1. ihatetomatoclowns

    Fish suggestions

    My clown just died. I have a clownfish and a tailspot blenny, what fish should I get? I have a 15 gallon fluval flex AIO. I'm not getting another clownfish.
  2. smacrophylia

    Ever have a snail cost you thousands?

    So I changed the cool white setting on my lighting schedule last night on my radion g6 blues. I suppose when I made the change I hit save then hit back I assume I did something wrong while saving the setting because it activated at 100% intensity I did not realize it would change from my...
  3. static416

    Love this hobby. But how do you handle the morality of it?

    I originally got into this hobby about 20 years ago, and it was very different then. Fish sometimes collected with dynamite or cyanide. Nobody quarantined anything. And reckless animal options like sharks, octopus, or large morays were not uncommon. Got back into it 2 years ago, and I've been...
  4. vienna

    Random death overnight of healthy blue regal tang.

    Hi everyone. I’m a 7 mth new hobbiest and overnight my healthy blue regal tang has died. Only one new recent addition of a big blue starfish has been added to the display tank a few days ago. He has what appears to be white blotches on his body otherwise is untouched. Any thoughts on his death...
  5. SomeHappyFish

    Dead after 3 days.. Sixline past away unexpectly

    I bought this little guy Friday at 3pm. He looked normale and the guy at the LFS feed him some shrimp and he ate well, he even took his piece and went in his corner to eat. 30 min drive. 30 min temp acclimation. 30 min Drip Acclimation. Has soon has I added him to the tank he was relatively...
  6. Maebh

    Am I cursed or just bad at this??

    Hey everyone, I set up my tank (cycled) in May of 23, and since then I've had a bunch of deaths. First, I got a clean up crew, a blue legged hermit crab, a red hermit crab and 2 nasarius snails. July, I got 2 clownfish. By the end of July one clownfish had died (breathing really hard) and my...
  7. iwnltom

    Leopard Wrasse disappeared!

    So I bought a leopard wrasse from another local reefer who had him for quite a while along with a couple other fish such as yellow tile and more. The first 2 days the leopard was the only of the ones I bought that was up and about, je was swimming around perfectly, eating, and was overall the...
  8. NatReef

    How to stable after tank crash ( with almost everything of coral death)

    Parm: nitrate 20 Phosphate 0,1 Kh 12,5 Ph 8,09 Temp 25,2 Celsius 1025 / 35 sg Mg 1400 So last June I lost over 15 Euphyllia colonies because of vacation and since then I al struggling to make my tank stable again to buy new corals special I want to start in sps but no stable tank no sps ...
  9. C

    My aquarium has been unsuccessful

    Hello, I’ve been losing fish consistently for the past nine months. It’s been a constant struggle to get fish to live past 6 months after acclimating. My fish have died with what seems like swim bladder disease, or being above or below the tank gasping for air and heavy gill movement. I...
  10. kLoRRn

    What would kill a large hermit crab?

    I came home for work today and I found my largest hermit crab presumably dead next to my pulsing Xenia. I have 5 total and that was the biggest with bigger shells for him to inhabit. The fish are happy, pulsing Xenia and GSP are happy looking. Multiple zoa frags are open. Other hermit crab seem...
  11. R

    EMERGENCY Red Knobby sea star sick ??

    My brother bought 2 red knobby sea stars a few weeks ago, and he’s convinced that one is dying. I know nothing about red knobbies, but I’m sure they aren’t supposed to grow orange spots on the underside of them?? We’ve tested the water, everything seems fine except the “hardness”. We’re going...
  12. P

    Lavender tang death - coral rubble found in stomach

    My lavender tang was doing fine, then all of the sudden I found it swimming strangely and was very lethargic. He didn't eat, was upside down and hyperventilating. He was then placed in an isolation container in the same system for observation and feeding. He didn't respond to any type of food...
  13. V

    EMERGENCY Is my clownfish sick? Why did my Gramma die??

