1. B

    Powerhead for nano

    after some research seems my return pump isnt just enough for coral flow. So trying to add circulation and this was one of the lowest gph i can find. Powerhead at 110 and it blows my tank around. Its still big and alot of power for 15g. Cant seem to find anything smaller. What are you guys...
  2. B

    Fish Stock for 15gallon

    hi i have a 15 gallon jbj just using jbj ato, return pump for flow and some live rock work and corals. I currently have 2 gladiator clowns, 1 cleaner shrimp, 3 astreas, 3 nassarious, 2 ceriths, and 1 tiger conch. I had a RG but it died and dont want to try my luck with another one. Im leaning...
  3. J

    Best Wavemaker Pump for 5 gallon Nano

    Hello all, I own a 5 gallon nano reef that measures 16 wide inches by 8 inches wide. I have been having some Cyano Bacteria Issues at the front of the tank where the light is most prominent. I am looking for the smallest wave maker pump that will fit comfortably within my tank. I have been...
  4. sotoreef

    Build Thread Nuvo 20 SPS Dominated Nano Reef Tank - My First Attempt at Reefing

    Hi reef2reef, This build thread dedicated to my future self (Yeah look back at all the mistakes you made ya fool :D), my supportive wife, family, friends, and everyone in r2r who following along. This is my first attempt at reefing, recording all the ups and downs till God knows when...
  5. lexasoft

    Build Thread My 55L Nano-Reef

    Hi all! I want to share my first reef aquarium which I've started on 28-th of December 2020. It is based on 55 litres Dennerle Scaper's Tank. My Equipment: Aquael FZN-3 hang-on filter Tunze 9001 skimmer 1xVortech MP10, 2xJebao flow pumps D-D p4 pro doser Kamoer ATO ONE SE auto top-off I use...

    Nano Build 15 galon reef tank

    hello i am new here this is my 15 gallon tank
  7. yanni

    New aquascape, chasing opinions

    This is my current aqua scape I’m looking at keeping for my tank. Tank will be mainly for 2 clowns, softies, maybe SPS down the track and definitely an anemone once the tank is mature. Anyone have any suggestions or improvements for what I’ve got currently? Ignore the little coral skeleton at...
  8. T

    Aiptasia X

    I recently treated the aiptasia in my tank with aiptasia x and did a water change. During the water change I removed some bubble algae and white fungus as siphoned my tank but I kept getting this funky smell, almost like a green bean smell.. strange right. Im not sure if it was the aiptasia x...
  9. yanni

    Powerhead recommendations

    Hey all, so I’m slowly in the process of piecing together my nano reef. I’ve got a Red Sea Max nano, it’s about 75L/20G, with 62L in the display, and 13 in the AIO sump. I’m looking to buy a powerhead that’ll provide adequate flow for my tank, but I’m hoping to find something that is wireless...
  10. C

    Nano Build Cam’s Fluval Evo 13.5 Reef Venture

    After having lurked on several forums for over five years I finally got an amazing deal on a tank I should have bit the bullet on a long time ago. The plan is to have a pretty simple fish only tank at first until I upgrade the lights. Eventually I know I’m going to get coral. I’m not expecting a...
  11. Reefing Reefer

    What are thooooose?

    I’ve recently had an outburst of critters in the return section of my nano aquarium. My water parameter haven’t changed, livestock is happy, so I’m left wonder what these are and if I should remove them by cleaning out the return chamber. Any and all insight and suggestions are much appreciated.
  12. Coopdod50

    Nano Build Dorm Room Waterbox 20

    Hello everyone, I just setup my 3rd reef that I'm quite excited about. Originally I had a Cobalt Aquatics CVue40 in my dorm but after less than a semester I decided it was entirely too large for the room and a HUGE pain to transport back and forth home over long breaks since I live 3+ hours...
  13. Marco9926

