1. R

    Euphilia Issues

    I’ve Had the Red Sea Max170e up for around 6months and have a 6 euphilias (1 torch, 3 frogspawn, 2 hammers one walling one branching) among a handful of other corals. most of these have been in the tank for 2 months or more and yesterday I noticed all the euphilia were irritated and slightly...
  2. L

    Octospawn dying???

    I’ve been struggling with this colony for nearly 3 weeks now. About a month ago, these heads were beginning to split, which they did. But seem to have never recovered, and now I’m worrying about polyp fallout. When I feed about 2 days ago, the bottom head perked back up and looks half normal...
  3. Corals kingdom

    Livestock Garden Torch pack

    I have one nice pack for $450 include overnight shipping and freebies too, pack will include 1- Nice one head splitting Indo Gold Torch 2- 2 head Green Torch ( connected ) 3- 3 head purple with neon tip torch ( connected ) 4- 3 head Dark Torch ( connected ) I offer 1 hour DOA and 10 30am ups...
  4. Hammer Branching Orange/Copper

    Hammer Branching Orange/Copper

    One of my favorite hammer variations. There are so many depths to its color.
  5. JVS

    Pennsylvania Selling Pink Hammer frags

    I’m selling my pink hammer frags. 4 head-$50 6 head-$75 Both for $90
  6. Nate_Krohn

    Too much flow for lps?

    I just upgraded power heads and got a Nero 5. I set it on pulse mode and was wondering if it’s too much flow for my elegance coral on the sand bed? I have a video attached. Thanks!
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