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  1. kramerjusc

    Sicce sdc 7.0 and vortecs

    Hi just started my first tank (75 gallon) and waiting for it to warm up to start the cycle. I got the sicce sdc 7.0 pump just running it off the app at 39%. It comes with all these modes and I was wondering do I use a mode for a return pump? Figured just want it steady returning water. also I...
  2. Djkelley35

    Diatoms and light

    Hello! I am pretty new to the reefing hobby and have a question as to how to deal with my current diatom bloom. the tank is 20 gallons and is roughly four months old, has 2 clowns, 3 blue green chromis, a cleaner shrimp, one new zoa frag, Pom Pom Xenia frag, and a long tentacle anemone (bad...
  3. vieiras

    Build Thread Waterbox Reef 130.4

    2 months and here we are. Tank is set up and working on getting it ready for coral. It has been a long process with ups and downs for sure. This is a first tank, but we thought it best to go bigger of the bat. Our Waterbox Reef Tank includes a 100 gallon display with a thirty gallon sump. We...
  4. j.register3

    Pectinia Frag

    Hello everyone, I’m new to owning Pectinia. Interested in the way this one is growing, which is why I bought it. Curious if anyone experienced with fragging these guys or growing them, knows if this one may morph together into one organism or if it could/should be fragged into 2? Thanks in advance!
  5. Herides

    New First Ever Tank Version 2 of Aquascape. Need thoughts.

    Hey it's me again, After posting my last aquascape here for my first tank attempt and taking in all of your wonderful advice and my own thoughts, I decided I really hated the rocks I had in my tank, so I switched them out and made this. Any opinions and advice appreciated, just some forewords...
  6. D

    New Reefer Guide- Mixed Reef Parameters!

    As a new reefer research and writing personal guides is the best way for me to learn. I've created a list after extensive research for the best parameters and wanted to share it with more newbies. I wrote it so it comes up easier on the search results! This is not meant to be a technical guide...
  7. Herides

    New/first ever reef tank, hows my aquascape?

    It's a 40 gallon breeder and i'm just looking for opinions on how I did with my aquascape. Your Thoughts?
  8. ReefZenpi

    Hello Hello everybody

    I’m Mike, New to the R2R community and the hobby. Absolute love every aspect of it, even the tedious water testing some dread lol. Reading through the many helpful forums here made my decision easier as to whether or not I would get into this hobby. Also a few people I follow on YouTube also...
  9. AddyBoy

    Is this Ich?!?!

    I really can’t tell if this is ich or not does anyone know?! It looks like the spots on my dartfish are a little too big to be ich, I couldn’t get a good picture but he has another pot on his other side that’s twice as big. if anyone knows what this is plz let me know ASAP! (All other fish in...
  10. Hadders95

    What are these?

    Hey I was cleaning my tank and removing hair angle when I noticed a small tail coming from under one of my mushrooms and then saw a few more on the side of the rock, I also noticed there was a lot of these creatures in my sump and in the bottom of my skimmer, can anyone tell me what they are...
  11. N11morales

    Blenny that will get along with Royal Gramma

    Hello it’s been about 3 weeks since I put my royal gramma into my tank. I have: 2 clownfish 1 Royal gramma 1 goby/pistol shrimp pair I wanted to add one more fish to my tank. I had been thinking about adding a flasher wrasse or six-line, but the more I look into it I don’t think I should get...
  12. N11morales

    Adding Tuxedo Urchin?

    Hello, I have really wanted to add a tuxedo urchin to my 32G biocube. I’m not sure if I can add one yet though. My tank has only been completely cycled for about 2 months now. I don’t have much algae due to the cuc I already have: 3 turbo snails, 5 nassarius, and 2 astrea snails. I had read I...
  13. TheBurntNjal

    Hello New Reefer - RSR 170 Set Up

    Hi All, I've been a lurker on R2R for a long time and finally built up the courage (and funds) to pull the trigger on a Red Sea Reefer 170. I have had freshwater planted tanks my entire life, but this is my first attempt at a reef aquarium. I am aiming for mixed reef at first, but ultimately...
  14. YurgiReef

    Build Thread YurgiReef - FINALLY - My FIRST "Real" Reef Tank!

