leopard wrasse

  1. KM Wrasse

    Divided leopard wrasse turning brown

    Hello I have gotten two female divided leopard wrasses about a month ago … they are doing great, however when they first arrived their color was bright orange whit and black . Over the past month the orange has changed on both of them to an ugly brown color. Neither one is changing to a...
  2. KM Wrasse

    Leopard wrasse hydrogen sulfide??

    Hello I have a 93 gallon mixed reef cube with a deep sand bed of about 3-4” in the back and only about 1” in front. I have had several newly added divided leopard wrasses that were very active and eating suddenly disappear? And I just had a new one that was swimming normally and exploring...
  3. N

    Is my fish bloated?( about to add to tank)

    Just got this leopard wrasse and I just saw his stomach, I thought he was just full, what do I do?
  4. Jordan Wright

    Leopard wrasses

    Hi i was just wondering what everyone’s opinions are on leopard wrasses? i want to get one, which one is the easiest to take care of and isn’t as sensitive?
  5. jackalexander

    Female Leopard Wrasse

    I was thinking about getting an ornate leopard wrasse for my 55g tank and live aquaria lists them as an EXPERT ONLY fish. Is this true or is there any easy way to get them on frozen meaty foods?
  6. Brody’s Reef

    My Reefing Journey

    Moving this to new account
  7. Rrwilson1223

    Leopard Wrasse Question

    Hoping to have some the wrasse experts on here weigh in on a question that I had regarding leopard wrasse behavior: Do leopard females establish a hierarchy and perhaps even stress the other females into the sand? I brought home a trio of female leopards yesterday and all 3 were out eating...
  8. Perpetual Novice

    Can anyone help me gender these potters wrasses?

    All I can find is the same one picture showing a male female specimen.i suspect my brighter colored one is female and the more drab one is male based on head shape. But they both have the red mark on the top fun characteristic of males I think.
  9. Perpetual Novice

    Got two potters wrasses. Both male... (video)

    So I ordered two potters wrasses The minute I could find some online. I know they have abysmal shipping history and are hard to acclimate and feed so I decided to get two. They seem to have shipped great and are large and active. Never buried except at night. And are eating live pods and some...
  10. Perpetual Novice

    I got two male Wrasses? What do I do?

    I thought it was pretty rare to receive a male leopard wrasse but I just got two potters wrasses delivered and they’re both male... plus there is a smaller male leopard of a different species already in the tank. What do I do about this? Will it be a problem? How big does the tank need to be to...
  11. alimac122

    New wrasse!

    Hello all! I just got a new wrasse on 8/20. I already have a fairy wrasse and he is full grown. I added a female (about 3”) leopard wrasse in an acclimation box with sand and lots of sea lettuce (covered in pods and just extra hiding) she was in the box on the side of the tank for about a full...
  12. Rrwilson1223

    male meleagris or ornate leopard wrasse

    Hi everyone, I found a nice leopard wrasse at my LFS for $39. They thought it was a male meleagris leopard wrasse. But it really looks like an ornate to me. Any experts out there that could help me figure this out? Here are some pics from QT:
  13. Rrwilson1223

    Quarantine Leopard Wrasses

    I may have put my thread in the wrong forum. Here is a link with all the info: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/quarantine-leopard-wrasses-from-liveaquaria.736621/
  14. Rrwilson1223

    Quarantine Leopard Wrasses from LiveAquaria

    Hi Everyone, I’ve had some bad luck with leopards lately that’s been compounded by the lack of availability due to Covid-19. I’ve tried 3 and only had 1 survive. Sadly, that one recently jumped out of the tank... So, after extensive research. I’ve decided to have another go. Eventually, the...
  15. Rrwilson1223

    Leopard Wrasses Introduced and Hiding

    Hi everyone, I just added a couple of smaller female leopard wrasses to my RedSea Reefer750 yesterday. There is currently another female in the tank (same size) and a larger Moyer’s leopard wrasse in the tank. At first, the new additions were just hanging out. Checking out the other female...
  16. Sakosreef

    Lamarcks angelfish chasing leopard wrasse

    Hi guys hope you’re all doing well. I’m noticing my lamarcks angelfish chasing my leopard wrasse, it’s not a constant issue and it’s also not hurting my leopard wrasse. My lamarcks angel seems to chase my leopard wrasse when he gets near her, I’ve had my leopard wrasse for over a year and I know...
  17. ChelseaBidwell

    Black Leopard Wrasse / Spotted Mandarin / PODS

    Hey hey to my favorite reefers! I have a couple questions before I end up regretting a highly potential impulse buy. I've done some reading, however. So, I am not COMPLETELY oblivious to the potential issues as far as the competition for food goes. That being said, I am wanting to get the below...
  18. Sakosreef

    Yellow Kole eye tang bullying leopard wrasse

    Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well. Today I introduced a 2 inch yellow Kole eye tang into my 75 gallon tank and I’m having some aggression. I currently have a canary blenny, a cardinal, a flasher wrasse, a leopard wrasse, and a sleeper head goby. My leopard wrasse was in the sand when I...
  19. Idoc

    Fighting Conch and Wrasses

    Is it contraindicated to have a fighting conch in a tank with a sand-burying wrasse? Interested in a fighting conch but I have a leopard wrasse that buries into the sand to sleep. Are there concerns with the conch "running into" the wrasse when buried or causing injuries?
  20. Idoc

    Leopard Wrasse Starving Herself

    It's extremely sad to watch this occurring. I picked up 2 leopard wrasses from my LFS about 6 weeks ago. One is thriving in quarantine, and the other just started starving herself. The weak one was the slowest to bury itself initially, last to start taking frozen food as well. But she...
  21. Schnizzle

    Leopard and Fairy Wrasses

    I've been offered a nice looking Leopard Wrasse and while I was planning on only having Fairy Wrasses this grabbed my interest. I would try researching more on my own but this is probably going to pass quickly. Am I asking for trouble when I have a male c. solorensis and male c. lubboki...
  22. Micksfish

    Radiant Wrasse Issues

    Hello, Little background, I have a community Wrasse tank with about 6 wrasses in it. 5 different types of leopard wrasse and a Radiant wrasse. The radiant wrasse has always rubbed and itched on rocks since I got him more than any fish I have owned before. I have had him for about 8 months now...
  23. KMench

    Quarantine of new Ornate Leopard Wrasse

    Hi All, I recently ordered an ornate leopard wrasse (Macropharyngodon ornatus) and she came on Tuesday. Initially, she dove to the bottom and skated around looking for sand. I "helped" her from the glass to the sand bowl and have seen her a few times since. She looks ok for now, but I just...
  24. DSmithZ28

    New Leopard Wrasse

    I have a new Leopard Wrasse in my QT and have some concerns about her. I have placed a 2 inch container of sand in it and interestingly enough she took right to it first night. The lfs had her in some 1/2 inch sand and said she slept in it. Her behavior seems "depressed" for lack of better word...
  25. badstorm48

    keeping leopard wrasse

    I was just wondering about keeping these types of wrasse. I really like them and feel they would be a great addition to my tank. Just looking at advice at keeping these types of wrasse. At my lfs they don't get them in. He told me they are very hard to keep, but at the time I wasn't looking at...