large aquariums 180g - 399g

  1. SCH14

    Show me your peninsula setups!

    Buying a peninsula tank within the next week. Can’t decide on manufacturer so looking for some ideas/inspiration Looking for 220-310g I thought about CADE but I don’t trust rimeless that much Thanks!
  2. SCH14

    Missouri Aquariums Drygoods Planet Aquarium 310g 96x30x25

    Selling my 310g Planet Aquarium 96x30x25 Custom ordered almost 1 year ago, has been running for less than 10 months. Comes with stand canopy and icecap 48xl sump, and return pump vectra L2 Local pickup in St. Louis Missouri. Price drop - $3,800
  3. M

    California Aquariums Drygoods FS: 389 Gallon Eurobraced Lee Mar Starphire Glass Tank and Stand - Southern California

    This was one of the last tanks made by Lee Mar (now Crystal Dynamic Aquarium). Tank is 96" long by 36" wide by 26" high. It has an external overflow with three holes for a Herbie style drain. Glass is low iron (Starphire). It is eurobraced with a single brace in the middle. Screens are included...
  4. toi_ss

    Stocking 380 Gallon Plywood Pond - Inspired by WhiteLightning77

    Hi all, any suggestions for adding/changing this stock list?? Tank will be a 200x120x60cm - 380 Gallon Display with a 200x30x60cm - 100 gallon sump behind it. In the sump I'm planning on a chaetomorpha refugium, a bubble magus curve 9+, some live rock, filter pads and a carbon reactor/uv...
  5. C

    Large Build Infinia 275.6 - Waterbox

    My Waterbox Infinia 275.6 turns up tomorrow. It is going to be in storage whilst I plan the switch over from my current 6ft (unfortunately it is going in the same spot). As I have mentioned on another thread, I am building a mixing station in my outdoor shed so I can automate the top off of the...
  6. FrozenFishSticks

    Large Build Custom 300+ Gallon Tank Build

    Hey what’s up everyone, I’m relatively new to the hobby and needed suggestions on a new tank I’m currently planning. I currently have a 10, 20, (2) 30’s, 45, 55 and a 75 gallon already setup. As I was browsing the deep dark web (just kidding) I came across a couple of tanks that were close to...
  7. JPergamo

    Large Build 5AC's new 270 Peninsula display

    Hey everyone. Hope all is well in your reefing world. I'm James Pergamo from 5th Alarm Corals in Long Island NY. I've gotten to know so many of you over the years from shows and forums and social media, I felt this new project deserves a true catalog build thread. I'll try to document the best...
  8. Y

    To buy 3 meter (9.84 ft) tank or not?

    Hello Reef2Reef community, Firstly, pardon any newbie mistakes in this post; I'm still getting acquainted with this platform. A bit of background: About 5 years ago, I was the proud owner of a small reef tank. However, circumstances led me to sell it. I also have a history with freshwater...
  9. SCH14

    Build Thread New 310 Gallon Build

    Here is the start to my 310g Planet Aquarium Mixed Reef! Thinking of doing starting a YouTube channel and sharing the journey.
  10. mfraembs

    Lighting for 9'x3'x18" Tall Mixed Reef

    So it looks like my Reef Savvy tank is finally on the build table and am excited to finally get this build moving forward again!!!! My question is how much lighting do you think I should have on this tank. For this build I currently have 4 qty Radion XR30 Pro's (Red) that are planned to go...
  11. JackDanielsFTW

    Sump room placement?

    Hi everyone, my wife and I are in the beginning stages of designing our forever home to be custom built. One thing we know we want is a large DT, somewhere in the 180-360 gallon range. Of course, the final determination of the size of the tank will be based somewhat on the available space for...
  12. JackDanielsFTW

    Dream House for Dream Tank

    Sump room behind tank, or, in basement? Hi everyone, my wife and I are in the beginning stages of designing our forever home to be custom built. One thing we know we want is a large DT, somewhere in the 180-360 gallon range. Of course, the final determination of the size of the tank will be...
  13. F

    Build Thread Big Peninsula in the high desert - Cade 1800 S2/P!

