1. Aaron Davis

    Rose tip anemones and pom pom xenia frags

    I have two rose bubble tip anemones (1 large one that split) and about 7 pom pom xenias. Would like to get rid of them to make room in my tank. The xenias as fairly young, but very healthy. The anemone that split was approximately 6" in diameter when it would open up fully. Tank is in fallow...
  2. Joe Greene

    Rocket City Coral Expo September 17th

    Hello everyone it's that time of year again for the 2017 Rocket City Coral Expo. We will be hosting a coral show September 17th 2017 and the times are from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. location will be at the Ninja Obstacle Academy ( ) in Huntsville Alabama. The location...
  3. Peter Hand

    Anyone In South Jersey Selling Frags and/or equipment

    Hello, I am from south jersey and there is not many suppliers down here. Thanks... Looking for Sps/Lps frags and a set of Radion Xr15's pros
  4. quicksil328

    Starting a new Frag/reef

    Ok guys, I need some advice again. I have been helping my two boys with a new stand alone frag/reef build over the past several weeks (pic attached). We got a nice deal on a 45 gal RR peninsula tank, set it on top of a DIY stand, added a 20 gallon long sump with a SCA 302 skimmer, and a reef...
  5. kdino1

    Grown out montipora?

    Does anyone have pics of these "new" designer montiporas that have been popping up for the past year like the JF slow burn or the beach bum, stuff like that? im curious if they hold their awesomeness.
  6. mrsann

    Ladies Frag Swapping 5th Bi-Annual Frag Party in Sturgis Michigan

    WE ARE CONFIRMED FOR JUNE 11TH :) THANK YOU SHANDRE DELLE :) ♥ EVERYONE'S welcome .. We Ladies and Infinity Corals are sponsoring the Party... ..Party will be from 12:00 pm (noon) until 5:00 pm.. Admission is $5.00 each (unless you are a member of the Ladies frag swapping club) kids 15 and...
  7. haanstang

    Build Thread Let's SEA Your Frag tanks. Please

    I am in the process of planning/building my 210 gallon peninsula tank that will have a remote fish room "man cave". In the fish room I would like to have two frag tanks. 1 that will be tied in to the main system for grow out and the second would be a stand alone system for fragments of my...
  8. N

    South West Florida Marine Aqaurium Society Auction

    Our Annual Frag Auction will be Sunday, February 19th 2017. This auction is open to all (members and non members alike). However, you must be a paid SWFMAS club member to sell at the auction. There will be a live raffle at this event and you must be present to win. Tickets are $1 each...
  9. uniquecorals

    Happy Birthday Unique Corals!

    In January of 2012, formally came into existence. Wow time flies! It's been 4 whole years already! Through hard work, blood sweat, tears, and our passion for the hobby by our team, UC is growing up to be the bright young star we hoped it would be. Here at UC are so grateful for...
  10. RyanSweet

    INDMAS (INDiana Marine Aquarium Society) Annual Frag Swap!!

    This year our pricing for INDMAS members is $10 per half of 6 ft. Hobbyists table for non members are limited to one half only of a 6ft table. And pricing for a nonmember is $20. You can reserve your table by paying for it on PayPal to [email protected] It's first come first serve, please...
  11. alexjoha

    Frag Disk - For encrusting monti and so on

    Hi, just wanted to share how I make my frag discs for encrusting montipora and other corals that I would like to frag on a later occasion. I don’t like to ruin my rock work when doing fragging so I mount them on discs that are large :) I used Nyos reef cement for this project since it was the...
  12. S

    Birmingham area frag swap November 13th

    Actually in Leeds, come on out for a great time. No admission fee, and free parking
  13. joefishUC

    New uploads! Crazy cycloseris, acans, montipora, palys, etc..HAPPY Halloween!

    All available now at
  14. ReeferMadness80G

    Nano Build My Rimless 14G Biocube SPS Reef

    So In June my Biocube crashed and this is the recovery. I'll ask questions along the way and if anyone can help me, that'd be great :) I dose Calc, Alk, and Mag from reef grow. This was before the crash this pic was taken about 20 hours after the first one, I crashed hard. this is a post...