    Hello and thank you for checking out my build thread: YurgiReef - FINALLY - MY FIRST "Real" Reef Tank Current TANK status: Aquascaping being completed, finalizing return plumbing (UV Sterilizer), RO/DI installation I have always had a passion for the sea and the fascinating life that lives...
  15. badluckman

    Hello Hello! Back in the hobby after too long

    Hello salties! I'm Jon from Sweden and I'll be restarting in the hobby after 12 years of waiting for a chance. Still single so I even got to choose size myself! I've had lots of freshwater systems before, but only 1 saltwater tank which was fish only except the hitchiking corals on the...
  16. DvgyCpT

    Hello Swapping Addictions - New Reefer from Cape Town, South Africa

    Hi, Just wanted to say hello & intro myself on the forum. I'm from sunny mother city of Cape Town in South Africa. Its a coastal city with access to plenty of beaches. This is my first attempt at any aquarium. For the longest time iv been into cars (on a OCD + ADHD level) & been slowly getting...
  17. Bennutri

    Will i survive?

    I put my toddler hippo tank amd 8 gallons of cycled water, live rock, and live sand in my new 16 gallon will it survive the next weeks w thse cinditions? Or should i wait on water change ?
  18. Reefer37

    Rock Anemone Closed Up

    Hey everyone! So I'm new to the hobby and this is my first rock flower and first anemone so forgive me for not knowing, still trying to learn. Let me give a little backstory on this crazy introduction to my tank: So I got the rock flower and did what most all people say on acclimating...
  19. Reefer37

    Web-like Algae

    Hey everyone! I've been reefing for only 3 months now, so still learning a ton, and I'll tell ya, I can't wait until I can sit down and actually enjoy my tank instead of obsessing over learning and trying to figure every single detail when things change. That's a side note though. :p So I've...
  20. KaliReeFiend

    New Member

    Hey fellow reefers my name is Aaron Emery I am a new hobbiest and just wanted to introduce myself. My LFS gave me a 7G glow tank a year ago to get my feet wet in the fish keeping hobby. Needless to say 3 weeks after the tank was cycled I was hooked and already had a 75G on order to setup a...
  21. Taxus812

    Build Thread Terrys Red Sea Max E170 Build thread

    Here we go. I started my tank build before getting to R2R but I did make a log of what was going on so I can do a bunch of catch up posts until I get current. Some of this is in my introduction so I am sorry about the repeat information Background of what I want and how im going about building...
  22. 20180527_095949_mh1527440976094


    My first nano tank. The new jbj 24 deluxe(modifie). got several problems after it got delivered. it's been a week. For a new reef hobbyist, it's like riding a emotional rollercoaster,lol. I figured r2r is a great platform for me to learn, document my journey, and share experiences.
  23. Struggler

    Help with Pellet Feeding

    So I am new to the saltwater tanks and have just started my tank with three blue/green chromis and two Ocellaris clownfish. I have had the chromis for about a month and the clown fish for about a week and a half. I have been feeding my chromis brine shrimp from day one, same food my lfs fed...
  24. Struggler

    Help Picking A Tang!

    Hello guys I'm new to the hobby and still currently choosing my stocking on a 90 gallon tank I have. Currently I have 2 blue/green chromis. I am going to be adding two Ocellaris clownfish this friday and would like to add a reef safe wrasse, a Foxface Rabbit fish and then a Tang best friend for...
  25. Struggler

    SCA-302 Microbubble Issue

    So I am brand new to the hobby and have just set up a 90 gallon tank with no live stock yet. Currently my SCA 302 is going wild with microbubbles out of the adjustment pipe on lower settings and crazy overflow from the collection cup on higher settings. At first I thought that it was from the...