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  1. MadeForThat

    AIO Build Overflow to add sump to innovative marine nuvo fusion tank!

    Hi Guys, new to R2R, but a long time lurker. I have been using this overflow for about 2 years now with no trouble, so I figured it was time to show it off! It will overflow about 2-300gph to my sump, and will automatically start and stop when the water level rises above the baffle just before...
  2. Wen

    Florida Aquariums Used 8gal IM tank

    *8 gal, as is, used as Qt condition* Glass lid, clips, stand and tank included. No pump. $25 pick up only Please, please don’t ask me to ship it.
  3. Matteo

    Skimmers Filters Misc. Filtration FS Nuvo Midsize Protein Skimmer w/Box like new

    Simply been using on an off schedule lately and decided I just don't need it or wanna clean and tune it anymore. Ran on my 40nuvo for about a year. Like new besides the clip being used to hold the pump body broke so I replaced it with some wire to hold steady. Doesn't affect performance or...
  4. Brisc0

    Build Thread New NUVO 100-EXT

    Not actually "new". Setup on May 25th but its progressing nicely. I started getting signs of Coraline on the glass and plastic about a week and a half ago so I got a few Monti's and a Frogspawn to test things out. Taking everything as slow as possible. This isn't my first reef but its the first...
  5. Zoaologist

    Nevada NuvoSkim DC Protein Skimmer Midsize

    Only used for one month, perfect condition, runs perfect. Ended up breaking down the nuvo 30L no longer need this skimmer. Asking $110 shipped
  6. KristianS

    Nano Build IM Nuvo Fusion 20 Office Build

    Just got the OK to put a reef tank in my office. I have done a 3.7 pico before, but it crashed after a year while I was out of state taking care of my mom in hospice for 6 weeks. This one I wanted to be in my office where I will see it everyday. I will be posting updates and am open to...
  7. A

    Ai Prime 16 hd settings in a nano reef

    Hi all, I have a newly set up I'm nuvo fusion 20g peninsula with two clowns in it. I have 2 ai prime 16 hds coming in and I was wondering about the light settings for them. I plan to mount them 8 inches above the tank and copy the settings that BRS used in their investigates video. My question...
  8. Angelo Fatica

    AIO Build 20-30 Gallon AIO Upgrade Suggestions

    Hello all, I have a Nuvo Fusion 20 that has started to get air in the silicone seals in various spots around the tank. The tank itself is about 4 years old and has seen many different tank scapes and environment types. I was looking at switching it out with another tank, but I am unsure if I...
  9. AQUAM

    New York Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 Gallon Complete Setup ($99)

    Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 Gallon Complete Setup Including: 1. Nuvo 10 Tank with original pump and mesh lid 2. InTank(R) Fuge Basket 3. Innovative Marine SpinStream Nozzle 4. Two brand new filter socks Everything is in perfect condition. Used as backup tank for 3 month. Back film is partly...
  10. Saltyfox

    advice needed on nuvo sump refugium

    I need some ideas/advice on the best place to put a refugium in my nuvo lagoon 25’s sump section. If you have done it or know how you’re going to do it let me see/know please!!
  11. Stang67

    IM Nuvo upgrade?

    Hello everyone. I am planning to upgrade my 29g to a larger system in the next 6 months. I started small to make sure that I had time enough to devote to the hobby and to make sure I enjoyed it. I am looking at either the IM Nuvo Int or Ext series (50 or 75). I see one has an external overflow...
  12. InspectorGadget

    Reefing changed for me when I stopped chasing the magical Unicorn

    Hey Everyone! I haven’t posted in a very long time and I want to list my current situation to maybe help someone with similar issues. As you can see from the title, I was chasing the magical unicorn for the past two years. What is the Unicorn of reefing? To me it’s the highly publicized ULNS and...
  13. Trueno22

    Florida Nuvo 30L Gallon

    Recently broke it down since I upgraded to the Nuvo 60. Comes with the media baskets, a few socks, 2 iNtank waterline adjusters, custom mesh lid and the stock lid as well, an upgraded return pump that's silent and twice as powerful as the stock, a PLS Elite 150 Skimmer or a Aquamaxx Hob 1.0...
  14. C

    Build Thread IM Nuvo 40 New Build Thread !

