1. O

    New tank, 4 weeks later.

    Hi everyone, this is just an update on my tank 4 weeks in. I still have nasty diatoms, started getting alot of green algae. And it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon lol. My nitrates and nitrates are 0, and i use rodi water so i’m a little confused as to why they’re still here. I...
  2. BloopFish

    Where to get Thalassiosira cultures?

    I know this diatom is quite common in aquaculture, mainly for shrimps, but I can't seem to find any decent source for a culture for me to start from. In addition, places like AlgaeBarn blend them in with their phyto feeds they sell.... but thats clearly not pure.The most promising seems to be...
  3. Landenb20

    Brown algae on Zoanthids

    So I’ve had my first zoanthids for a week and I’ve had plug with 2 different kinds of zoas and I noticed that the first kind on the plug were and still doing fine but the different kind has been closed for awhile and I noticed some brown algae most likely diatom on the two polyps. I found it...
  4. Macbalacano

    ID Please: Algae on Sand After Chemiclean Treatment

    Photos, video, and parameters below. Finished Chemiclean treatment and followed instructions closely, which completely got rid of my cyano problem and sand was super clean immediately after. However, 1 week later, I'm noticing this algae that is ONLY on my sand getting worse. I know my nitrates...
  5. J

    Dinos I think

    Hey everyone, I have a pretty new tank setup. 100 gallon DT, 32 gallon sump. About 120ish total volume. I used cycled media from a previous tank to help get this one going, along with Dr Tims bacteria. It is about a month old. Here's my stock: 2 clowns, 1 royal gramma, 1 BTA, 1 Rock Nem, lps...
  6. TGREGS19

    Diatom Algae

    Hey guys! I’m a new reefer and I believe what I’m experiencing is Diatom algae which I’ve read that just letting it play its course is what I should do. I do have some green algae starting to grow and hopefully that will cancel out the Diatom (if that’s possible). I’m just looking for...
  7. MarshallB

    Aglae ID, Just Part Of The Ugly Phase?

    Salinity 1.026 Nitrate 0 Phosphate bounces from 0 to < .02 PH 8.2 Alk 10 Calcium 440 Mag 1500 I use RODI water, 0 TDS. Tank Age: 6 Months. So this stuff has been in my substrate for awhile now, it was brown, but now is green. Substrate gets plenty of flow. I've had to adjust it a few times to...
  8. eamm97


    Hey guys, here is my very first saltwater tank. I’m very excited!!! I’ve wanted to start one for years now and I finally did. Any advice for a new reefer? Especially on how to deal with diatoms? I’m on week 4 now and it’s starting to explode!
  9. Twalker791

    Is this the start of a diatom bloom??

    Hello! I have a newly cycled 40 gallon FOWLR tank that has a pair of clownfish in it. I started noticing these little brownish/goldish tiny spots popping up on the live rock and aragonite. I am wondering if it is the beginning of a diatom bloom? Not sure what else it would be. If so, what should...
  10. Taykilps

    Terrible diatom outbreak

    I just got this tank from a friend about a month and a half ago and the diatoms just went crazy about 3 weeks after setting it back up. The tank has been established for well over a year. I got 2 oscelarous clowns a cleaner shrimp and a small goby, 5 astreas snail 5 nasarious and a few other...
  11. R

    Brown *stuff* suddenly appeared and kills! Please help identify it / microscopic pictures

    Dear users, Suddenly out of nowhere my aquarium is covered with brown stuff. Snails died, and corals - especially polyps such as greenstar (which has been very thriving before), and zoa are retracted and seems to be very stressed as it is all covered by that brown stuff. It can be dusted off in...
  12. TyrannicBears

    Help Identifying if Dino’s or Diatoms

    Hey everyone I’ve had my tank cycling for 2 months now and I’ve been pretty on top of cleaning my rock scape of algae and watching my Params. Today after work I noticed a ton of rusty colored algae plus some bubbles trapped into them is this diatoms or Dino’s and what should I do to solve this...
  13. Jarbour88

