herbie overflow

  1. R

    After months of research need HELP setting up my first 120 gallon saltwater tank

    Hi You ALL, I have been reading, watching youtube vids, reading more, watching more videos, day and night, home and at work. Pretty much the last 3 months i have been all about saltwater fish tanks. At first i was looking at buying a 50 gallon tank bc i read that its the best beginner tank...
  2. C

    Herbie Overflow getting split and going into 2 filter socks or E-valve into one sock and overflow into another?

    So here is the thing I am currently new and plumbing my first tank. I am doing a Herbie overflow because that seems to be what fits on a tank that has 2 bulkheads. Essentially I have a sump with 2 filter socks and outlets to get plumbed to those filter socks. What I am trying to do is maximize...
  3. BeaverLakeAndy

    To trickle or not to trickle?

    If you use a Herbie drain system in your overflow do trickle into the emergency standpipe or keep it dry? Why? I've read a lot of stuff that says to keep a slight trickle going down the emergency standpipe, but don't let it create a siphon. I'm trying to understand why we would even bother to...
  4. PedroYoung

    Dual Herbie on 180G, what size drains should I use?

    I have a dual corner overflow, with a pair of 1" bulkheads in each overflow. I'm using an Abyzz A200 for return from my basement sump. My plan is to have relatively low turnover, 5ish X my 210G system volume. I read on GMAC reefs writeup on dual corner overflows that because of the capacity...
  5. BrandonP

    Herbie Overflow with Flow Sensors?

    Alright so I need everyones' opinion here. I have a 120 gallon tank. I believe it is an Aqueon. It has two overflow boxes with the undersized holes drilled for 1 inch ABS bulkheads ;Rage. Currently I am running a single durso in each overflow box. I am building a new sump and when I install...
  6. BrandonP

    Plumbing Question

    I have been running a 120 gallon reef-ready reef tank for the past 6 years. For all of this time I have been running with the drain kit that can be bought in addition to the tank. I have switched up the plumbing underneath the tank multiple times but it has always been one durso in each...
  7. R

    quite tank with no drilling idea

    Guys, I need an experts advice on the method I am planning to do on my future tank for overflow. I am a newbie and need guidance: I am planning to go with herbie method, I have a tank that I dont want to drill, I am planning to have a tube going from main tank (placed high) to the sump with...
  8. MarineDepot

    Diagrams: Durso, Herbie and Bean Overflows

    Infographics: Durso, Herbie and Bean Overflows Learn how common aquarium overflows work!