dream build

  1. ReefCoder

    Build Thread ReefCoder's Waterbox 220.6 Dream Tank Build

    I figured I would start a build thread to document my dream tank build so here we go! I currently have an IM Nuvo Fusion 40g, have had several reef tanks over the last 10+ years, even bred clownfish for a while - at one point I had 23 20g tanks in my garage hooked up to a 250g sump :) I...
  2. omgnotyouagain

    Build Thread Omgnotyouagain Red Sea Reefer 450

    On the 30th of January I traded for a new tank I had recently posted a build thread for my 75 gallon tank but you know impatient reefers can be sometimes when it comes to getting a bigger tank. So here’s a small look into what I’ve been doing so far and the list that I’ve compiled. Display -...
  3. mwbeach

    Build Thread 151 Gallon Planet Aquarium Premium Reef Crystaline Build

    6 years after getting into this hobby I am putting together my dream tank. I have had several tanks over the years from a 20 tall, 29 gallon and a Nuvo 30L. The Nuvo 30L is still up and running and will be shut down once the new 151g is setup. 20 Gallon Build Thread -...
  4. Shankybrar

    Monster Build 540 Gallon Reef tank from Aotearoa

    Hi All, first post. First of all thanks for accepting me in the forum community. TANK & STAND just in the process to build this reef tank which will be 93” L x 45” W x 31” H. According to vortech water volume calculator it’s around ~540 gallons. Tank is made out of acrylic and stand is from...
  5. GriffFamilyReef

    Arizona California WB 40 AIO W EVERYTHING and MORE!

    Forced sale. 3k. Local pick up in Gilbert AZ. Everything is 4 months old We have a 40 gallon WB AIO. What I believe to be a dream build list below. EVERYTHING YOU NEED AND MORE! Would like to try to sell as a package. Extra WB 20 gal stand turned into controller cabinet with adaptive reef...
  6. Mr_Knightley

    Build Thread Mr. Knightley's Planet 125 Shallows tank!

    And a new saga begins... After 2 failed attempts at a 220 gallon tank, I'm going full power towards perfection. This build will be a culmination of 5 years of experience and hardships, hopefully budding into something beautiful. Thank you for following along on my journey. The tank will be...
  7. Rausch

    Build Thread THE RASTA REEF ( Innovative Marine INT 200 GAL BUILD )

    Well the time has finally come... We took the plunge and ordered a new 200 gallon fish tank. This has been a dream in the making for the last 7 years and now it is finally coming to fruition. Now that the tank is ordered we have a couple months to get everything in line and ordered. The last...
  8. Perpetual Novice

    Build Thread Finally getting serious: The 180 gallon dream tank

    I’ve been in the feeding hobby since I was 16. While most kids begged for a puppy I somehow convinced my parents to buy a 75 gallon saltwater tank instead. You might say that tank was a failure, but I fell in love with the hobby during those two years of heartache and frustration. 2 years ago I...
  9. Doostur

    Build Thread Doostur's Waterbox 230.6 - Mixed Reef Build

    Time to start my build thread. Waterbox 230.6 was delivered a couple of weeks ago. Delayed a bit due to Hurricane Dorian. This will be setup in our new beach home we purchased. This was the last 230.6 made. Thanks to Angela for pulling some strings and making the white stand happen...
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