1. J

    California Female ORA gold nugget maroon clownfish

    In an experiment to form a bonded pair of ORA designer clowns I’m left with the golden nugget as the rejected potential female; she’s aggressive towards other clowns but is the most submissive compared to my other two. S/he got to go and her fins are healed up from the battle so the little...
  2. cwb_reeftank

    ORA Pearlberry

    Just wondering if its good price. Would $40 at a frag swap be a good price for a piece of ORA Pearlberry?
  3. Tony Thompson

    Availability of Captive Bred Marine Fish and Cultured Corals in the UK.

    Some time ago I made the decision to try and source all my livestock from Captive Bred Fish Stock and Cultured Corals. My choice in no way condemns or condones any other sustainable and ethical choices. It is simply my own choice. Due to my experiences and sometimes, seemingly uphill struggle...
  4. zachxlutz

    ORA Variegated Urchin Closeup Video - Zach's 120 Gallon Reef Resurgence

    I was poking around last night and got this video of one of my ORA Variegated Urchins out and about. I love watching the guys scour the rock work looking for tasty algae to eat. They don't do squat against dinos but they seem to be doing well since I added them a month ago on 09/02/2017...
  5. I'm a natural blue

    How did your Texas/Florida aquaculture/breeder facility fare in the recent hurricanes?

    I found this 4 pt article about how U.S. aquaculture/breeding facilities fared after the storms and their current status. Thought I would share. https://www.reef2rainforest.com/2017/09/15/after-the-storms-the-aquarium-trade-checks-in-part-14/
  6. AquaNerd

    2 New ORA SPS Releases

    http://aquanerd.com/2017/08/ora-releases-two-new-corals-stellar-stylo-ora-yellow-tip-stag.html Meet The Stellar Stylo and ORA Yellow tipped stag. Learn more about these new releases by clicking the above blog link.
  7. aKlevans

    Which ORA Clownfish should I get?

    Hey everybody, I'm trying to decide on which kind of clownfish I should get. Definitely a ocellaris or peruca, but what color variation? I'm looking for something that isn't just the basic ocellaris, but also one that isn't too over the top/expensive. I like the coloration of the Blood Orange...