1. ajtomase

    Where did you get your clam from

    For those that have clams, where did you get it from? Pacific East Aquaculture, Clam Mania, or an LFS?
  2. ajtomase

    Clam placement top of tank

    Has anyone placed their clams at the top of their tanks? I'm looking to turn my tank into an LPS dominant tank which means my substrate may not have enough par for a clam, but the top of my aquascape might.
  3. MartinM

    What PAR are your maximas under?

    The last time I had a maxima, PAR meters hadn’t been invented. It was 15cm+, grew like crazy, and was maybe 15cm beneath a 150w, 10k halide bulb. I’m back in the hobby now and have two large (20cm+) maximas (one blue, one pink) currently on the sand at about 225-250 PAR as measured by my...
  4. morgan_jAq

    Should I be concerned?

    Just got this new maxima and gave him a FW dip to make sure no Pyramid snails but his “mouth” looks like this. My other clam doesn’t seem so pronounced. Should I be concerned?
  5. Devin_R.

    Cleaner Shrimp eating Clam?

    Hi, I just picked up a small gold maxima clam today. I drip acclimated it for about 2 hours, and added it to my tank. I watched it a bit and all seemed fine so I walked away for a while. A couple of minutes went by and I went to check on it and that’s when I noticed my cleaner shrimp picking at...
  6. Jamestown

    Clam not opening

    Hello, My ORA Maxima has appeared unhappy as of lately. I did move him due to some rock-scape reworking, but its been about a week since and hes still not happy. I'm attaching a picture of his current state. Parameters are stable. Ca 420 Alk 8.1-5. Should I be concerned? Thanks.
  7. P

    Do Maxima Clams Move?

    I bought a maxima clam about 1.5in a week ago. Placed it in the sand bed. After trying to move it I felt it had dug in my shallow sand bed and attached itself to the glass. After being put of town for 2 days. I come back and it looks to have loved a few inches. Is this normal?
  8. BonelessEvil

    Chasing numbers… Sigh

    I've been doing reef aquaria long enough to know I'm not supposed to chase numbers; yet, I found myself doing that the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, in the process, I've managed to kill 1 clam, while the other one looks like it's on its way out. Everything else seems to be looking all...
  9. P

    Maxima Clam & Green Emerald Crab

    I just purchased a Maxima Clam today and I have a Green Emerald Crab that is checking it out. Are these two combatable with each other? Or will I need to dispose of the crab?
  10. AquaLocker

    Davy Jones Locker Meets Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

    $99 - $149 = 10% OFF $149 - $199 = $15% OFF $199 - $249 = 20% OFF $249+ = 20% OFF and Saturday Shipping for 1 cent
  11. Evan28395950

    Joe’s Juice

    Hi all, I’ve got about 3 aiptasia and I’m going to purchase joes juice. Only question I have, is it safe to use around my good anemones, they’re somewhat close to aiptasia, and also is it safe to use for one attached to my maxima clam? When injection I’ll turn off flow to maximize accuracy
  12. KMench

    Nipping or too much flow?

    I've had a 2" Maxima I purchased off divers den for about ten days now. I had initially placed it on the rockwork and it opened up. A few hours after I noticed it was not open as much. Ever since then it hasn't fully extended its mantle. I do have a yellow longnose butterfly, but have not seen...
  13. D. Torres

    Clam and hermits ok?

    Sorry if this has been posted already but I really need to know. My main question is are blue leg crabs safe to have around Maxima clams? ;Nailbiting Got a great deal on a couple maxima clams on a recent visit to California (1/3 of the price asked for in Las Vegas) I should have done my research...
  14. FLSharkvictim

    Tridacna maxima -Ultra Blue Maxima Clam

    It will be coming up on a year now since i GOT him from Reef-A-Palooza in Orlando. Currently in the process of doing an upgrade to a SCA 150. If you want something to make your tank pop, add two of these on each side of the tank!
  15. Davenkim

    Radion settings and maxima clam?

    I have the aquatic life hybrid fixture with 4 t5 bulbs (ati blue plus) and two radion G3 xr30s. It is the 4 foot fixture over a 130 gallon 5 ft tank. I dont have access to a par meter, and I dont live close to a lfs that rents them. I would rather not purchase one, so I wondered if any of you...
  16. YourReef

    Maxima Clams- Just uploaded to the site! (3-4 Inch & 5 Inch)

    We have just uploaded a batch of Maxima Clams to the website. Several different sizes/prices available. Maxima Clam 1 3-4 Inch WYSIWYG- $99 Maxima Clam 2 3-4 Inch WYSIWYG- $99 Maxima Clam 3 - Large 5 Inch WYSIWYG- $109 Maxima Clam 5 -...
  17. Tigweldpro

    Clam price guide. Post pics & prices from your local LFS

    Hey, I don't see a thread for comparing clam prices across different locations and times of year. Hopefully we can get some pics and prices posted here just to get an idea of what these sexy mollusks go for. And possibly have an expert confirm that they are even labeled properly. Local LFS in...
  18. donny619

    Maxima clam for trade (San Diego, CA)

    Looking to trade beautiful healthy Maxima clam (~ 1.5") with blue and purple mantle. Looking for some nice corals and multiple frags - pm me.
  19. pmaddox

    I'm tired y'all. Terpenoids? Leather? Tank mad...Maxima...dying?

    Anyone had experience with large leather causing things to get mad or die inexplicably in their system? I had an 'event' last week that correlated with a water change although no swings were measured. *Even temperature. I noticed some viscous bubbles in the sump that looked like someone spit...
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