jay hemdal

  1. katiestl

    EMERGENCY Disease identification and treatment help

    One week ago, I added a gem tang, a mandarin and a blenny. Everything was just fine before then. Sunday, the gem tang got stuck to the side of my powerhead and died Monday. Also died Monday, the mandarin. Tuesday, I lost my blue eyed kole tang. so right then I started treating for ich with...
  2. Luttky08

    EMERGENCY Is this ich or velvet? Help save my fish please!

    HELP!! Is this ich, velvet or brookylnella?! We don't know what it is or how to treat it or how we're even going to get our fish out of our tank due to all the coral frags everywhere and thriving. Help! Our two 3 year old clowns have it and our wrasse for sure. We just lost our dragonet...
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