innoavtive marine

  1. jimmypencil

    50 gallon IM Lagoon Build Thread

    Starting a new build thread for my IM lagoon 50 :D EQUIPMENT: XR30 G6 Nero 3s x2 Stock Mighty Jet return pump Tunze 9004 dc skimmer intank media basket (filterfloss, chemipure blue, biomedia) intank fuge basket (not gonna work out) tunze 3181 algae reactor (inbound) LIVESTOCK: fish/inverts...
  2. Dylan7huskies

    Innovative Marine Skimmer overflowing

    I recently purchased the innovative marine desktop skimmer. After plugging it in, seconds later it is overflowing. Anyone know how to turn it down?
  3. C

    Leveling a Large Tank on an Uneven Floor

    I am currently setting up an Innovative Marine 170 EXT. The problem I am having is that I live in an older home and my floors are very uneven. I have already supported the floor underneath the tank, but I have struggled with ideas to level it since the APS stand does not have leveling feet. I...
  4. T

    Build Thread Innovative Marine Nuvo-Int 50 build

    Hello reefers, my daughter and grandchildren really enjoy my tank while visiting. They've decided they want to start a tank of their own. We started out considering smaller cubes with a simple hang on back skimmer and basic marine light. My son-in-law chimed in he had always wanted a...
  5. DonTavo27

    California Aquariums Drygoods IM 25 Fusion Lagoon

    IM Fusion Lagoon 25 FS, purchased January of 2022 from BRS. Comes with IM DC pump, screen top, caddy media basket, and magnetic glass cleaner. Asking $200. PM for more info. Thank you. Happy New Year!
  6. DonTavo27

    California Aquariums Drygoods IM 25 Fusion Lagoon

    IM Fusion Lagoon 25 FS, purchased January of 2022 from BRS. Comes with IM DC pump, screen top, caddy media basket, and magnetic glass cleaner. Asking $200. PM for more info. Thank you. Happy New Year!
  7. R

    AIO Build Reef Raider's IM 20G NUVO Fusion Pro 2 AIO Tank, Full Send!!!

    Good afternoon Everyone! Hope all is well. New here, as a child I had a freshwater tank that eventually moved into a saltwater fish only tank a few years later. Eventually I left the hobby, military and college. Now as an adult, with children of my own, its time to reignite my old love! I work...
  8. Dave Dumanski

    Build Thread My Nuvo 75 EXT Build

    After 3 years of neglect I was given the ok to upgrade my existing 45 high tank. I purchased the IM Nuvo 75 EXT because it has a similar footprint. Went with the Fiji 24 Gen 2 sump, Jebao MDC-6000 return pump and Jebao MCP-120 wavemaker. Reusing my existing 24in reef breeders led light and...
  9. Ahogue21

    Illinois Aquariums Sumps Drygoods bashsea sump and ato

    Bashsea signature 20 cube sump and 10 gal ato res - $375 for the combo Might be willing to ship but will be on your dime located in port byron il
  10. FjordReef

    Massachusetts Aquariums Drygoods ***NEW INNOVATIVE MARINE 50G LAGOON PRO 2 AIO W/ STAND - $750 OBO***

    This tank and stand are brand new, received the first week of October. Tank has not had any livestock in it, nor has it seen saltwater. I only filled with freshwater and put lights on to leak test. Perfect glass and seams. Comes with stand, filter caddy, filter sock, MightyJet return pump...
  11. J

    Upgrading tank. Use old media/live rock to cycle?

    As the title says, I upgraded to an Innovative Marine 25g lagoon FROM a Fluval 13.5. I've had the new tank running with no lights and the old ceramic media in the back for about 3 days now. I'm planning on putting the live rock in today and testing the parameters. I guess my main question is...
  12. Giantclownfish

    Upgrade or downgrade to waterbox cube 20 worth it?

    So I started about 6 months ago with a basic 10 gallon and 2 clowns. I decided to upgrade and found a used 20 gallon IM fusion nuvo with the AIO taken out and upgraded to have a sump with an overflow. Ive been running that tank for about 2-3 months and its making me not enjoy it as much based on...
  13. BlingityBling

    Build Thread Innovative Marine 200EXT Peninsula

    So... I finally pulled the trigger after a couple years hesitation. I've watch the Innovative Marine 200 peninsula for quite a while. When I first started looking or really considering a tank, they were $4000 reg price. I watched it over Covid climb in price like everything else regretting...
  14. QuirkyReefer

    Florida Live Goods **UPDATED** 1 Year old 50gal IM Lagoon

    Selling my 50gal AIO IM Lagoon No time to properly care of it and moving soon. What’s included: IM 50 gal tank & Stand Radeon XR15 Gen 6 w/ diffuser purchased 8/12/22 (2) Nero 5’s one is a 2020 the other 2021 Profilux Mega Set purchased 2/5/22 IceCap skimmer InkBird titanium heater Livestock...
  15. A

    Illinois Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Innovative marine drop off 20

    I have a Innovative Marine drop off 20 for sale Includes tank, stand, caddie basket, heater, wavemaker, skimmer. Tank is 5 months old. No scratches or damages to it. Located in Aurora IL
  16. AfricanReefBoy

    AIO Build IM NUVO 20 AIO

    I've been out of the hobby for a couple years now. I kept a lot of my equipment and have finally decided it's time to jump back in. I've started with my Nuvo 20 AIO. Equipment: . Radion XR30 Gen4 . 100Watt Heater . Overflow caddy with ChemiPure Blue and filter floss . IM UV in other over flow...
  17. C

    New Jersey Aquariums Drygoods Innovative marine 50 gallon INT aquarium with stand

    Selling innovative marine 50 INT with stand. Tank is a little over a year old. Broke it down due to a lack of time to take care of it. It's in great condition. May need new bulk heads depending on how you need to plumb the overflow. I cut the pipes as long as I could so you could put a coupling...
  18. a_reefer11

    Massachusetts Return Pumps Misc. Pumps Drygoods MightyJet DC Pump - $85/BO

    Mighty Jet DC Return Pump (Midsize: 538 GPH) Lightly used, works great. Looking to make room