jay hemdal

  1. Richards Aquarium

    Velvet ?

    Is this velvet
  2. paxton.rock

    New QT 6 line struggling

    I just got a small six line wrasse. Acclimated him to .25ppm copper (ramping up in 4 days to 2ppm). then put him into a 10 gallon QT by himself (with .25ppm copper). He has been almost like standing up, not really swimming and keeps hiding behind the filter and is staying at the top of the water...
  3. K

    Bella Goby Pair stomach issue?

    I’ve had this pair 4-5 months no issues and eating well. Take a look at the stomach on the bigger one, it has been getting larger over past couple weeks. Just eating well or something going on?? Thanks
  4. K

    Sunburst Anthias QT death?

    I started QT with Copper Power at 2.25 (Hannah checker) on 11/13/23 for a Sunburst Anthias and Gold Ring Bristletooth Tang (Indian). Anthias was doing great eating no problems. Started hiding mote than normal yesterday and slowed eating. This morning it was on its side barely alive and I had to...
  5. K

    QT? Blue Star Leopard Wrasse, Gold ring yellow Bristle tooth tang, Fat Head Sunburst Anthias, Radiant Wrasse

    I plan on picking up a Gold ring Yellow Bristle tooth tang, Blue Star leopard Wrasse, Fat Head Sunburst Anthias and possibly a radiant wrasse tomorrow. Can I follow the recommended QT (copper and Prazi ) protocols? for these guys?
  6. quesomuchacho

    Is this what I think it is (Uro)

    I received 5 chromis from a reputable dealer that does pre-quarantine and pre-conditioning. These guys came to me having had a 1 hr formalin bath and Prazipro and Metronidazole at 2x recommended dose. They were shipped to me in methylene blue. I put them in my own QT with copper power (40...
  7. J

    What is this growth on my clownfish?

    What is this growth on my gold nugget clownfish?
  8. Y

    What is wrong with my blonde naso tang

    Hi guys, as said by the title above, my blonde naso is not feeling alright. I saw white patches on my blonde naso from the face to the body and start dosing cupramine. It also have a white thing at its tail that looks like a pimple. Today is the third day after the 2nd dose yesterday which is...
  9. HankstankXXL750

    Injured Harlequin

    I was quarantining this Harlequin Tuskfish in a set up with three connected 29 gallon tanks run to one sump. I was changing out water in it and sucking detritus off the bottom with a 1/2” hose when I startled the Tuskfish. This was about 5 days ago. He rocketed around the tank and hit at least...
  10. lone reefer

    Parasitic copepod or something else

    Can anyone help me identify what’s this is on my Achilles? It’s been there a few days and doesn’t seem to be effecting his behavior but looks weird. Thanks
  11. E

    EMERGENCY Fungus on mandarin’s fin?

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forum and also new in the reefing hobby. I have a wonderful 32 gallon nano reef tank that’s been up and running for a little less than a year. All of my fish and corals are happy and thriving! I have a beautiful mandarin goby who eats frozen food and pellets, but...
  12. katiestl

    EMERGENCY Disease identification and treatment help

    One week ago, I added a gem tang, a mandarin and a blenny. Everything was just fine before then. Sunday, the gem tang got stuck to the side of my powerhead and died Monday. Also died Monday, the mandarin. Tuesday, I lost my blue eyed kole tang. so right then I started treating for ich with...
  13. Luttky08

    EMERGENCY Is this ich or velvet? Help save my fish please!

    HELP!! Is this ich, velvet or brookylnella?! We don't know what it is or how to treat it or how we're even going to get our fish out of our tank due to all the coral frags everywhere and thriving. Help! Our two 3 year old clowns have it and our wrasse for sure. We just lost our dragonet...