1. S

    New Jersey Dry Good Trade [FS] Nyos High Precision Nitrate & Aquaforest TestPro Magnesium Test Kit

    New and unopened. $35 Shipped.
  2. B

    Need help with hair algea

    Hi all, I have hair algae in my 255L LPS tank. It's kind of green and brown. The tank is about 2 months old. I have one blue tang and one lawnmower blenny but seems both of them are not interested in hair algae. I also have one ocellaris clown fish, one flame hawkfish, one conch, one turbo...
  3. Karen00

    1200ppm Mg with Salifert test

    Hello fellow saltines, This is my first time doing a magnesium test. I bought the Salifert test kit. There are no coral in the tank yet and I don't do any dosing. There are a couple fish and at some point I want to keep softies. The test gave me 1200 ppm. Should I raise this with dosing if I...
  4. ChandlerTingle

    KH, CA, Mg Result Questions

    So I’m new to the reefing chemistry but I just tested my water and these are the results I got. Are they good and what’s the level they are supposed to be at? *Syringe tips are over the results I got
  5. Elbereth

    Seachem Reef Advantage Magnesium with Tropic Marin Carbocalcium?

    I'm a relative newbie to dosing and I'm trying to educate myself as much as I can but with limited time to read up on it, I can't make an informed decision on my own right now. I've been dosing with baked baking soda and calcium chloride but I'd like to try Tropic Marin's Carbocalcium because it...
  6. twhit030

    Dosing question

    okay r2r got a question for everyone. I’m a fairly well versed and experienced reefer at the age of 27 currently been in the hobby for 12 years. Most everything I’ve learned (like most others) has been through trial and error and research. currently my tank is an all acro 75 gallon reef tank...
  7. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Alk and magnesium being weird.

    What would cause quite a big DKH drop and a raise in magnesium? The last time I dosed was a week ago, and it was Sodium bicarbonate for the alkalinity. I tested alk 2x to make sure...same result. I'm confused and worried.
  8. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Can't raise mag

    I have posted a thread a few hours before this one but couldn't get a response I was looking for. So basically my magnesium level won't go up. I was able to get my magnesium from 1140 to 1185 today, but after 1185, and after dosing more...the number wouldn't move. Tried 3x. My magnesium mix is...
  9. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Problem raising magnesium.

    I can't seem to raise magnesium, I am worried that if I put anymore in that maybe the levels will come up overnight for some reason? Pls help not sure if I am wasting my 2 part magnesium mix. My levels at the start of the day was 1140 magnesium, it is now at 1185. Can't seem to get it to 1200.
  10. E

    Question about magnesium and stability

    So I have been struggling for awhile to get my tank good enough to house soft corals, I have always had problems keeping soft corals until recently most of the new ones I have been adding are doing good for once, so I decided to test my parameters and they all look fine expect magnesium witch is...
  11. R

    2 very different results between salifert and Red sea test kits??

    Hello Everyone! So past couple of week ive been having problems measuring the daily dosage for my Mg, Ca, Alk. I was using salifert for all three and i would adjust all three to the recommended level then wait 4 days then remesure them, but i performed this 3 times all over and all three times...
  12. Mrtakeoff53

    Water testing apprehension

    I know I ALWAYS have a little ‘test anxiety’ when performing my water tests every week (alk every other day). I always hope everything turns out well and it usually does. Problem is, when it doesn’t (or I have missed a few weeks of testing), it can sometimes bring on a little panic as the...
  13. TheFishTickler

    High Magnesium, Low Calcium?

    Testing with Salifert and API respectively, my magnesium is 1530 and calcium is 360. Is this normal? Should I dose calcium? If so, how much? My tank is 20 gallons. Also got a male and female cleaner shrimp recently. The female died this morning, wondering if the clowns pestered her too much or...
  14. M

    The importance to keep you refractometer calibrated

    It is very simple, but I forgot to do it. After 10 years of my red sea max 130d, reading, testing and learning a lot, I set my 100 gallon tank 70 days ago. Since the beginning I tested a lot... Followed day by day the cycling process, adding fish, corals and etc. I prepared a sump with UV...
  15. R

    Confusing results when figuring out "4 day dosage" of Foundational elements!

    Hello all! I have a 13.5 fluval evo, recently I've been trying to figure out the daily dosage for calcium, magnesium and Alk. Unfortunately right now when I measured my prams i got very confusing results and i need help! My salinity is at 35 ppt measured by a refractometer and held stable by...
  16. Hunter90 HD

    Mg Dosing

    Good evening Reefers, I am currently dosing Kh and Ca daily in respect to coral demands, but i am recently intrigued as to if i should be dosing Magnesium also. So last week, my Mg started off at 1280 then at the end of the week it was 1240, should i be dosing to maintain 1280ppm ? My target...
  17. M

    Chaeto breaking/splitting in small pieces

    Hey all I need an advice here. I have a refugium with a chaeto set about 15 days ago. It was fine until yesterday when started to break in a few pieces. Today in the morning it was worse, so I took out from the sump because started to spread a lot of pieces in the tank. It is still green...
  18. M

    Hanna Magnesium checker

    Just got a Hanna Magnesium Checker HI719. Is it working for saltwater?
  19. C

    Illinois Misc. Pumps Suppliments Dosing Package Deal Jebao 3 Channel Dosing Pump DP-3 / Triple Dosing Reservoir / Bubble Magus Shelf /

    Jebao 3 Channel Dosing Pump DP-3 / Triple Dosing Reservoir / Bubble Magus Shelf, 4 hose holder, spare pump. Everything you need to start dosing in a Reef Aquarium. Everything is in like new condition, but has been used. Everything packaged together as a bundle. Selling for $135 shipping...
  20. Reefer37

    Lower Magnesium with Instant Ocean Salt

    Has anyone else noticed having to supplement a bit of magnesium between water changes with Instant Ocean salt? I've noticed on like the last 3 water changes my magnesium level dipping below 1300 almost every time. This last time I did a larger water change due to increased phosphates and it's...
  21. Vansaquaescape


    So I have been testing my water Everyday and my parameters are 420 Calcium 8.5 to 9.3 Kh 1200 Magnesium Started adding Kent’s magnesium for 3 days and can not get it to Raise. Any Advice ? Would be much appreciated have a Kung Pow Monti on the way and would like it to be around 1300. Also...
  22. psumms

    Dosing Plan - When & with what...

    Hi all, I'm now using a D-D P4 Pro dosing pump and which give great control over chemical anti-interference, split dosing over a schedule etc. and its got me researching for answers to a couple of questions... For each of my Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, NoPoX ... Recommended times of day to...
  23. ChronosReef


    Howdy everyone, my love just got me the new apex system and a new trident :)!! So i'm selling my kh director I purchased Jan 16'th of last year so still under warranty. Everything works great, includes Kh director, Stand alone GHL doser all cables and half a bottle of 1000ml reagent. 600...
  24. REEFer86


    Has anyone tried the Red Sea Reef Energy Coral nutrition A/B ? What effects does it have on calcium and magnesium? How can the calcium and mag dip and rise without doing anything? Started dosing Alkalinity by Red Sea. Need to get CO2 to get my calcium reactor running. Who’s used a calcium...
  25. MnFish1

    Concerning the Trident:

    A quick poll about how to be sure your trident is giving correct measurements: You can pick one or more than one. This poll is about the trident - and is not designed to be a negative. Its designed to see how many people actually do what Neptune says they should do when using their equipment...
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