1. Parrottbay

    Zoa colonies and euphylia

    WYSIWYG Full zoa frags for 25 each except the mixed GMK and Exosphere frag. I'd like 100 each for those. Galaxia frags $25 Pink or green octos $70 per head. Ny knicks $125 a head Gold hammers $40 a head or 2 for $60 Todds torch 3 head $150 Reg green torch green tips $75 a head or 2 for $100...
  2. uniquecorals

    LAST FlashSale of the Year! You don't want to miss this! 2 days event Dec 2nd and 3rd 9-5 pst

    Dec 2nd & 3rd two days pre-XMAS FlashSale! Sat & Sun 9am-5pm pst Santa is coming to town. We are in full swing of the Holiday shopping season. Get that hot piece for your self or that special reefer in your life and jingle their bells. Everyone is a winner in this Sale. Join us for the last...
  3. TheFrag

    Nano Build Pretty good today

    It’s looking like a good start
  4. ReefStable


    THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! To Celebrate 1K Follows on Facebook, I am giving 20% OFF until Sunday April 23rd! Use Promo Code FB1K If You Haven't Already, Follow Reef Stable on Facebook! SHOP CORAL NOW AND GET YOUR DISCOUNT!
  5. Reef-art-and-design

    Hello Hello from Germany

    Hello, my name is Tolga, and I am a reefer from Germany. The Admin from Facebook was so kind to ask me if it is possible to introduce myself here on the forum for you guys. Here we go. I am reefing since 2008/09, I have had a lot of tanks from mixed reef, to acropora only to seahorse...
  6. RedCarpetReef

    Flash Sale Friday: WYSIWYG Torch Coral Packs - Will Ship

    Torch Pack Flash Sale! Feel free to pm for combo deals, Free Shipping on Orders over $400 Shipping is $49.99 Flat Rate on orders below $400 DOA Policy: The following DOA applies, in the case of DOA the customer must send a clear picture of perished coral within 4 hours of reception for credit on...
  7. RedCarpetReef

    Aquacultured Torch Corals and other LPS- Will Ship

    Hey everyone, my name is Garrett and I have recently started up RedCarpetReef, based in College Station, Texas! Over the last year, I have been growing out and acquiring numerous LPS pieces to offer to the public. This is my first Reef2Reef sale and a trial run for some of my products. Apologies...
  8. Nicerreefs

    Livestock Tiger Torch SALE

    Tigers available now! We got your shipping.
  9. vaguelyreeflike

    Can Lugol’s Iodine dip and Reef Primer be mixed?

    Been struggling with brown jelly taking out a few of our euphylia at work, but not all of them when theyre all in the same spot on the rack. Its working away at one of our hammers and octospawns. The hammer seems beyond saving but the octo still has healthy heads. The problem is our phosphates...
  10. lucyretz

    Ready to give up :(

    Let me preface this by saying i’m not trying to be a downer. i’m just so incredibly frustrated. We have a redsea 250 packed with euphyllia (mainly, some other Lps as well). I’m going to try to give everyone as much information on this tank as literal possible because i cannot find the definite...
  11. Dragonboas

    South Carolina Live Goods Torch colonies, leathers, clove colonies and more

    I've got torch colonies, clove colonies, leathers, chalices, gonis available. Shipping available. Message if interested. dragon soul torch $249.99 double head. Pink/purple short tentacle goni $299.99 Orange Chalice frag $79.99 Firework cloves frags $19.99 Neon Green devils hand leather...
  12. lucyretz

    nitrate&phos ..where do i go from here?

    Hello everyone! I’ve run out of knowledge, so i’m turning to my favourite forum for the best advice. We have a redsea 250 full of euphyllia. i’m not getting the “fullness” or polyp extension i know i can get, despite the “big 3” being stable thanks to our apex and trident. Iodine was...
  13. ReeferMadness80G

    Florida Live Goods Large Frospawn and Aussie Duncan Colonies(Local Pickup)

    I have two colonies, purple and green frogspawn with 20+ heads and branching Aussie Duncan’s with 30+ heads. I need to sell these as they are getting too big for my tank. 500 for the Frog and 300 for the Duncan’s, 700 for both! Local Pickup Winter Haven FL 33880
  14. devs_reefs

    EMERGENCY Torch corals dying?

    Over the last 2 weeks, I have noticed an issue with several of my torch corals. The tentacles near the mouths appear to be shrinking and curling inwards (toward the mouth). I have attached several images with this issue. This issue happened to me once before, and the only issue with my tank at...
  15. J

    Corals splitting and not opening like usual

    So i have a question. When torches split, are they supposed to lose most of the flesh that comes down the side? My torch recently split and it hasn’t been opening as big as usual. No more 2 inch tentacles now theyre all 1 inch only. And i realised the flesh that comes down the side has also...
  16. B

    What type of Euphylia are these two?

    Hi, I am pretty terrible at identification between a Frogspawn & Hammer coral. I have two corals here and I don’t really know if one is a hammer and the other is a frogspawn, or they are both Frogspawn, or both hammer corals. Would someone kindly assist me? Your assistance is appreciated in...
  17. S

    Healthy Torch Coral ?

    I have purchased a torch coral around a week ago and it appears to be doing fine. does it look healthy ? photos taken under red sea lights at RL90s - 20k spectrum using a camera filter. It is placed around the mid section of the tank also any tips for increasing colouration ? calc - 425...
  18. lucyretz

    Nano Build Possibly the nicest Euphyllia pico youll ever see!

    Maybe im a bit bias because ive put so much work into this little pain in the butt 3 gallon, but i think its pretty nice ;)!
  19. J

    What torch is this?

    Does anyone know the name of this torch coral? I just picked two heads up. I wonder if they have a name?
  20. AnnaG

    what’s wrong with my torch?

    Hi guys, My torch coral has been a bit deflated the last month i would say. he used to look nice and poofy but not really anymore. took a photo from above and he looks like he’s got a gap in him? is he splitting or something ?? the photo where he looks good is from December. Another thing i...
  21. devs_reefs

    Torches acting strange. Need help!

    Hey everyone, So I have 5 torches in my tank and for the last week and half 2 have been acting strange and I'm not sure whats going on. The issue is a little hard to describe but some of the tentacles have been retracted and super reflective (almost bright white) and I'm not sure if it's just...
  22. Dad2Wyatt

    What is my hammer doing?

    Just got it 2 days ago. Yesterday it was fully opened and seemed to be doing okay, but since this morning it is been like this and is expelling this long almost clear looking stringy substance. Is there anything to worry about?
  23. Dinkins Aquatic Gardens

    Texas WTB High End Torches

    Anybody have some high end torches? Show me what you have!
  24. PBnJOnWheat

    True NATURAL Grafted Torch

    I found this crazy torch in which they had probably 200+ heads of this green tipped torch. However I noticed this one is a true graft. I wanted to ask (wrong forum) how much is it worth? And just thoughts and opinions on true natural grafted euphyllia! I’ll have to add pictures of the base...
  25. J

    Texas Euphylia and other corals for sale (will ship)

    Hello all, I have a variety of coral for sale. Shipping is $40 within US. DOA is 50% split minus shipping. However, I have plenty of experience in shipping so there shouldn't be an issue. Red and Green goni: $250 Teal And Orange Acanthophylia: $625 Red Cynarina: $225 Green Mouth Black...