1. scumbag_mtb

    Ohio 2 Brand New - AI Nero 5 Pumps

    I bought 2 brand new Nero 5 pumps last week with the intention to use them on my new build, but decided to go another direction. I did open ONE of the boxes to start looking at the pump, but never even set anything up. Paid $475 after tax for both of them last week. Save yourself a few bucks for...
  2. Y

    Is a Nero 3 suitable for my 20G tank?

    Hey all, I just purchased a Red Sea Max Nano, it’s a 20g AIO cube. The display is roughly 62L/16.5Gallon. I’ve finally decided on my powerhead, and decided to go a Nero 3. From what I’ve found, most people run a Nero on a tank my size at roughly anywhere from 2%-20% capacity. Just would like...
  3. Y

    MP10 or Nero 3, need some help

    Hey all! So I'm currently in the planning stage of my nano reef, a Red Sea Max Nano. It's a 20G, 75L, AIO tank. I've been trying to decide on my powerhead, looking for something that is reliable, as well as good quality and ease of use. I love the idea of the MP10, no wires in the tank is a...
  4. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Powerheads LED Miscellaneous Waterbox 25 breakdown

    Waterbox 25 peninsula w/ heater $150 Nero 3 $120 Kessil A360WE $250 Kessil spectral controller $50 Kessil gooseneck mount $20 Filter floss cup $5 Krakenreef screen top $80 Livestock - 6 rainbow bubble tip $40 each 2 Percula clowns $10 each 1 Micronesian wall hammer $25 1 six line wrasse $20...
  5. Ej Chavex

    Texas WTB Nero 5 or RPM & DC Return Pump

    Looking for a pair of Nero 5 wave makers would be my first choice. But I'm also interested in Reef Breeders RPM wave maker. I'm also looking for a DC return pump prefer something over 1000gph let see what you got..
  6. Reef Breeders Black Friday Sale! Details Inside

    Hey Everyone, As always we're bringing some awesome deals to the table for Black Friday. All of our pumps and accessories have been discounted across the board an average of 20%, no coupon code required! Click HERE to Order Now! In addition to our insanely good prices, you can apply one of...
  7. AquaNerd

    Meet the new Aqua Illumination Nero wave maker Click the link about to learn more and see the short video clips.
  8. AquariumSpecialty

    Pre-Order the AI Nero Wavmaker at Aquarium Specialty