fish behavior

  1. D

    What to do with a decorator fish?

    I have had multiple jaw fish who were decorating around their house by rearranging shells and stones. However, my problem is with a blue hippo tang. This guy takes frags from one side of the aquarium and throw them on top of other corals or other places in the tank. I had her since she was a...
  2. R

    Show us your model citizen/citizens!

    Hi everyone! I've been curious to see which fish you've kept that turned out to be a model citizen. For me, it's definitely my blue star leopard wrasse, wouldn't hurt a thing and as peaceful as can be. Which one of your fish is a model citizen? Let's chat
  3. ElizabethFishton

    Will a fish notice when another fish is no longer there?

    So one of my clownfish(Nemo) is swimming around the spot where my Strawberry Psetochromis, Purple Dottyback(Shiny)'s territory, Shiny jumped, we aren't really sure how and are actively trying to help shiny but the thing about Nemo is he only hangs out at the top, Shiny's territory I guess is...
  4. bReefedBaker

    Devil Damsel & Clownfish together “Oh my”!

    Before the Aquarium Police come after me, READ!! I have complete knowledge of these fish being cousins of each other and it’s NOT ideal to house the two species together. (insert checkmark) My tank is my tank, your tank is your tank. This is my tank, thank you. Nice, now that the Aquarium...
  5. nanonøkk

    bold fish now shy?

    ok so i have a small little pygmy wrasse named lumi and normally he glass surfs and likes to go into little caves and crevices. well this weekend i picked up some corals at a frag swap and now he’s hiding more and barely glass surfs or is in the water column. is this something i should be...
  6. Davar93

    80 or 90 gallon stock list advice

    Hey guys! Let me know what you think of my stock list below for tank upgrade 80 or 90 gallon. Please let me know which may be better from the ones I wrote “or” in. Thanks!! Green chromis 3 Clowns 2 Six line 1 Royal gramma 1 Molly Miller blenny 1 Blue spot jawfish 1 Springeri damsel 1...
  7. M

    What to choose

    Dear reefers, Not that long ago I bought a new Orange Stripe Prawn Goby and I loved him. But after 2 days I noticed my Clownfish were attacking my goby, because of that I had to remove the Goby. But now I really want to add a new fish but I don't want the same thing to happen, I know every...
  8. R

    Blonde naso tang hasn’t eaten in close to a month

    Hi everyone, I purchased this blonde naso for my 250 gallon reef tank about a month ago. He hasn’t eaten since I got him, I’m housing it in my frag tank for now to see if I can get him to eat. I’ve seen it take a bite of some frozen but spit it out, haven’t seen it go after seaweed either. He’s...
  9. B

    Blue Throated Trigger Tail Issue

    Good Morning Everyone, 1st-time poster long time lurker. I recently purchased a fully quarantined male & female Blue-throated Trigger. They both have been in my DT tank for about 48 hours now. The female is doing good and being very social. The male is currently hiding a lot (amongst the rocks...
  10. keefzreefz

    Fish Quarantine Starter

    I am official starting up a quarantine system to stock up my tank. thought I would reach out for some do and don't as I am little hesitant to play doctor. Here is where I am starting with the QT. take look and let me know if there is anything missing.
  11. BighohoReef

    To tang or not to tang

    Hi R2R friends, We're thinking about adding a tang to our 100g tank to combat the hair algae showing up in the tank, we have snails but thought a more active eater would help. Want to get some thoughts from the community on these two tangs Does anyone have experience with them? I'm...
  12. Depression in Fish

    Spotlight Depression in Fish

    Depression in Fish The photos included in this article are not depicting depressed fish, but rather they are just some good fish photos from the Reef2Reef archives showing different species that we commonly see in saltwater tanks. ©2019, All Rights Reserved. We often set up aquariums for the...
  13. jk_s124

    Clownfish picking on chromis

    Hello, tried searching for discussion about this but was unable to find much. I recently introduced a blue green chromis into my biocube 29. I have a firefish, perc and ocellaris as well in the tank. Everything was great for the first few weeks, but the past 2-3 weeks our chromis has been...
  14. S

    Imbalances in 60 gallon

    I have a 60 gallon aquarium with a corner overflow that falls into a 55 gallon sump. It goes through a felt filter sock and I have a protein skimmer in the large chamber. I have about 75 lbs of live rock in the display tank with a less than one inch deep sand bed.i have two suspended...
  15. Slyler

    Do I need a cleaner fish?

    I have a couple of fish that seem to want to be cleaned by my cleaner shrimp, show up where the two of them hang out and flash for them. the cleaner shrimp don't care to clean them or anything. this has been going on for a few months, and I haven't found ich, or disease on the fish, I think it's...
  16. kamakazian

    Three striped damsel dance

    My damsel is doing a strange behavior I've never seen before. It's rubbing its belly along the corner of my tank, away from all the other fish. Usually he's in the thick of it with the clowns. But today all he seems to be interested in is going up and down the corner, and barely showed any...