, 32 gallon sump. About 120ish total volume. I used cycled media from a previous tank to help get this one going, along with Dr Tims bacteria. It is about a month old. Here's my stock: 2 clowns, 1 royal gramma, 1 BTA, 1 Rock Nem, lps...
  16. K

    HELP...Algae and flow issues

    I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone can help with. I've researched the forum and I believe I have 1) flow issue 2) Cyano and 3) possible Dino? Tank stats are as follows: 6 months old 29 Gallon Coralife BioCube with updated hood (LEDs) - This is when I believe things started to go...
  17. Z

    Freshwater scrub goes Saltwater: Algae identification

    Hey Reef Gang, I am new to the salt water game coming from freshwater. I am starting with a Red Sea Max Nano. 20lb Carib sea life rock, 10 pounds Fiji pink, 660gph wave maker, running skimmer 24/7 with filter sock, bunch of marine pure bio balls, red sea carbon, Red Sea coral salt pro, tank...
  18. Is this the LFS

    Zero nitrate and phosphate and no algae in the tank

    I have a 40 breeder with a good quality skimmer and a carbon reactor. I don’t use any nutrient lowering methods besides water changes. I have a pretty decent size bioload as well. For whatever reason tho even though I can’t get a decent nitrate or phosphate reading. There is hardly any algae as...
  19. Herides

    Orange/Brown Hairs growing near my corals

    Hey guys, Was taking a real close look at the sand near one of my soft corals and noticed these very thin, orangy brown hairs flowing in current on the sand bed next to the live rock my coral is on. I also took another look at another one of my corals and see more kinda wrapped around the...
  20. AdamMac21

    One algae after another

    Ok, so I have a 15 gallon with a clownfish, royal gramma, cleaner shrimp and cuc. I was having bryopsis issues, got rid of that but now I have green slime algae and red cyano in full force. Lights run from 10:00 to 9:00. I feed the fish every other day and reef roids once, maybe twice a week. I...
  21. gowlers321

    Can anyone help me understand why I have had a cyano outbreak

    These are my parameters this month :
  22. Reefer37

    Please Help Me Get Rid of Cyano

    I'm just so tired of it and feel like I'm at my whits end. It's been a long 4 month battle and I've tried next to everything except chemical, which I rather just not do. I know I've read plenty of raving review on Chemiclean and others, but many of those just have the problem come right back...
  23. S

    Please help! Can’t figure this out

    My tank has been up and running for about 1-1/2 years never had an algae or bacteria problem till now.. I installed a roller mat about 3 months ago and last months I noticed my nitrates were at 0. I tried feeding more to raise them up and then all of a sudden I had an outbreak. I thought it...
  24. Soilbreaker

    Algae identification - microscopic images

    Hey guys, could you help me out identifying the algae I currently have in my reef tank? Attached you will find some images. I probably guess diatoms and cyanobacteria are present. However, I also think that some dinoflagellates are in between. But I'm not sure about the last. Thanks in advance!
  25. F

    Cyano and closed corals

    Before I get started I have a 120 gallon tank with 40g sump. I got the whole set up from a lfs so it was already matured and with that I let it sit for about a month before adding any new corals or fish to it. Since then I've added two zoo colonies that were doing great and growing like crazy. I...
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