    Need help identifying and getting rid of algae

    I have brown dust algae on glass that looks like a diatom bloom but also green and purpleish hair/slime algae on live rock as well as what looks to be sea lettuce. Any ideas?
  14. S

    Newbie and algae question

    Hello, I'm new to the site. New to the saltwater hobby as well. Tank is about 2 months old. Waterbox 70g (45g top and 25g sump). I have 8 fish (2 mochavinci clowns, 3 cardinals, a flameback angel, royal gramma, and a lawnmower blenny). All seems to be going well. They all like each other...
  15. BloopFish

    How to Increase Diatom and Green Algae Growth?

    Hello R2R! I currently have a 13.5g fluval tank mixed reef that I want to keep as many different types of snails as possible for collecting purposes. Currently this is the only tank I can keep right now. My CURRENT livestock is as follows: 1 Exquisite Firefish 2 Porcelain Anemone Crab 2...
  16. Maobea

    Brownish/Reddish Stuff

    Hi All, I've got this reddish/brownish thing that keeps growing in my sand. I stir the sand almost daily, but the next day it's back on my sand bed. It almost looks like diatoms, but I'm not sure that's what it is. My tank is a little over a year old. At this point I'm thinking either dino or...
  17. Schteeve

    LPS Identification and care advice

    Hey everyone :) Bought this LPS from the store, they said it was a goniopora but i cant find any similar images googling goni species. can anyone ID it? also I may have added him to the tank too soon. He's lost some polyps and is pretty retracted, looking quite miserable. and he has a lot of...
  18. Charlie117

    Nano Build New reef questions

    Hello all! So I used to have a reef tank and had a very “text book” cycle, ammonia rises, then nitrite, then nitrate, then a big diatom bloom and a die off. This time around I had the same chemistry, but no diatoms, it went straight to a dusting of green algae. It’s been about two months and a...
  19. G

    Nitrates, Phosphates in preparation for Corals.

    Hey everyone, I know this is a noobish question, but an answer would help heaps. Regarding my 240L Aquarium with a top filter (spray bar), running activated carbon (now expired), heater, 2 Aquael pumps each 2500L/hr. The tank is about 6 weeks old, has about 21kg of live rock, two Ocellaris...
  20. E

    Brown Diatom Hair Algae Fading to white?

    Hello, I'M new to the forum but have been in the hobby for some time before quitting and coming back. I started a 20g IM nuvo over a year ago and have been battling with Brown Diatom Hair Algae. When I set up the tank I had (and still have) a skimmer, bio-pellet reactor, cheatomorpha carbon and...
  21. SpikeWire

    GFO, Phosguard, and Brown Diatom on sandbed

    I've faced this before and quite honestly didn't exactly pin down the problem. Basically I am getting a brown diatom on my sandbed and it's actually becoming somewhat solid in places. Alk=8.0, Cal=420, and Mag=usually at 1350. I don't overfeed (feed the fish not the tank) but I do feed corals...
  22. alexytman

    NO2 AND NO3 rise

    I've been doing my cycle for a week or 2, a had a diatom bloom while back. I used LR etc. and live bacteria added to water. However, I noticed my Nitrite AND nitrate levels are rising at the same time. Is that normal? my LR ratio is 80% Live 20% dead I have some green algae growing few days...
  23. jameswetton2895

    Can anyone give me an ID on this please ?

  24. Olby Toribio

    CyanoBacteria getting crazy

    I have a 75Gallon Almost 2 year old , I have GFO and CARBON running on my system. the light I'm using is T5 light bulb , they're approximate 8month old I leave my light on from 12Pm to 7Pm, I also do weekly water changer on TUESDAY. So I hear about the vinegar dosing, I don't really know much...
  25. inkedtx

    Second guessing myself

    Day 17 of cycle. Tank has a lot of brown algae which I know is supposed to happen. I think I just need to hear it from someone other than the voice in my head. LOL Also, I've read so many differing opinions on cleaner crews I'd love to get y'alls opinion on how many, types and when to add...
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