ocellaris clownfish

  1. Unnatural

    Hello It's me!

    Hi! My name is Rosie, I'm a paramedic student. I have a golden retriever named peanut. I've had freshwater tanks/fish in the past, but ever since I lived in Okinawa, Japan I've wanted a saltwater tank. Until now it has been out of my price range. I just started a 'nano' reef tank. It currently...
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  3. I


    Sorry this is kind of a long question.. I’m new to saltwater tanks so bare with me. I have a 30 gallon tank and right now I have a perc clown and an ocellaris. The perc was in the tank first and I added the ocellaris about 3 weeks after. This was about 2 months ago. The perc is quite a bit...
  4. H

    2 clownfish pairs in 8 foot tank?

    The tank is 96” by 30” by 24”, 300 gallons. Will they have enough room to establish separate territories?
  5. Mike N

    Ocellaris Equivelant to Maine Blizzard Percula?

    I have successfully bred a wyoming white with a gladiator and some of the resulting fry resemble Maine Blizzard clowns. All the fins are pigmented orange and the only difference is that the dorsal fin of my clowns is also orange. (Blizzards have black on dorsal fin) Is there an ocellaris strain...
  6. Khoi_La

    Indiana WTB [WTB] breeding pair of regular ocellaris clownfish

    hi guys, my pair of clownfish recently passed due to old age (a solid 6 years). And i want to look for another breeding pair of ocellaris clowns preferably female about 3 inches or bigger to replace the clowns i had. I could add 2 small clownfish in, but i have a very mean gold bar wrasse that i...
  7. MistahKrabs55

    Is a Biocube worth it?

    Is a 32 gal. Biocube worth it for my soon-to-be ocellaris clown pair? Also, please vote in my poll!
  8. BrieFoster

    Ocellaris clownfish mouth open, not eating

    I need some help/advice. I have a pair of Ocellaris clowns together, only fish in their tank which they have been in for almost 2 years together, nothing new has been added, no anemone, no change in foods, water parameters are well within the norm. My female is not doing great, her mouth seems...
  9. ReeferWarrant

    Build Thread A Warrant's 32g BioCube Build

    A little bit about myself, I've always been interested in marine life and never had the courage to try out a reef tank. My mother was a biology teacher and as a kid I was glued to anything the BBC produced that was related to the ocean. I spent my high school years working at a pet store in...
  10. OEiiPhil

    Hello Newbie here

    Hello Everyone, I’ma little bit over 6 months into this wonderful Journey. I have taken things slowly and being patient which isn’t my strong suit lol. Just have a 29g standard tank with two beautiful clownfish. A small Maroon clown and slightly bigger ocellaris clown. I know I know, there...
  11. Eve

    What fish should I get ?

    Hi guys, I used to have a 29g tank and I decided to upgrade to something a little bigger, so I got a 55g. Now that I have a little more space, I would like to add some extra fishies ☺️. At the moment I have the following: A saddleback clownfish, an ocellaris, a yellow watchman goby paired with a...
  12. Betta_baby

    Introducing same-size ocellaris clowns

    Hi, I’ve had a crazy butt ocellaris for about three or four months now. She was in a QT tank for half her life (about a year) and developed some intense aggression. I bought her from her last owner for $30 at about 2 years old. She attacks me regularly as well as other fish and even new rocks...
  13. Betta_baby

    Clownfish breeders: is the longfin trait recessive or dominant?

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon species tank for ocellaris clownfish. Currently I am looking into getting a longfin mocha, I just love the way they look. My other clown is a 2 year old mocha female. In the future I would love to breed them. Is the gene that causes long fins dominant or recessive? What...
  14. Betta_baby

    Psychotic clownfish: adding tankmates?

    So I have an absolutely crazy clownfish, who bites/slaps/headbutts literally anything that comes into her tank, whether it be me, new corals, rocks, equipment, and especially fish. Needless to say this is currently a one-fish tank. Really want to add another clownfish and definitely clean up...
  15. Betta_baby

    Psychotic ocellaris clownfish??

    I have had a year and a half old ocellaris clownfish for about three months now. She was given up at my LFS by an employee for being really aggressive. She was originally in a completely empty QT tank where she was supposed to help other fish become more confident, but when I got her I put her...