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  1. O

    Looking for other nuvo fusion pro 50 lagoon owners

    I recently upgraded to a 50 lagoon and was wondering what everyone has equipment wise for their setup. Also what do you use in the bottom chambers that goes under chamber 1 and 2? Any tips on organizing the mess of wires in the cabinet? Thanks in advance
  2. SilverCityReef

    Build Thread IM Nuvo Fusion Pro 50 Lagoon AIO

    What's up fellow Reefers!?!? My name's Andrew, aka Silver City Reef, and I've been in the hobby for just over a year and a half now. I'd like to start this thread by thanking everyone who takes the time to check it out and follow along, as well as everyone on R2R who has helped me get this far...
  3. Architeuthis

    Lagoon 50 AIO Return Pump

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice/recommendations to upgrade the stock Innovative Marine Lagoon 50 AIO return pump. Something that's more powerful and will still fit in the back of the tank. Input from anyone who's upgraded the same tank or a similar AIO would be greatly appreciated!
  4. kyleinpdx

    Build Thread IM Lagoon 50 EXT build thread: why arent there more of these edition?

    Hello R2R, I've been putting off creating a build thread, mainly since I'm not much of blogger (best analog I can think of) and I'm social media averse, but I haven't seen many build threads/heard of people running this tank and I just don't understand why, they're awesome! So I'm hoping to...
  5. El.Kae

    Build Thread El Kae's Bonsai Lagoon 50

    Now that the tank has settled in for about a month, I have some time to put together a build thread. Earlier this year, I received this tank in a trade. It started life as the AIO version of Innovative Marine's Lagoon 50. Even before receiving the tank, I had planned to remove the rear section...
  6. Ikikimo

    AIO Build Innovative Marine Lagoon 50 Bay Area Build

    Hello! Im still fairly new, I set up my first tank (A Evo 13.5 in Sep ‘17) and quickly moved into a Lagoon 25 in November. Here we are in March I’ve made into my final tank upgrade, a Lagoon 50. I am limited in size due to where I live hence the confidence in that statement. I also wanted to...
  7. crstlblu2002

    Build Thread Innovative Marine Nuvo 50 Lagoon reef build

    recently about 4 month ago I upgraded from my 20 gallon JBJ shallow frag tank to a brand spankin new Innovative Marine Nuvo 50 Gallon Lagoon tank. I ordered the tank from and cant say enough good things about those guys! I repurposed and furniture piece into a tank stand...
  8. Sarah007

    I think this is Ick

    My McCosker just had they white dots/bumps show up on him. I think this is Ick but wanted a second opinion. If it is, what should we do. We do not have a quarantine tank. I couldn't get a good shot of it, but they are especially bad on tail fin.
  9. Sarah007

    ID small crab and snail

    bought a new 11 pound Fiji rock a couple days ago and am seeing a small snail and crab, probably more critters yet to be discovered. The snail is probably 1/16 of an inch across and the crab is about 1/8 of an inch across (very rough estimates). Please let me know if either of the guys are...
  10. Sarah007

    SHRIMPOCALYPSE! Help Water Testing. Mean Clownfish.

    Hello Reefers, So within a couple days I've had all my shrimp (4 year old pistol shrimp, 2 peppermint shrimp) die. I've also had 9 out of 10 hermit crabs die off. The shrimp and the crabs seem to turn over on their backs and then slowly kick around and die over the course of a couple days...
  11. Sarah007

    Fish stock list for IM Lagoon 50 Gallon

    Hello reefers! So now that the uneven tank issue has been resolved and the old nano and its inhabitants have been moved over to their new home (thanks again for the help on that one!), I thought I'd run the planned stock list by everyone to see if anybody sees any problems. Also, I am not...
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