1. Blakjax

    Michigan Drygoods Marineland 220 gallon aquarium with stand and sump/refugium

    Size 72'x24"x30" - 220 gallon Marineland aquarium with 2 corner overflows - Marineland stand - Pro clear Red Flex 4 in 1 model 400 sump (40 gallon) - 3 mesh screens for top cover I have two identical setups. If you're looking for 2 tanks, let me know and I'll make a package deal. I also have...
  2. Blinkdo

    Florida SOLD Marineland 180 Gallon Complete Fish Tank Setup Ecotech

    Lightly used Marineland 180 gallon fish tank with stand, canopy and sump $1,200 OBO pickup only **Livestock not included** What's included: 180 gallon glass 72"W x 24"D x 24"H Wood stained canopy and stand Trigger Systems Ruby acrylic sump (approx 40 gallon) 36"W x 18"D x 15"H Aquatic Life...
  3. Kipp's Corals

    Marineland hybrid light

    Does anyone know model of this light? I can’t find it anywhere on the internet, I assume it’s very outdated. Everything powers up but one fan doesn’t turn on, are they set to turn on a specific temperatures?
  4. fotuskyt

    How would you run this 4 chamber aio?

    Picked up this used marine land 29gal aio and it currently has a bio wheel and shotty media basket that I plan to take out leaving it basically Chamber 1: overflow Chamber 2: empty Chamber 3: empty Chamber 4: return pump I’m used to my innovative marine Nuvo 15 that only has 3 chambers and...
  5. fotuskyt

    Build Thread T’s 29 gal AIO budget softy tank

    Hi everyone. I’ve been in the reefing hobby since July of this year. It all started this summer when my adhd brain said “let’s get a fish.” Growing up I had a betta fish here and there but if my memory serves me right I was not the caretaker of the tanks but rather my wonderful parents because...
  6. Reefer_kano

    Pennsylvania Aquariums Drygoods Marineland 265 gallons.

    This is a Reef Ready Marineland 265 gallons Aquarium. It was completely resealed less about 8 months ago as preventive maintenance due to it being such a large aquarium, it hold water with no issues. Glass is in good conditions Painted black background, needs to be touched up. The tank its...
  7. CincyReefer07

    Which of these should be removed during Prazi-Pro?

    Last time I did prazi-pro during QT for my magnificent foxface, I think I may have went about it wrong. Just looking for solid clarification of items from my 60 breeder QT tank need to be removed during prazi or can stay. Last time I removed EVERYTHING from my hob filter and let dosed the prazi...
  8. J

    New Jersey WTB Marineland 265

    Looking for Marineland 265 for local pick up. Must be reef ready
  9. christopher wainright

    North Carolina 2 turn key systems, 180 gallon and 75 gallon

    $4000 for everything. Local is 28560. Moving to Texas and decided not to put up with the headache of moving these two tanks so selling them both as a package deal. 180 is a marineland with a marineland stand for the lifetime warranty. Tank was bought in June 2020 and is in excellent condition...
  10. Nsakis1

    Build Thread Ocean theme nursery with 40 breeder reef!

    I started a build thread for a 300 gallon peninsula in Oct of 2019 aaaaaaand...still no saltwater in the house. After going back and forth on this idea, my wife and I finalized the plan to put a 40 breeder in the 5th baby’s nursery. Yah, five children. It gets better...the oldest is just barely...
  11. ridgeburyreefer

    Overflow plumbing- did I do it ok?

    This is a 90 gallon corner flo I’ve never done plumbing and I’ve never had a salt tank, I’m tanking this slowwwwly to save money and headache: I have plastic hose clamps coming to replace the metal ASAP, most of this isn’t glued-just pieces that won’t need to be changed. Before I continue, do...
  12. ridgeburyreefer

    Corner-flow front panel HELP

    I just purchased this tank and setup, I believe it to be a marineland 90 gallon corner-flo. There should be a front panel on the overflow, it was removed for some reason by the previous owner. Does this panel serve a legitimate use? Has anyone had any luck on finding a replacement; I have...
  13. Mortimer Spit

