hydra 26

  1. NewYorkReefer1988

    New York AI Hydra 26 (non HD)

    AQUAILLUMINATION HYDRA 26 (non HD) in fantastic condition - black colored shell This is a very well cared for unit and works 100% and is easy to program and ready to use. This is for the light only with power adapter of course and I do have an 18” flex arm to go along with it. This has...
  2. S

    Hydra 26

    I’m looking to buy a hydra 26 hd with a mount of a good deal on 2 ai primes
  3. NewYorkReefer1988

    Mounting screws for hydra 26 and t5 fixture.

    Does anyone have any idea what size these mounting screws are for the hydra 26? It’s the silver screw in the picture that mounts it to the bracket on the aquatic life T5 hybrid fixture. I just got a used hydra 26 to add to the two I already have and I can’t find the specs anywhere for the screw...
  4. NewYorkReefer1988

    New York 2, 18 inch AI flex arm mounts for sale

    I have 2, 18 inch Aquatic Illuminations flex arm mounts for the hydra 26 and 52. I’m not sure if it will mount a Hydra 32 or a 64 but I’m sure you could find out. Both are in good overall condition. These are normally $70.00 a piece brand new. I am selling them for $individually or $80 for the...
  5. NewYorkReefer1988

    Adding light after the fact.

    Hey all, I currently run 2 hydra 26’s (with diffusers) using the BRS modified AB+ spectrum (about 54 watts of power) on a 4 bulb aquatic life T5 hybrid fixture with 2 ATI blue plus bulbs and 2 actinic bulbs mounted about 10 inches high on my 4ft 120 gallon sps dominated tank. I am about to get...
  6. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts Hydra 26HD White

    Used less than 1 year. $200 shipped
  7. Justen

    30G LED Recommendations

    I have a 30 gallon tank that measures 24 x 16 x 17. Currently only have LPS but I want to get into SPS. I'm using a AI Prime HD right now, but have had bad luck with SPS. I don't want to run T5's as I want a light that I don't have to keep changing the bulbs. I was thinking of a Hydra 32 HD...
  8. reefer_nyc

    NYC Reefer 250 Build

    Sup everyone! Thanks for checking out my build and enjoy the progress of how it became what it is today! https://www.instagram.com/reefer_nyc/
  9. Reefer37

    2 Prime HD's or single Hydra 26?

    Trying to decide between 2 primes or a Hydra for a JBJ45. Dimensions are 26.5" x 21" x 19". I figure the primes will allow more possible spread, but worried about power versus the Hydra.
  10. ScubaZ

    DIY light mount (hydra 26hd)

    Don’t spend big money on a light mount that is less universal as the one I have created here. It’s a simple cheap tv wall mount that can easily be moved out of the way during Maintenance. If anyone’s interested in links for the mount or a more detailed description I’d be happy to help out.
  11. S

    Georgia Looking for hydra 26 HD or hydra 32 HD

    In search of hydra 26/32 HD
  12. KJones90s

    Nem Dying?

    Changed my lighting system yesterday from a current 48” v1 to 2 hydra 26s set to the David Saxby lighting schedule but will be in acclimation mode for the next month. Came home today and the nem looked horrible...should I be worried? it moved about 6-7” down further in my rock work, it’s not...
  13. KJones90s

    Nem issues?

    Changed my lighting system yesterday from a current 48” v1 to 2 hydra 26s set to the David Saxby lighting schedule but will be in acclimation mode for the next month. Came home today and the nem looked horrible...should I be worried? it moved about 6-7” down further in my rock work, it’s not...
  14. ComradeCactus

    Hydra 26 hd is it a boring light?

    Hi, I've had my aquarium now for over 2 years, but my corals dont pop in color, like some others' aquarium, so wonder to get more pop feeling. so what should i do? is it the hydra? Get a new light? or just change settings? (They are fine, they like it, they grow etc) Just want it more poping...
  15. NanoMike

    Does this tank mount look ok Fluval evo hydra26

    I just picked up a hydra26 today and got the flex mount with it for my fluval evo. I was going to get an ai prime but apparently everyone is sold out and the company is not shipping any right now. My concern is the mount and how heavy it is. Does this look okay and do you think I should worry...
  16. Frontosa

    Ohio 2 hydra 26 non HD with director

    Hello I have 2 hydra 26non HD with director I do not have any mounts as I had them in a aquatic life hybrid both work as they should upgraded to hds around 3years old all channels work as they should any questions feel free to ask thank you
  17. J

    Ai Hydra26HD problems

    Hey all, so i just bought another hydra 26 about 3-4 months ago and i was having no problems at all with it until this morning when i went downstairs to go to work and noticed the aquarium lights weren’t on. I saw the small led blinking red and was like ohhh f*** not again(i had another drop in...
  18. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts WTS White Hydra 26HD

    I have a used White AI Hydra 26HD that a bought from another R2R member a few months ago but haven't used. I was told it has less than a year of use at under 70%. Asking $250 + shipping & paypal fees or I will cover both for $270
  19. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts WTB WHITE Hydra 26 HD

    About to get paid for some work I did a month ago and am looking for another Hydra 26HD. Must be WHITE and in good working condition, NO DAMAGE. I dont need the mount unless it's the 36" multi-light bar and brackets. I would trade my ONE white Hydra 26HD + Cash if someone has 2 Black they want...
  20. SilverCityReef

    Cheaper Lighting For SPS Dominant 40B?

    So I am finally starting the tank cycling process so it's time to start planning out lighting. I picked up a Hydra 26HD off another member with plans to buy another one around this time. Unfortunately, I'm not sure another $350 light & a $100 mount are in by budget right now or if 2 Hydra 26HD's...
  21. Tangina20

    Sps skin losing color

    I’m pretty new to sps I have a birdsnest, monti cap, and a red digi. My birdsnest is growing but all of the polyps turned from green to brown but the tips are still green. I thought it wasn’t getting enough light because of the brown color and I put it higher up and some branches are bleaching...
  22. Tangina20

    DIY mount for hydra 25, ai prime, hydra 52

    Hey everyone I made a diy mount for my 2 hydra 26 lights and it only costed about $25 to maleness both mounts which is a lot cheaper than the store bought ones feel free to ask any questions on how I did it! I still need to paint them and drill holes to hide the wires.
  23. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts RODI & HMS

    For Sale BRS 6-Stage RODI - BARE UNIT (NO FILTERS OR MEMBRANE) - All Connections & Float Valve Included - $80 shipped HMS Single Light Mounting Arm - $35 + Shipping or Trade For 36" Rail or Multi-light Mounts I am currently on vacation so items won't be shipped until Monday December 17th
  24. Tangina20

    DIY mount for hydra 26 lights

    I’m looking for ideas to mount 2 hydra 26 lights and am having a hard time finding info on it. Does anyone have pictures of mounts they did? Thanks!
  25. MichaelP121579

    Tennessee (1)Hydra 52 (2)Hydra 26 Kessil 150

    For sale Hydra 52 Non HD Price 225.00 obo 2 Hydra 26s Non HD 175.00 obo each prefer to sell them as a pair The Hydra 26s are still on tank until tomorrow when Radions come in Also have a AI Director 125.00 obo Kessil 150 with gooseneck and 90° adapter 140.00 obo I have the controller for...