    ATS Only Nanoreef

    Hey there, This is my nanoreef, driven only by Algae Scrubber. What do you think about it? the video is taken from my personal Italian Guide about ATS, so don’t care about the audio but focus on what you can see! tell me what do you think about it! Plz!!! link: Acquario Marino, Metodo ATS...
  14. Reefing Reefer

    Build Thread Nano Reef Build - 1 Year Update

    Decided to do a tank update - my nano reef has been running roughly a year, a little bit longer since I had to tear it down when I moved. Overall, it’s been fun still have a long ways to go before getting something bigger. I’ll update fish/coral stocking on a later post. In the meantime see...
  15. TheReefArchitect

    Build Thread Project Downsize

    I feel like I’m joining scouts with all the badges out here Here comes my attempt at a build thread.. condensed into a few stages as I’ve sort of already started oops.. Back Story Last year I was a huge freshwater (planted tanks) fanboy but had a spare nano tank lying around so I thought I’d...
  16. Rose Gold Wall Hammer

    Rose Gold Wall Hammer

    5 heads from Manhattan Aquariums in 2020
  17. N

    Good or Bad?

    I believe its an isopod. Cant tell if its a good thing or bad.
  18. Ethan Barker

    Nano Build 40 Gallon Breeder

    Hi all. I began my saltwater adventure with nano tanks and am going to see how I fair with a 40 gallon. I was last on the forums a few years ago, and still quite naive with expectations. Doing a few things wrong if you catch my drift. I’ll be going with the 40 gallon breeder from petco as they...
  19. NaniNano

    Aquarium lights for 17gallon Nano tank

    Hi everyone, This is Nani from Taiwan, i recently gained interest in marine and reef aquariums. I have 5 freshwater tanks in my house. now im planning to start my first marine tank. being a newbie in the field i have so many questions in mine... i was able to find most of...
  20. TylerMoralez

    Nano Build Ty's Office Nano

    The bug has bit and I'm back! It's been over a year since I've dabbled in the reefing world, and this time I'm here to stay! I've recently started a new job where I have my own office space, and will soon be moving to a brand new facility where I will have my own huge glass office. For now, I'm...
  21. A

    What now??

    Hi , Happy Sunday and happy reefing! So I had to move about a month ago and of course took my tank with me. I decided to clean out everything( sand and rock) now bare bottom and empty and start fresh.(of course I kept media and levels have been stable and good for the past 6 weeks ). All I have...
  22. Raindog3030

    AIO Build Nightstand Nano - 7g Waterbox

    OK, we have done it, another reef is getting wet this week! Presenting my Waterbox 7g AIO cube! Parts List: Waterbox 7g AIO w/ ECO66 pump (Removed) Added Cobalt Mini-MJ 404 Hydor Koralia Nano 240 Cobalt Neo-Therm 25w Kessil A80 w/ Gooseneck Mini Smart Plug (my $10 lighting controller, with...
  23. BrandonA702

    Build Thread Brandon's Evo XIIs

    Hey again. Just joined yesterday and it was suggested that I started a member thread. So here it is. I have been in the hobby for about 4 years now. My largest tank so far was a 55 gallon but I moved and downsized to an Evo 13.5 AIO. Currently I have two Evo tanks going. One for my LPS and a new...
  24. BrandonA702

    Thanks for having me.

    Hey, just joined today. Looking to see what everyone is doing and find some advice for my SPS tank. I'm running two Evo XII tanks, my LPS tank have been running a long time now and I'd like to start into SPS. Just got everything ready for my latest tank and a custom aquascape. Both tanks have AI...
  25. ThilankaPerera

    Build Thread 26G Nano Reef | Coral Eden

    Current FTS - 20.11.2017 Background : I’ve been a fan of Reef tanks for ages but always was afraid to start one myself so I kept myself busy with freshwater tanks. After reading a lot about them, especially this forum, I decided to start my first Nano Reef. My initial plan was to start...