1. Ch3tt

    2 Ecotech MP40 W Vortech Quiet Drives

    These are in like new condition, they were used on my red sea reefer for about a month before I broke the tank down. Incredibly quiet and in perfect condition. $300 ea.
  2. T3CHED

    225Gal Wish List

    Im unable to post in the WTB forum so Im posting here in hopes an admin member can help me get it into that forum. Im currently doing a 225Gal DT / 75Gal Sump and need a few items, if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated! 1. (3) ocean revive T247 led lights (hoping with remotes) 2...
  3. ReefCub

    Brand New Ecotech MP40wqd Vortechs

    Two Brand New sealed Ecotech MP40wqd's. $300 each Shipped (lower 48). Wireless and Quiet Drive. Will include a copy of receipt for warranty with Ecotech.
  4. lonewonderer

    FS Ecotech Marine Vortech MP40w Quiet Drive Sealed BNIB

    Hello, I have 2 brand new sealed in box Ecotech Vortech MP40w Quiet Drive for sale $300 each Mfg Date is around Oct 2017 if i can recall. Bought them retail but I have to sell it because my family decided to go on a vacation and I need some extra cash for the trip. Buyer pays shipping and I'll...
  5. lonewonderer

    MP40wes can not be controlled

    Hello guys, need help here. I purchased a 2 mp40wes and 1 mp10wes from a reefer online. when I got the package i cleaned them up and started to test them one by one. One Mp40 and the Mp10 is working well. I can switch the mode to blue, green, red and yellow. but one MP40 does not have a blue...
  6. L

    Fs 2x ecotech MP40 qd

    Selling my 2 Ecotech MP40's quietdrives. Looking to sell both together 575shipped March/May 2017 manufacturer date.
  7. Matthew Dambra

    Naso Tangs vs Vortech Mp40

    Hello all, Just this week I had a Medium Naso tang approx 4inches die in my 90g tank, found him stuck to the powerhead when i got home from work. Ive never had this issue so i didn't think it was the power head. He had no signs of disease, was eating well, got along with all of the other fish...
  8. Orangezuk

    Skimmers & MP40w

    For Sale Possible trades. New Skimmer; Skimz SM122 external LFS closed so I picked up their display model. New hasn't even got wet, decided to build around bigger skimmer. No box or paperwork. $250 OBO, plus shipping. Used ETSS Reef Devil Skimmer (int/ext) Works well, good skimmer for limited...
  9. Willcar

    mp40w qd for cheap

    I only open the box a while ago to dry fit them into my empty tank, they never touch water or plugged. first come first serve, price is firm, paypal fee included complete all accessories included. pm me ur number I'll text u back when im off work $275 each or $545 for 2 Manufacture date May...
  10. Keenan

    WTB MP40QD

    Looking for QD model. PM me what you have. Thanks
  11. Wieloch89

    A few questions before cycling: skimmer, LED's, & current

    So I'm going to start cycling my new reef tank in the next few days and I've been getting mixed reviews on whether or not to fire the skimmer up during this process or not? Skim from the very beginning, start skimming a few weeks in, or don't turn it on until you add your CUC? Next two...
  12. Finatik

    Gyre vs MP40 vs ??? for a 120 Gallon ???

    Hi Everyone ! I finally decided that I'm going to set-up both a 120 gallon AND a 75 gallon. Both will be mixed reefs, so I'm in the process of purchasing all of the equipment I'll need, and then I'll start two separate build threads to chronicle my journey. For flow, what do you guys suggest...
  13. shadow1013

    Orlando - Red Sea Reefer 450

    We are moving and need to part out our Red Sea Reefer 450 or sell together. First we need to sell our coral and fish then we are going to part out the equipment. This posting is constantly going to be updated to report what is still available. If you see it listed it's still up for grabs. We...
  14. AmatuerAuer

    Broken MP40??

    I have two Ecotech MP40s on my 120g DT facing each other. Last week, I came home and one of them was big deal happens all the time. The wet side slides off and falls to the substrate and the dry side stays on the glass. Well, I placed the wetside back where it belongs and...
  15. DVal

    Powered recommendations

    Hey guys, first post on here. Starting my 125 mixed reef. Looking for powered recommendations. Looking at 3 options. One gyre xf250 vs 2 gyre xf230's vs 2 mp40's. Any opinions? I kind of like the options for flow with running the 2 gyres. Any opinions?
  16. MaddyP

    MP60WQD for two MP40's

    Looking to trade my Mp60 for two MP40's if someone is interested. MP60 is used in great condition.
  17. msderganc

    Build Thread Longhorn SPS Reef

    Ok, so this is really early as I'm at least six months out from even getting the tank (I am in the queue!), but I figured I could get some advice at least. This will be my fourth reef tank, the last one being a 190g SPS tank that crashed a little more than a year ago after a power surge caused...
  18. james30ct

    Mp40 spinning

    I realized today the tank didn't have much flow and one vortech wasn't working. The controller was flashing green and red. I unplugged it and then turned it back on. The whole wet side started spinning until it spins itself away from the dry side. Then the error comes back. Anyone else had this...
  19. Ohiostreetz


    I have a bnib mp40qd for sale I bought it back in June for a build but am going a new direction. I'm asking 300 plus shipping and you pay fees. Can ship out tomorrow if paypal before then of course I look forward to doing business with you.
  20. shadow1013

    MP4Ow ES w/ new QD Driver - South Orlando -$230 OBO

    Hi everyone! I'm selling a used MP40. Bought this used a couple of months ago. It works great, the only reason we are selling it is because I took down the tank it was on and don't need it any more. It is an ES version with a QD Driver. Ecotech confirmed there was issues with the buttons on...