    Hi All, After hanging out here for a few months, gathering info and data, and asking questions, I've finally decided to start a build thread! This is my 2nd salt water aquarium after a 6 year break. Currently i'm almost done collecting equipment, but I do have all the essentials and will be...
  15. C

    New Tank Leak Detection

    Hi All, I've read through leak check advice on reef2reef. Many folks seem to have many different opinions (hey what else is new ?) Some say you should leak test every time you move the tank. Some say leak testing not necessary. Some say leak testing is absolutely necessary. Some say only needed...
  16. grassy_noel

    Illinois Getting Out of Hobby - IM Nuvo Fusion 20 and much more

    Hello all, I'm getting out of the hobby. This weekend I gave away all of my livestock and am now in the process of selling everything else. Here's what remains: For local pickup Only: Tank and Stand (all together) $200, includes: Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 20 Gallon AIO Aquarium Stock...
  17. grassy_noel

    Illinois Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 20 Complete Syste

    With the arrival of a new baby in the fall, I won't have the time I need to dedicate to my reef tank any more. So, I'm planning to step away from the hobby for a few years and would like my tank to go to a good home. I know everyone will ask about parting things out, but at least initially I...
  18. Brian Goldstein

    California Fusion APS stand for SALE (cheap)

    Hey everyone- Selling this Innovative Marine APS stand. (fits the 25 lagoon and 40 cube) or tanks with Dimensions: 24” x 20” x 12” In perfect condition. Still has shipping plastic attached. This stand is built with anodized aluminium, so no warping, swelling, rusting... and lightweight...
  19. lbacha

    Build Thread Lbacha’s 25g Lagoon & 8g Peninsula zoa & SPS garden

    Well I just got a new tank and I’m going to plumb it into my current 8g nano tank build (this is my wife’s tank) I started this thread to focus on this tank and how it will be built out. Some specs Tank: 25g IM nuvo Black Overflow: eclipse M Return: drilled 3/4” lock line (single right now but...
  20. MarineDepot

    Innovative Marine: Buy Now, Pay Later

    Innovative Marine: Buy Now, Pay Later Pay over 3, 6, or 12 months with rates from 0% APR!
  21. Daniel92481

    Texas Lagoon 25

    I am considering selling my tank so I can upgrade to a larger one. I would be selling the tank, custom solid wood stand, Kessil a160 with Kessil rigid mount, Kessil Spectral controller, IM custom caddy, IN Tank marine fuge basket, Jebao wavemaker, IM chaetomax fuge light, IN tank marine floss...
  22. MarineDepot

    Will it Fit? Episode #6 - Fusion 10, Peninsula 14, & Peninsula 20 Aquariums

    Will it Fit? Episode #6 - Fusion 10, Peninsula 14 & 20 Today we'll show you which items fit—and which do not—into the back chambers of Innovative Marine’s most popular tank, the NUVO Fusion Nano 10, along with the Peninsula 14, and Peninsula 20 gallon aquariums.
  23. MarineDepot

    VIDEO: Will it Fit? SR-60 and SR-80 Aquariums

    VIDEO: Will it Fit? SR-60 and SR-80 Aquariums Today we'll show you which items fit—and which do not—into the back chambers of Innovative Marine's two largest aquarium models, the SR-60 and SR-80.
  24. D

    Nano Build Nuvo 20 build

    Hey Reef2Reef I am starting my first ever reef tank. I’m going to start from the beginning. So basically a bit after Christmas I went to the lfs and was looking for a reef tank to buy. I was originally looking at the nuvo 40 because of its size but then I saw the 20. It had the 2 skkye led’s...
  25. Cody Grkman

    Nano Build NUVO 10 Build

    Hello everyone! My name is Cody and I am new to Reef2Reef. I have been in the hobby for about 8 months now and currently have a 75 gallon mixed reef. I am excited to start this new build of a 10 gallon Nuvo Fusion Nano 10. I would love to hear tips and suggestions from the community. I would...