1. walloutlet

    Final Broke into SPS - Gurus Opinions Needed (2 too be exact)

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, I've finally broke into SPS this weekend since my tank has been steadily producing coralline algae I figured it was time to try. I went to my LFS and snooped around finally returning back with one and here is where everyone can flame me. I've...
  2. W

    First saltwater reef tank

    This is my first saltwater reef tank that I’ve ever done I would like some opinions on it or some suggestions and tips
  3. estevenson78


    Thought I'd post an update on my boicube progress! Basically, I just got back into saltwater tanks a few weeks ago! As the first pic should show I basically got 3 tanks for the price of 1/2 of a new biocube. They needed some new lighting for sure! The 3rd smaller tank didn't have a pump and a...