    Big things are happening! My ultimate end goal with this tank is an SPS dominate mixed reef that’s as stable, automated, and low maintenance as possible. Easier said than done, certainly. The tank Has arrived! Now to sort out a way to get in place and on the stand……
  14. R

    Angelfish ID: Queen, Blue, or Townsend?

    Short and simple. What do you all think, do I own a queen angelfish, a blue angelfish, or a hybrid Townsend?
  15. SaranWrap

    Switching from LED to T5HO

    Hi everybody, 180 gallons currently using a single Hydra 32. As I expand my aquascape, I decided to switch to 48" T5HO. My question is regarding the schedule and making sure I don't stress too much my corals during the transition. I decided to go with ATI 3x aquablue special, 2x purple plus and...
  16. Rovert

    Build Thread Rovert's CADE1800S2

    At the urging of our site host, I've been asked to make a 'member build' thread. Some very cool work here from extraordinary talents, so mine is modest at best, but perhaps it will provide inspiration to others. 5/31/22: I purchased the CADE1800 from AlgaeBarn and to my surprise upon arrival...
  17. VentingFish

    Large Build Starting new tank! 180 peninsula build process

    Hey everyone I have had many tanks, but now I get to join the large aquarium crew with a 180 display not including sump first step was sanding it and polishing the tank which took over 3 days Then building the stand to hold the whole wait of the tank. Then the process of sanding the stand and...
  18. Trommell

    Build Thread Proclear 200 - First Aquarium

    Hey Everyone, I am starting a little late to the build post. I am brand new to the world of aquariums but have chosen to dive in head first. Build List ProStar Rimless V2 200 Gallon Aquarium w/ BLACK Stand - Pro Clear Aquatic Systems COR-20 Intelligent Return Pump (2000 GPH) - Neptune Systems...
  19. P

    ATO idea - I travel often

    I have a roughly 275 gallon system, 210 DT and a 65g sump (probably closer to 250 honestly, neither is filled to top) I travel fairly often and am the main person that cares for the tank. my evap during cooler months has been 1-2 gallons a day, I can only imagine the summer months spiking to...
  20. H

    Large Build Taking down my 300 gallon reef tank

    looking to take down my 300 gallon reef tank looking to sell all corals and fish no equipment though. I have 37 corals most SPS acropora I'll post pictures below. I live near Cleveland Ohio local pickup is always welcome I am willing to ship but you must pay for shipping and I'm trying to sell...
  21. W

    Large Build Rookie dream build Reefer s1000

    Hello all, This is going to be a very fun build and probably not the best idea I have ever had. ;) I have not been around fish tanks in over 15+ years I have owned a few but nothing to crazy. The most advanced tank I had was the first RSM250 haha and that was a good time. So this will be a...
  22. R

    Large Build Rowdy Reefing's 330g Basement Build

    Hi All, I reentered the hobby last March after almost a 10 year hiatus (Formerly W1dude on NanoReef). My GF convinced me to set up an 80g in our living room. Well, fast-forward to a new house and 1.5 year later: We are 1 week out from delivery on a 72" x 36" x 25" tall glass build. The...
  23. S

    Build Thread Room Divider Peninsula Tank Build

    We bought our house with the basement mostly finished but have remodeled almost everything in the last few years. The basement is long and the different areas never seemed cohesive so I was lucky enough to get my wife on-board for a room divider aquarium! The tank itself is 72x24x30 custom...
  24. N

    Hello New to R2R

    New to R2R, heard about it and was also investigating some ideas for my freshwater system. Have been in this hobby for more than 25yrs, mostly FW. Over the past few yrs I focused on nature aquarium style and detailed aquascape with plant selection. I kept a SW cube few yrs back with toadstool...
  25. M

    Overflow and return pump for ~360gallon?

    Hey everyone, I'm getting a 96" x 30" x 30" acrylic tank for a mixed reef aquarium, should be roughly 360 gallons with a 120 gallon sump. Would the Modular Marine 3000gph low profile overflow and EcoTech Vectra L2 (3100gph) return pump be sufficient for an overflow and return pump? (I'll have...