1. RickG

    Cyano problem

    so i started a 95 gallon back in December. I had set it up with pukani and made the mistake of not curing them beforehand. I faced green hair algae but was able to get rid of it by water changes and GFO. Next i got cyano and haven't been able to get it under control. I took out the pukani, setup...
  2. Ted_C

    How I am beating Cyano without chemcials or GFO reactor

    I wanted to share my experiences with cyano (red slime bacteria) and how I am knocking it back naturally. One of my main goals in this 2nd go around with keeping a SPS reef tanks - I wanted to base my decision making on observation rather than test kits and chasing numbers. I wanted to avoid...
  3. certain_code

    Algae blooms when dosing Core7 products

    I have been running a Triton tank for about 2 years now. I made the switch to the Core7 product line about 6 months ago now and have noticed that dosing it has caused algae to form in my tank, seemingly Cyano. In all fairness, I have not done an ICP test in about 6 months. The last test read...
  4. Nathan Belz

    Can someone help me ID cyano or dino, microscope pics.

    I have been fighting what I believe to be Dinos and have been in and out of my tank for over a year. I have attached some pics I took today through my microscope of the organic. It doesn't appear to be moving. They appear rapidly, hang all over my SPS and accumulate or create bubbles. They...
  5. mcarroll

    Dinoflagellates – Are You Tired Of Battling Altogether?

    I don't know what percentage of folks had luck battling dinos with any of the methods in the old Dino thread but it's obviously a very low percentage, so I'd like refresh folks on the natural alternatives and lay out three areas of info: some of the factors that contribute to a dino outbreak...
  6. pgooden

    Reef Chemistry Problem - need help

    so I don't know what I have but I want to fix it right or know how to control it effectively... I have a rust brown covered substance that grows mainly on substrate and on the rocks some. It recedes significantly at night and is back in force during the day. It clumps on sand, not dusty I...
  7. jameswetton2895

    Can anyone give me an ID on this please ?

  8. inkedtx


    Hi, I'm about st my wits end. I cannot get rid of this algae. I'm assuming it's Cyano but not 100% sure. It comes off sand bed in a "sheet" if I'm careful when I remove it. I have siphoned the sand multiple times, water changes, lights out for 72 hours. It always comes back. Is there a way to...
  9. Jizu Puentes

    My Vibrant Experience with Pictures

    Ive read multiple threads on the Vibrant cleaner and Ive also talked to people in my local reefing group. Everyone seemed to have a good experience with it but I still didnt want to try it until it circulated more. What finally convinced me was when i talked to my LFS owner and he told me that...
  10. Bruce Burnett

    Cyano tried H2O2 for 7 days

    So I had done the H2O2 test to see if what I has was cyano, it turned pink. I dosed 30ml peroxide 3% to my system twice a day. After one week I did not see any difference. My system is about 280-300 gallons, bare bottom, small amount of detritus in tank. Running calcium reactor, GFO, Reef...
  11. D

    How to get rid of aquariums algae for good.

    How to get rid of aquariums algae for good. This method is best for getting rid of pest algae on frag plugs but will work just as well on rocks. Getting rid of algae the correct way is not a quick process. It could take from 2 weeks to month. If you want the quick and lazy way to get rid of...