1. Mandarin the first

    Mystery algae?

    Can anyone help identify what is taking over my tank? I don’t have access to a microscope to check it accurately. Parameters: Salinity 1.026 Temp 78f Po4 0 (Hanna ulr) No3 0.25ppm (red sea pro) Alk 8.7 Cal 440 Mag 1340 I cannot get detectable nutrients (apart from some nitrates when I feed...
  2. F

    Is this encrusting cyanobacteria?

    Hello Reefing Community Im looking for knowledge or some one who can help. I tought my tank was doing great, i tought my tank was full of coraline algae. A wired looking coraline algae. it looks a bit more red or violet. it has a different kind of texture, almost as a sponge but a bit...
  3. Koleswrath

    16 Gallon Alberta coat closet DIY special! New FTS

    I decided to post the history of my nano since I've been active on R2R more often lately. Here's the timeline with notable events, good or bad: Dec 15, 2022 Decided to jump back in to reefing after 6 or 7 years and a house move. I gotta admit my main motivation was the popularity of the...
  4. jbonez_

    Parameter help

    Below is my chart of my parameters I have been documenting for the past month. I am struggling with nitrate levels. I am feeding twice a day with Brine/Mysis shrimp and doing lower percentage water changes. Also I believe I am having a Cyano outbreak right now? See video below. Should I be...
  5. A

    Could this be dinos?

    I had a brown/green algae problem a while back that was completely eradicated but now it’s coming back looking different - it has bubbles. I did increase light in the tank to help my corals regrow after the past algae bloom, since i dimmed the light for a few weeks to control the algae. My...
  6. Rham1281

    TDS in ATO water

    Hey all! I have had my tank up an running for almost a year now and for the past few months I have had a bad case of what I think to be diatoms or dinos. Both my phosphates and nitrates are a little over 0 (API test, but it's the best I have right now). I recently acquired a TDS meter and the...
  7. H

    Dinos or Cyano Treatment

    So I've been battling this battle for months now, I have had my tank for 7 months now, in the past I posted pictures of my tank and people told me that I had cyano. After a lights out phase and dosing peroxide, the cyano subsided, then came back. I tried mitigating but I just did manual removal...
  8. J

    Finally Beat Cyanobacteria

    I wanted to post this for anyone battling cyanobacteria. I had been doing weekly water changes for months and nothing was working trying to wipe out cyanobacteria. I was even considering Chemiclean. One week i forgot to do a water change and noticed it started to clear up. I decided to switch to...
  9. J

    Brown Stringy Algae. Dinos?

    Hi all, I have this brown stringy algae growing on my rocks and my sand. I’m having trouble determining if it’s just a brown stringy algae or dinos. As you can see it’s growing in and between corals, likely irritating them. I tested nutrients yesterday and Nitrates are 9 and phosphates are...
  10. Danielsj

    Green Cyano Problems

    Hello everyone! My tank is a 80 gallon with a 13 gallon sump, its been running since March and most things have generally been going good. I started the tank up with a Maxspect R420 putting out about 220 par at the surface. My nutrition values have been pretty stable from the beginning, sitting...
  11. Netotek

    Algea? Cyano? Diatoms? should I be worried?

    Looking for help. Tank is 5 months old. One clownfish, and one tuxedo urchin. I QT'd the urchin for 83 days before adding him to the DT about two weeks ago. And since adding the Urchin I increased the lighting schedule to 6 hours on (I used to have it at 3 or 4 hours when the clown was in...
  12. B

    Red cyano, water parameters

    Hey all, Just looking for advice on my parameters and current cyano battles. Tank is about 9 months old, however I took over from a friend and moved the tank about a month ago. He was never able to keep No3 and Po4 in tank and was riddled with dino's Since taking over, the dino's have...
  13. A

    What are these? Algae and Pink thing ID

    Hey guys, lately i battled against GHA pretty badly and got it over with, using fluconazole after a while. Now, Ive had this tank for well over a year, and of course as every tank, stuff that we’ve never seen before appears and it could be bad or good lol. Anyways I’ll be attaching photos of...
  14. H

    Please Help Me Identify the Algae

    Mods please delete this post, wrong forum.
  15. W

    Looking to improve flow - Red Sea Max E 260 with Cyano outbreak

    I've had some trouble getting even flow in my Max E 260 and I'm currently fighting a Cyano outbreak so looking for advice. Currently the bulk of the flow is coming from two Tunze 6095s at the back of the tank pointed at each other. I have them controlled by my GHL profilux to create random...
  16. P

    Cyanobacteria Biocube 32

    Hello everyone, new here after being a lurker for years! Long story and a leaking tank later, I have now owned a 32 gallon biocube for ~1 month. Never had an issue with cyanobacteria in my previous 37 gallon standard aquarium, but I am now. I’ve been battling it for a few weeks now, trying to...
  17. R

    Cyano or Dino?

    Hey Guys, Just need a bit of help with identifying what I have. I'm leaning towards cyano but would like a second opinion.
  18. J

    Cyano or something else? - Pic attached

    Curious if this is Cyano mainly because it is a very bright and thick red, doesn’t seem stringy or dark red like Cyano usually looks. The hammer I picked up from somebody local, got scammed on it, and I believe that coral brought whatever tf that is into my tank I’m also confused because I...
  19. F


    I have this cyano and this green algae. Not sure what to do about it. Nitrates are at 10 and phos at .04. Tank is 7 months old sense I moved it. But been set up for a a year and half. Including before the move. I’ve been dosing nitrate and phos for a while now to keep levels up. Any advice...
  20. yanni

    Cyano or Dino’s

    Hey all, I’ve been facing some cyano recently, seems pretty persistent and grows on my sand and rock. I just finished a flux treatment, and it started to appear in the end of my week 3 of treatment. It doesn’t hold any oxygen bubbles like Dino’s seems to typically, just grows over sand and rock...
  21. L

    Is there a dummy's guide to how hydrogen peroxide helps with nuisance algae?

    I used it recently to help fight back against cyano, and I see it being used quite often to help with algae. How does it work? Why does it kill the bad stuff, but the tank seems to be perfectly fine? Why is the good bacteria spared? How is it affecting the inverts? Does it accumulate and need...
  22. H

    My ongoing battle with GHA

    Back in February I had a huge takeover of cyano, bryopsis and GHA. First photo, I know it was bad. I was in a bad headspace I know what happened: overfeeding, lack of maintenance & topping off with questionable store bought water and the occasional tap water top off. I’ve manually removed...
  23. J

    Reusing Rock

    Hey everyone, so quick question I was having a breakout of Dino’s and I’m sure cyano over the pat 6 months. I ended up breaking down the tank as I’m setting up a 60 cube. I took all the rock out that had all the Dino slime and hosed it off and it’s pretty much outside. Can I reuse the rock...
  24. L

    Do Dinos create mats like in this picture?

    I was reviewing the Dino Treatment article and the Are You Tired? thread by @mcarroll , and I noticed that many of the pics people were sharing did not have quite the mat structure I am seeing on my rocks. Right now I am waiting to see if anyone in my local group has a microscope and can help...
  25. dashulis

    Moving 3 tanks from Florida to Maryland

    Hi everyone! We are Eugene and Dasha. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the chance to create our built threads yet, but hopefully with this thread we’ll be able to achieve that too… My husband and I have 3 tanks set up at the moment, my husband’s first tank, a Reefer Max C 250 (65gal), my old...