live phytoplankton

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    Get a FREE 16 ounce bottle of Rhodomonas Salina this week!

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    Drygoods 3 AlgaeBarn $100 gift cards for $70 each!!

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  5. Kasrift

    California Selling Live Phyto Single Strains Rhodamonas and Phaeodactylum (San Diego)

    Selling Live Phytoplankton Cultures. I split every Weekend (Just split today as I'm posting). These are pure strains of Phaeodactylum and Rhodamonas $10 for 16oz bottles plus shipping if you'd like them shipped (I ship through Pirate Ship). Since these are cultured pure, they are great for...
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    Livestock Black Friday, Cyber Monday All Phyto & Rotifers ship for free on orders under $40

    A few have requested free shipping, so here it is till 11/30 all orders on Phytoplankton and rotifers under $40 will ship UPS Ground for free, no box charge, no ice pack or any other charge to youre order. Any order thats under $40 will still get our live arrival guarantee, shop in with...
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    Livestock Live Phytoplankton, Copepods and Rotifers

    I wanted to introduce Reef Legends to Reef2Reef. Let me show off a little of our collection, usually each week when I bottle I take a video of the bottles so I can compare bottle densities. You can find our videos on our Instagram page, Facebook page and TikTok. Our live Phytoplankton isn't the...
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    SAVE WITH OUR COMBO OFFERINGS PLUS 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER FINAL DAYS SALE ENDS SOON!! Choose from Copepod/Phyto, Copepod Amphipod, or Copepod/Amphipod/Phyto combinations. Select the right size for your tank and needs. All orders backed by our satisfaction and live arrival guarantee. Check...
  9. N

    California Live Phytoplankton (Free Shipping)

    Coral Hub’s live phytoplankton consists of a single species of Nannochloropsis. It is bottled each week and shipped with cold packs to ensure viability. The phytoplankton will last up to 3-4 weeks in the fridge with daily shaking or about 1-2 weeks at room temperature but varies depending on...
  10. Nutramar Foods

    It Ain't Easy Bein Green (actually, it kinda is)

    Green Toadstool Leather Corals are among the most popular corals in all of the marine aquarium hobby. We still believe them to be under-rated. Sarcophyton in general were one of the first corals to be kept successfully in aquariums because their preferred wild habitat is one that is fairly...
  11. A

    California Live Phytoplankton

    Hi Reefers, Start Growing Phyto myself and selling them at cheaper price for the first time! ☺️☺️☺️ Test run price: $15 per 12 oz Can deliver to South Bay or pick up in Sunnyvale Shipping is available (Fees TBD)
  12. Nutramar Foods

    Ultimate Ultra Zoanthids!

    Zoanthids are the first “coral” for many marine aquarium keepers and it's easy to see why. They come in a wild myriad of colors, most of them are quite hardy and grow quickly under good conditions. Among our staff favorites here are our Caribbean Ultra Zoanthids. You don't recognize the name...
  13. N

    California Live Phytplankton Concentrate (Free Shipping)

    Live Phytoplankton Concentrate (Nannochloropsis) • 30 mls of concentrate (Equivelant to 32 oz) • 2-3 drops per 50 gallons of tank water • Can dose 2-3x more than recommended if you have a heavily stocked tank. If your system does not have a positive response to the increase in...
  14. N

    California Live Phytoplankton Concentrate

    Live Phytoplankton Concentrate •30 mls of concentrate • 2-3 drops per 50 gallons of tank water • can dose 2-3x more than recommended if you have a heavy stocked tank. If your system does not have a positive response to the increase in dosing, cut back to normal dosing. Species...
  15. S

    Stable phytoplankton population in reef tank?

    With all of the benefits associated with dosing phytoplankton to a reef tank, I was wondering if it was at all possible to culture and maintain a stable phytoplankton population in the tank. I assume things like protein skimmers and various reactors would need to be disconnected and some amount...
  16. F

    Phytoplankton culturing

    I got live phytoplankton from my LFS yesterday. I’m wanting to culture it. It’s a 6 oz bottle of phytoplankton. Imma be using a 12 oz Gatorade bottle to culture it. I got my saltwater mixed to 35 PPT. My question is how much saltwater I should be in their bottle? I’m only wanting to use half the...
  17. Joe Kennedy

    Hello Hey! Canadian here saying hello!

    Hey, first off, great community with such an amazing library of knowledge, thanks for that! Been able to enjoy learning from everyone here over the past 3 years since I've joined the hobby. I'm running a 150 G 3rd hand tank with a 40 G sump, loving everything about it. Mainly a softie and...
  18. N

    Live Phytoplankton

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Live Phytoplankton. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  19. Adam1985

    Phyto ID Help (Picture and Video Attached)

    Hi, Would anyone be able to identify this species? It’s motile, green, and oval shaped. I cultured it in standard salinity saltwater. Other than that, I only have a Chinese name 扁藻. Sorry for the poor quality microscopy. Thanks, Adam
  20. ajtomase

    Trusted Pod Dealer

    Hi Everyone, I'm curious to where everyone is getting their copepods/phyto from. There's so many dealers out there, and I've heard horror stories of people getting pods shipped to the DOA.
  21. Thomas Danho

    Livestock Tommy's Phytoplankton two 16 OZ packets a total of 32 oz for only $20 with free shipping!

    Hey all, Tommy's Phyto is back and We are now a proud sponsor for Reef 2 Reef! I always heard of people complaining about algae. Why Struggle with algae? I dose Live Phytoplankton daily, Phyto out-competes nuisance algae. Phytoplankton also feed all your filter feeders and coral! I always hear...
  22. JohnGP

    Texas Free Phyto in Austin, TX area....

    I recently expanded my Phyto culturing system to larger 6.5g jugs, better lighting on timers etc. and my Phyto took off like crazy. I thought I'd bottle some up and sell it at a pretty good deal to fellow Reefers but the USPS shipping delays has me concerned that it won't live through their...
  23. leahfiish

    Live Food Discussion Thread

    I wanted to start a thread to discuss different types of live food, culturing info, pros and cons, and how to. I am interested in all aspects of live feeding, but I figured I would ask some questions to get this discussion started! Do you feed: Live phytoplankton Live zooplankton Live...