    I woke up today and I saw my Royal Gramma dead and my clownfish looking like the Gramma did the night before. Please I need some help because I’m so confused, all my parameters are good and I make sure to test that every couple days. Any advise would be appreciated
  14. S

    Mysterious Fish Deaths

    Hello. I have a newly set up tank and started with a filefish. He was doing well for about a month and then we added two clownfish. The tank is 26 gallons. The filefish mysteriously disappeared. Mind you the ammonia and nitrite had been zero before we put the fish in. Two days later one of the...
  15. th365thli

    Blue star leopard wrasse found dead stuck in rocks

    Hi all, Unfortunately my 4 day old Blue star was found dead stuck head first in some rocks this morning. I had to use some long tweezers and some force to get it out. Wanted to get some opinions on what could have happened. All other fish in the tank are healthy and eating voraciously. The...
  16. Rham1281

    2 clowns died after just a few hours?

    Ive had a 10 gallon frag tank set up for a little over 2 months now. I've been obsessed with it and have kept up on water changes and tests. They're API tests which I know aren't the best. I have a few corals which are doing great, a turbo snail, and some hermit crabs. My tests were consistent...
  17. chemicals

    Mysterious snail deaths and behaviour

    Hi all, Currently dealing with such a frustrating phenomenon. Two months ago one of my trochus snails started flipping itself on purpose. Even if I put it right again, after 5 minutes it flipped itself upside down again. Apparently this has been reported but no real explanation/cause has been...
  18. R

    EMERGENCY Fish dying one after another !

    I have a Red Sea reefer and it has been set up for around 6 month . Everything has been going well , parameters stable and coral and refugium seem to be thriving. For 2 weeks now my fish have been dying all of a sudden one after another . So far I have lost 2 clowns , a sailfin tang, a drawf...
  19. JojoM

    Random fish deaths 2 in one day

    Hey there, today i cam home to find that 2 of my fish have died a Tomini Tang and a Six line Wrasse, but i have zero idea of how it happened they eat everyday and they was acting perfectly fine yesterday i keep on top of my water parameters and to give a short overview they are pH - 7.9 NH4 - 0...
  20. Danielsj

    Sudden Deaths

    Hey guys so i have just lost both of my clowns today. I have had them for about 2,5 months and they have been thriving eating and not showing any signs of sickness at any point until today. So this morning when i got up my smallest clown was laying on the sand breathing heavy, i fed the tank to...
  21. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    So, recently my tang died. Could any of these be a cause of death? Microscope Pics.

    Maybe a copepod? Harmless? A ciliate? Is it harmful? Guessing these are a type of dinoflagellate. Harmful? No idea what this is... And this is my tangs Flesh...after he died. Thinking he may have died from flesh eating worms or flukes.
  22. Aterlycan

    Could you help me ID why my starry blenny died

    Hey guys 3 weeks ago i added a starry blenny it was doing fine eating on algea all over, two weeks ago when i added some clown fish and fox face it started being less active. It was purching on top of the rocks in front of the Power head that had me wondering About some paracite. But i read that...
  23. T

    Help! Does anyone know anything about Dart Frogs?

    I need help. Does anyone know anything about Dart Frogs? PM me.
  24. I

    Glow Betta Random Death

    Hello everyone, this morning my pet Glow Betta passed away and im not exactly sure why. He was a very healthy fish, and from what I could tell he was happy. Always excited by food, always did well after water changes. I took very good care of him. Its a 1.5 gallon tank but he had a filter and a...
  25. QuarantinedCorals

    EMERGENCY Healthy wrasse dead in 24 hours

    Hi guys, I had a katherines wrasse that was fine yesterday and today it’s dead. It had a bloated stomach, white stringy poop, was lethargic and was discolored at time of death. I’m currently holding 5 fish in a 75 gal qt tank as my tank is fallowing, I’ve had this fish for almost a year and...