1. Guzman333

    Questions for after I cycle my tank.

    Ok, so I am getting ready to finish my cycle in a fluval 13.5, and have a few questions. I just put some snails in and a tiger conch and they seem to be doing just fine; however my nitrites are not quite 0, but not .25 either. 1st: is it safe to put corals in with trace nitrites? 2nd: what...
  2. JSkeleton

    Need Cycling Help/Clarification (Will Post Updates In This Thread)

    I apologize for all the cycling questions and threads, I will just update this one from here on out and lay out the entire information below. As of today though (September 3) I've had 0 Ammonia for a few days and stuck at around 5.0 Nitrites for like a week and unsure what to do as it seems I...
  3. S

    First Saltwater Tank: Nitrites came back after adding cleaning crew

    Hi Everyone! First time poster here. I purchased a WaterBox 20 gallon cube about 5-6 weeks ago and have been loving it. This is my first saltwater tank after keeping freshwater tanks for over 10 years. I am loving the process. I have a situation that I would like some advice on. I just finished...
  4. B

    Decreasing Ammonia but no nitrites

    Good evening everyone. I’m cycling a Fluval Evo 13.5. I started on 6/28. The tank is stocked with 1 large piece of live rock, and two large pieces of dry rock. I have a Kenya tree and some macro algae that was included with my live rock. I have 2 Red legged Hermits. I started building up...
  5. certain_code

    High Nitrites and Nitrates 3 months into new tank

    Here is a quick rundown of my situation. I am 3 months into a new tank cycle but still reading 4+ ppm Nitrites and off-the-chart Nitrates as well. My research here has led me to a few similar discussions but I want to make sure my specific situation is similar and that I am approaching things...
  6. Piscean_Introvert

    Nitrites Rising

    Hi all, So I recently completed the cycling of my first tank and added a couple clownfish and a couple of snails, however it appears my nitrites are climbing back up slowly, any suggestions as to the cause? Other than water changes, is there anything I can do?
  7. Aquatic0627

    Mini cycle after adding 4 new fish

    My tank has been running for several months now. A few days ago I added 4 new small clownfish, now I'm going through a mini cycle. So my question about this is, will dosing Seachem Prime daily protect my anemones and corals from the nitrites until the cycle catches up?
  8. Z

    Cycling thoughts

    So it’s been a week since I started cycling my tank with Dr. Tim’s and the nitrite levels have been off the charts since the second day (meaning that the levels were unreadable on the chart since they were so high) two days ago I raised the ammonia to 1 ppm just to feed the bacteria and left it...
  9. Z

    Nitrites high after one day of Dr. Tim’s One and Only

    Hello, I started my first saltwater aquarium tank (29g) yesterday and added Dr. Tim’s One And Only. Before that my ammonia was at .25 ppm and nitrites were at zero. I used dr Tim’s ammonia and raised the ammonia to 2 ppm. 24 hours later, the ammonia read 1 ppm and nitrites read I believe 3 ppm...
  10. LatinKing

    Clownfish Grow-out tanks - Nitrite levels are high!!!

    Breeding - Raising juvenile clownfish have some challenges especially when there's 30 to 70 in one grow-out tank, that is not drilled. Feeding numerous times a day, and fish waste can raise the level of nitrites. So I find myself doing daily water changes, or dripping just RO water to lowered...
  11. 1

    Rise in Nitrite

    For some reason my Nitrite rose up a bit from 0, not sure why but would the remedy be adding live bacteria? Tank is about 7months old
  12. 40B Knasty

    Added 15lbs of live rock. Tiny trace of nitrites. I will fill the rest in with the thread

    40B. Had 27lbs of LR and 15lbs recurring. Ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites all 0 in a 20g for the past 2 weeks already cycled. Put the 15lbs in my 40B 12hrs ago. Tested just now. ammonia 0 nitrates 0 nitrites 0.10(a little darker blue than that baby blue color you get from API test kit) Setting...
  13. Sarah007

    SHRIMPOCALYPSE! Help Water Testing. Mean Clownfish.

    Hello Reefers, So within a couple days I've had all my shrimp (4 year old pistol shrimp, 2 peppermint shrimp) die. I've also had 9 out of 10 hermit crabs die off. The shrimp and the crabs seem to turn over on their backs and then slowly kick around and die over the course of a couple days...
  14. Adam113

    New to the hobby

    Hey everyone, I am brand new to the world of saltwater aquariums, and have a few questions starting out. We got my dad a 29 gallon BioCube for Christmas a few years back. He absolutely loved it, and had it up and running for 2 years. He was diagnosed with cancer about a year and a half ago...