    75 Gallon Aquarium Set Up For Sale

    75 Gallon Marine Land Aquarium Asking $550 - Includes Fluval FX6 Canister Filter - Includes Fluval Marine and Reef 2.0 LED strip light 59 watts - Includes 2 circulation fans - Includes glass top - There are no scratches or buffs on the glass tank - There are no scratches or cracks in the...
  14. Mortimer Spit

    75 Gallon Marineland Aquarium Set Up For Sale $550

    75 Gallon Marine Land Aquarium Asking $550 - Includes Fluval FX6 Canister Filter - Includes Fluval Marine and Reef 2.0 LED strip light 59 watts - Includes 2 circulation fans - Includes glass top - There are no scratches or buffs on the glass tank - There are no scratches or cracks in the...
  15. D

    Build Thread 90gallon with sump. First attempt at triton.

    So I noticed a deal for a Marineland 90g with a custom cherry stand. So there was my invitation to give the triton method a shot. I ended up going with the Eshopps R-200 3rd Gen using Algae Barns macro starter kit (chaeto, red ogo, Pom Pom, ulva) and it seems to be doing well, however the...
  16. J

    Display Tank Water Level Slowly Rising - Return Chamber Remains Constant

    Hi Everyone! I've been into SW for about 4 years now, but I've only had All-In-One tanks. I recently set up a 60 gallon marineland cube with a sump system. I've been nervous about doing a sump system for a while, because it felt really complicated. Here are my tank specifications: 60 gallon...
  17. neoGeorge

    Marineland 60 gallon heartland aquarium with stand

    Tank and stand are in good condition, 1 year old, $350 new. I understand there is significant depreciation in tanks and want to set a fair sales price. This is for the tank and stand only... Thanks in advance for sharing your opinions!
  18. M

    Ohio Large Tank (300g) and High End Equipment (Emperor Aquatics, ATI, Synergy Reef, Reef Savvy, APEX)

    I recently purchased a huge tank with hopes of setting up, but once it was home, the wife freaked out over the size, so am putting it up, along with a load of equipment that I will not need for my new build. Located in central Ohio. Will ship at buyers expense. Here is an early list, will...
  19. SnookNRedZ

    Marineland 75 Gallon Inquiries

    As the title implies, I'm curious on any experience/ input on the 75 gallon Marineland tank. I found one on Craigslist f/s that has been torn down locally due to Hurricane Irma earlier in the year. I've read about some very chilling stories of their Deep Dimension tanks springing leaks, blowing...
  20. Jerry Ebner

    Build Thread 60 gallon marineland build

    60 gallon marineland build DIY stand. Cube tank eshoops cube sump Kessil h80 refiguium light Reef Oct various 6 dc return pump Reef Oct skimmer Dry rock curing currently Dry sand in box. Stuck waiting on rock :(
  21. Eggpaul

    Refugium lighting. Marineland led or Kessil H80/

    Hello, finishing my 150 gallon tank. I have the best equipment in this build so this might be a dumb question. for the refugium down below, should I just use my marinland led (2.7 watts) which great chaeto well in the back of my biocube 29? Or just I upgrade to the kessil H80?
  22. J

    Cube Build 150 gallon cube lighting

    I am starting a 150 gallon cube 36x36x27 I currently have 4 AI prime HD. I will plan to eventually add a 5th as I was told 5 would most likely be necessary. I'm wondering if anyone else runs AI prime HD on this size tank or something similar. If so have you been successful? Also I'm in need of...
  23. Envisionist22

    Cube Build My Work in progress. 65G Cube

    Work in progress, 65 gallon 24x24x24 Cube. Painted stand to match my house, ordered a new LED Fixture Was using my biocube for comparison. A bunch of anthias and some coral this week along with a couple smaller powerheads. The end product is going to be a completely euphyllia dominant tank...
  24. DSmithZ28

    Glass Cages Question

    I have done a lot of research on the forums and on the internet and completely understand that Glass Cages are hard to deal with and don't have the best customer support. That being said has anyone had an issue with the product? I cannot afford the other aquarium builders prices and have had 2...
  25. DSmithZ28

    Marineland 93 Gallon Cube Warranty

    About 2 months ago I purchased a brand new Marineland 93 Gallon Cube aquarium. The date code being 2017. Upon filling it with water I discovered the same bubbles in the seam issue that has been talked about many times before. Mine however was a lot worse than just micro bubbles in a straight...