1. B

    The cyano eater

    I’d like to present my lovely urchin friend who likes to eat cyano and clean my frags :) Except he’s not eating the majority of the green algae. I’ve got nassarius and one margarita. What should I get to focus on green algae? 5 gallon that’s about 2 months old.
  2. yanni

    Green slime algae

    Hey all! So my tank has only recently been set up, it’s about a month and a half old. I used live rock that was being baked in a bucket for about 4 months prior to setting up, it only was ghost fed, no corals or anything on it, closed system. I’ve recently had this green slime algae pop up...
  3. D

    EMERGENCY Hair algae and dino

    So rn im having a huge problem with hair algae and Dino it is everywhere. I ran hydrogen peroxide for a today and now was told just to take it all out and buy pods so i bought pods and now we’re waiting. Had to take out peroxide bc it was hurting my corals. Does anyone have any other ways in the...
  4. D

    EMERGENCY Orange slime on Coral and In sump and birdsnest

    It won’t let me take off the emergency button but anyways I’m having a weird problem with this orange like slime that was growing on my corals and then I realized it was growing in my sump I’ll attach pictures. It’s not cyano bc I think cyano is red and I used chemiclean awhile ago but it didn’t...
  5. H

    Adventures in battling algae

    QUESTION: best way to get the HA in the sand bed? My siphon doesn’t seem to pick it up since it’s stuck itself to clumps of sand How it started: So back in December, I left my RODI unit outside and it froze and broke a canister. Took me over a month to fix that so I had not been doing water...
  6. Reaper_Six_Four

    Cyano question

    I have a very small outbreak of cyano in my tank. I’ve never had any blossom up so I’m not sure how to mitigate it (outside of mechanically removing the patches). I don’t think I’m over feeding and aside from small hair algae on the rocks and sand my tank looks ok. Do a 12% WC every other week...
  7. V

    Need help IDing nuisance if possible!

    hey all, ive had some red/brown spots showing up on my sand, lately its gotten a little worse and I don't really feed a whole lot. I got a test done at my lfs last week and everything was zero, (except nitrate which was like 5ppm or w.e) which can obviously be a problem. ive started to feed on a...
  8. TheoScapes

    Cyano or Dino? How do you tell the difference?

    Hey all, I don't have a microscope. Just want to know of there's a way to tell the difference between cyano and Dinos without one. The video attached is what I have in my tank currently. T
  9. JayFish4004

    Does this cyano look infected?! Cyano question lol

    I have red cyano that is not at crazy levels - currently just tries to proliferate between the glass and sand which looks ugly af but not terrible. During my weekly water changes I use a baster to siphon out as much as I can, but it’s never enough and always comes right back to where it was...
  10. G

    Advice Needed - Newer tank, Cyano, Low alk, and precipiation issues

    Hi All, I'm in a bit of a difficult spot with Calothrix and precipitation issues and would love some help here. The system - Reefer 625 G2 set up Aug 28, 2022. 152g water volume. Water Parameters: Salinity - 1.026 Alk - 7.2-8.0 dKh (pretty stable at 7.2-7.3 dKh till I tried to raise it and...
  11. Nick_Turbo

    Need help positively identifying this growth

    So, no matter what I do, I keep having this reddish/brown coating come back again and again. The system itself has been up and running for 16 months, and I transferred it from a 60-gallon tank to a WaterBox Marine X 110.4 in August of this year. I've tried vacuuming the film off of the sand...
  12. B

    Algae ID Discussion HELP!!

    Hello, just got back from a weeks vacation and came back to this. I have no idea what the dark spots on the sand bed are. Also, the slime-looking algae on the rocks. This tanks is coming up on 3 months old and I have done water changes biweekly now since the tank was cycled. Is this just a bad...
  13. B

    125g euphyllia tank media / sump ideas?

    I have a 125g display w/ mainly euphyllia and a couple nems A couple tangs and 5-6 other smaller fish 2-3” Carribsea Hawaiian black media 100lbs of purple life rock Neptune apex with trident and doser Dosing 2 part I have a bashea sms-4815 sump Aeraqua Duo AD600 Protein Skimmer UV sterilizer I...
  14. B

    Cyano in my 20L

    I keep getting cyano over the rocks and gravel of my softie tank and I’m trying to find the cause of it. I’ve tried running dr Tim’s re fresh and waste away and it comes back within a few days. I’ve added bacteria. I’m just looking for input on what I should do. I have about a year old 20 long...
  15. D

    Stringy Algae, Dino’s, or cyano(no bubbles)???

    Does anyone have an idea what this could be? I have had them pop up on the past and I thought it was Dino’s, but it disappeared for a while and now has made its way back, but now more than ever. Should I dose vibrant? Thank you!
  16. Gonj


    Bubble algae issue is getting way out of hand, I’ve got 6 emerald crabs in a 50 g display (90g system) and they haven’t made a dent. Manual removal isn’t really an option most of the rock work is covered in coral or fused together with putty making it way too large to pull out. I try to scrape...
  17. nomad6

    Need help with ID of red growth, cyano?

    Hey guys newb here, It’s only at the base of my Duncan and nowhere else and where it’s missing tissue. More visible under all blues, doesn’t blow off but scrapes off easily. Wanted an expert/pro opinion maybe @vetteguy53081 could offer some insight before I proceed with the h202 dip/ toothbrush...
  18. S

    Cyano or Coralline

    Is this dark purple stuff Cyano or Coralline? It’s not hairy and doesn’t come off when I scrape it with my finger nail. My tank is over 2 years old and this stuff doesn’t look like my lighter colored coralline. I’ve never dealt with Cyano so I’m kind of panicking. It’s on some of my live rocks...
  19. damsels are not mean

    Anybody else's cyano fluorescent?

    For years I had red cyano that would come and go in small patches. I never paid attention to it. Recently, I have seen this green stuff partially beat out the red for space and I am not sure why. It may have come in on a new frag. Anyways it looks green under the whites but under windex it turns...
  20. C

    EMERGENCY Crazy Algae Issues! Please help!!

    Hi all, hopefully you can help me!! I have a 24 gallon AIO waterbox peninsula, roughly 8 months old. I have been battling algae for the last 4-5 months. I believe its a combination of diatom, dinos and maybe cyano? the algae doesn’t completely disappear at night, but does reduce slightly. If...
  21. A

    Help with ID

    Hi all, I suffered a prorocentrum bout a few months back and it has come and gone in a few patches since, but now I noticed this red stringy stuff that eerily looks like an increase in Dino. I put it under a microscope but I couldn’t really identify anything. I attached a video! #reefsquad
  22. M

    Cyano, dino, or something else?

    Tank is over four years old. 40 Breeder with HOB skimmer and refugium with Chaeto that I harvest weekly. I do a weekly 5 gallon water change including some sand vacuuming. For about the past month my sand has been growing this brown substance on it. It goes away at night and gradually comes back...
  23. Lxnza

    Big problrm with algae/cyano

    I don’t know what else I can do! I’ve been struggling with this type of algae (or cyano idk what is this) for some months. I did several water changes in order to stop the development. I spend my weeks quiting the algae of the tank and scrubbing the rocks, idk what else I can do.
  24. Nikko


    Hello kind and helpful reefers! I have what hopefully is an easy question. Took a sample of my substrate as I have been having issues with a brown coating on my aquarium that forms once lights go on and go away when they go off. This has been going on for over a month. I don't believe it's...
  25. S

    Is this Aiptasia or Feather duster?

    1.Is the first picture is of aiptasia or feather duster? 2. I am seeing brown/reddish film like layer on few few sand areas and also on the GSP. Is this cyano?
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