1. Perpetual Novice

    Are delicate corals physically delicate or just chemically sensitive.

    I was wondering how gentle I need to be when handling/touching my Acropora and Montipora. I'm dealing with some red slime (i think its dynos but maybe cyano) and I don't want to use chemicals to knock it out given the many SPS in the tank. however, because of that, I frequently need to manually...
  2. S

    Nutrition during cycling

    Hi all! Im just cycling a new tank with complete dry rock. I had no lights on for the first 3 month and threw a shrimp into the tank and added some bacteria. The bacteria broke down the shrimp and i had some nutrients in the tank all the time. After 3 months ive added some fish and switched...
  3. Perpetual Novice

    Can I convert cyano to algae?

    I have a tank with consistently high nutrients. It’s not neglected but I do minimal maintenance and for the last while there has been mild amount of cyano persisting around the tank. No algae is growing. I know cyano and algae both thrive on high nutrients or poor water parameters but I’m not...
  4. Nik Pagano

    Need help identifying and getting rid of growth

    Hi guys, for about maybe two weeks I’ve had thus brown stringy seemingly slimy like substance completely covering my tank. And I’ve tried everything just short of completely draining and bleaching everything. I have done a black out for about 2 day and nights. H2O2 dosing and soaking rocks and...
  5. Mortie31

    Triton advising lowering temperature to eliminate Cyano??

    Hi all This has just been posted on tritons fb page; “First Ndoc has come back Been suffering with cyano for 12 myths but this isn't showing anything - recommendation to reduce temp to 24 anyone else run this...
  6. MarineDepot

    Get Rid of Cyanobacteria and Algae

    Get Rid of Cyanobacteria and Algae A Recipe for Success from DrTim's Aquatics!
  7. Fish_Sticks

    #1 WHAT IF I TOLD YOU... Ammonia is causing your algae problems?

    After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you keep believing that nitrate and phosphate are the cause of your algae problems. You take the red pill - I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. This image was created by @Fish_Sticks, ©2019, All Rights...
  8. MarineDepot

    How to Get Rid of Cyanobacteria

    How to Get Rid of Cyanobacteria RED SLIME!!! - Reef Tank Pest Control #3
  9. M

    Algae/bacteria ID and battle options

    Hi guys Had red/green cyano cover most of my rocks about 6 months ago and dosing Hydrogen Peroxide completely rid my tank of it - 1ml per gallon each 12h. Now since a month or 2 I'm getting Cyano and algae slowly coming back and this time it looks like they are in for good. Hydrogen Peroxide...
  10. Jeremy K.A.

    Cyano crazed

    Hey everyone the past few weeks I’ve been dealing with Red Cyanobacteria in my 55 mixed reef. I have no idea what is causing it or why it won’t go away, even after manual removal. The parameters are as follows Salinity 1.026 Alk 10 Calcium 480 Nitrates 0 Phosphates 0 Temperature 78° steady. Flow...
  11. PSXerholic

    Zeolith used differently to keep bold colors ;-)

    Hey guys, wanted to share this outside my build thread! This is my 300G Reef tank when it was 10months old and it's happy as it can be so far but I had to do or better liked to perform a switch to a Zeolith reactor and a slightly different approach as the classic Zeovit method people used to do...
  12. K

    New Triton Method Tank, Cyano & SPS dying off...

    Hello guys, I need your help! I started this 140g 6ft (72"x18.5"x20"height) tank 3-4 months ago, the tank has been running on triton method since day 31. My idea initially was to start an SPS tank from early on and, I added a lot of flow to it (2 MP40's), Red Sea Coral Pro salt, a bag of BRS...
  13. Evan28395950

    Will Cyano kill corals?

    Hello all, I have red slime on my sandbed, and I also have corals on the sandbed. I’m just wondering if it’s partially on them, will it end up killing them? I have a plan to get rid of red slime by doing a 20% water change, clearly out back chamber where food gets stuck (I have a biocube), and...
  14. Dennis McGrath

    Red Algae

    I've seen (and had) Cyano before, but this seems different. Long and stringy, VERY long. Is this cyano, or something else?
  15. C

    Need Help with Algae

    I have been having an ongoing problem. I keep getting a green and sometime brown stuff on my sand. Currently it is green, growing some hairs and there are bubble starting to form. I will give you a little history. This has been an on going problem. When I had the skimz cheato reactor, I had...
  16. ThunderGoose

    Thunder Goose Declares WAR on ALGAE - Two Month Update

    I haven't been thrilled with my tank for a while. My corals don't seem to grow, just limp along for 4-6 months then die. So I decided they weren't getting enough of something. Tried using BRS 2-part. Nope. Tried allowing nutrients in the tank to rise and... guess what? The corals are STILL...
  17. G

    Help with QT new fish.

    Hey guys, basically this is the situation. A few months ago, I purchased two Ocellaris separately, within a week or two of eachother. For whatever reason after seemingly pairing the female began attacking the smaller male, so I eventually removed the female clown and placed her in my 8.5...
  18. tablesalt

    Tank down the tubes in a few days. Cyano, dead inverts, coral closed. What did I do?

    For the past few days, my zoanthids have been all closed up, my leathers have shrunk up, and I have been getting more and more cyano (presumably) over the past few days. My crabs and snails have mostly stopped moving over the past week (but the shrimp are fine). I am trying to narrow down what...
  19. choss

    Cyano question

    I have a newly cycled 96 gallon tank that is being stocked with mostly dry rock, some live rock, and a few liters of siporax. I plan on stocking the tank with a few choice pieces from my 40 gallon AIO tank. The issue is the 40 gallon has a bit of green cyano in a few spots that receive lower...
  20. mcarroll

    Algae Cure!! Spot Treating Algae With Peroxide

    For the record, there is no "cure" for algae as it's not a disease. That's the only reason the word "cure" is in the title. :) Now for HOW to spot-treat algae! (More about "why" after the how...) Fill a small syringe with 1-2 mL of regular hydrogen peroxide Shut off all flow and wait for the...
  21. N

    Brown Hair Algae or Cyano or WHAT IS THIS ???

    Ive been battling algae in a certain spot in my tank since I started this bad boy (6 months ago not including 3 month cycle). I call it algae, but I have absolutely no idea what this stuff is. Allow me to explain the best I can: This nuisance began growing after my initial cycle (I cycled...
  22. Reefer18

    Dinoflagellates? Please help!

    Dinoflagellates or some other algae type? (Pics attached) Tank Info: 30 gallon softie reef 5 months old RO water Salinity 1.025 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 1 Calcium 440 Alkalinity 8 Phosphate 0 (according to API) I plan on getting a more accurate kit for phosphates
  23. Phantom6966

    Algae ID

    Can anybody tell me what type of algae this is? I'm pretty sure it's some sort of cyano/spirulina. But I would just like some second opinions, and how best to deal with it. It's starting to grow around my coral frags and would like to get rid of it before it does any damage. It also was growing...
  24. Staisman

    Help identify the problem

    I am having this stuff all over my tank. I think it is some sort of Cyano, please help me ID it.
  25. seastar

    Dinos? Diatoms? Cyano? Oh my!

    Ok, my tank has been setup for 6-7 months for this very much could just be "the uglies". This has been going on probably 6 weeks without much sigh of slowing down. Under the scope the move like crazy for 5-10 min and then all die off. It looks like they have two tiny clear tails (sorry my...
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