1. Mike T IL

    Par readings

    215 gallon tank. 72x24 1/2x 29 1/2 Aquatic life T5HO. Four 80W bulbs. (2 ATI Blue and 2 ATI Purple Plus. With 3 Kessil A360x’s 8” above water Are these Par readings ok?
  2. J

    Very Surprised by My Low Par (Kessil AP700’s)

    Hello all, Been reefing for 7 years now. The first 5 went really good had a 72 bow front with 4 ATI bulbs and grew corals well and easily. Monti caps, birds nest, stylo, and hydnophora were my higher light corals and then I had things like torches, zoas, war coral, green star polyps which all...
  3. AustinC63

    Ai Hydra 32 Par Readings

    So i rented a par meter the other day and wanted to share my findings for someone that may not want to rent one or have the ability to rent one. I am using the Ai Hydra 32 on a 40 gallon breeder tank with the HMS Single Light Mount Kit by Aqua Illumination mounted at max height. All readings...
  4. Pillahump

    Radion XR15 G5 Pro settings/par ?

    Hi, first post here. I have two Radion XR15 pros in my 36L x 24W x 20H with 4-5 inches of sand below. My lights are mounted on the Radion arms that I bought for the leds about 7 or 8 inches off the water. I am looking to house a haddoni carpet anemone in this tank as my "center piece" if...
  5. Reefer37

    Easy High Light Corals

    Noticing the top 1/3 of my tank kinda bare and could use some suggestions on easy corals that I can put high that aren't just zoas or some invasive type coral. Got a leather and toadstool already higher up. Any recommendations?
  6. C

    Illinois Aquariums Lighting Testing LED Selling Apogee MQ-510 Par Meter

    I am working my way out of the hobby and am selling my par meter. I have used this only a few times. I bought this from Bulk Reef Supply and the current price from BRS is $538.00. I am selling mine for $425.00 with shipping included. I am including a printed manual for it. My paypal is...
  7. Lylelovett

    I need to add more lights... help needed.

    Hi all, My tank is 2 years old - I feel like I'm now moving out of the "novice" phase and am looking to push harder into LPS and then SPS. (As you can see I can grow softies like crazy lol!) Lighting is what I'm focusing on now. I'm looking to get my PAR levels up to ~200 mid-tank; ~100 at...
  8. poidog

    Real life Radion G5 Blue PAR results w/diffuser

    So I thought I'd share my PAR measurements of my Radion G5 XR30 Blue. They are very different from the BRS testing, my 3" depth testing looks more like BRS's 6" depth testing. Not as PAR intense impressive as BRS tested. Once you drop below 4-5" the PAR drops substantially, however it holds...
  9. dtruitt

    Just did PAR meter tests and found that lights are set way too low

    Finally got to borrow a par meter to check some numbers. Turns out, everything is getting 1/2 to 2/3 as much par as it needs. This would explain slow growth and a number of issues with poor coloration and STN from base of some SPS. Should I increase 5% (smallest possible increment with...
  10. Coralqueendom

    PAR meter levels ???

    Just got my hands on a PAR meter and I’m wondering what people in here keep their par at towards the top middle and bottom of their tanks. Never used one before looking for any advice
  11. Z

    Kessil A360X Tuna Blue Lighting ☀️

    Hi everyone ☀️ I am installing a Kessil A360X onto a tank that is only 12” deep, 4ft long. Approximately where should the intensity be set (1%-100%)for LPS, if the light is sitting 8” above the water line? The spread is phenomenal and does a good job of lighting the entire tank. I can...
  12. AquariumSpecialty

    Apogee PAR Meter Sale

    For a limited time (sale ends Monday) we are offering 8% off on all PAR meters including the new PQ-510 with full-spectrum Quantum sensor, 2 meter cable and microCache Bluetooth micro-logger. The extended 2 meter cable of the SS2 model allows the microCache to be positioned further from the...
  13. NewYorkReefer1988

    Adding light after the fact.

    Hey all, I currently run 2 hydra 26’s (with diffusers) using the BRS modified AB+ spectrum (about 54 watts of power) on a 4 bulb aquatic life T5 hybrid fixture with 2 ATI blue plus bulbs and 2 actinic bulbs mounted about 10 inches high on my 4ft 120 gallon sps dominated tank. I am about to get...
  14. nickkohrn

    Which Apogee Instruments PAR Meter?

    I currently have a Seneye that I use solely for measuring PAR, but I am looking to purchase an Apogee Instruments meter to replace the Seneye because I no longer want to connect a meter to my computer. So, I am trying to decide between the MQ-210 and the MQ-510. I use only T5s, so I don't need...
  15. I

    PAR Readings

    I rented a par meter from BRS, here our my results. Is this appropriate par for a mixed reef? I have two red sea 90 LEDs running at 60% Blue and 66% White. I wanted softies and LPS towards the bottom and easy SPS at the top. I know the bottoms a bit high for low light coral and the top is...
  16. A

    Par readers

    Hello everyone! I work for a public aquarium and we are near the completion on a tropical butterfly house. Seeing as we will have tropical plants and being aquarium with coral systems, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a par reader that will work out and in water? Does the...
  17. GregDaKeg

    My new reef light is under PAR!

    Found on reddit. I would hate to be his neighbor!
  18. Beats001

    Orphek atlantic v2.1 b Any users? Recommended intensity etc

    Hi all, I purchased a 2nd hand Orphek Atlantic v2.1 b fixture, I am experimenting a bit with the intensity of the 4 channels. When I Google for information on what other people are running at, I have found little information, so trying to get a thread going here specifically for this light. I...
  19. P

    So lets talk LFS lights and their frag tanks...

    I have a few LFS in my area where I buy coral, mostly monti's, millepora, acropora etc. All in general look pretty good as far as color, growth, encrusting and polyp extension. Some shops have had the same corals for months too and they always look good. I am recently trying to dial in...
  20. Peter K

    Apogee SQ-420 vs SQ-520 for LED's

    Hi all, So I'm really wanting to get a PAR meter and was looking at the apogee usb ones, but I run only LED's so I was wondering if the extra $100+ for the SQ-520 is worth it over the SQ-420. I have seen reviews where they say the margin of error isn't that much different or there is a...
  21. blstravler

    New to LEDs - PAR question on Hydra 52

    So I’m getting back into the hobby after a 12 year break. In the past I did all 400w MH so LED’s are new to me. I currently have 2 Hydra 52’s over a 425xl in trying to understand the light output better I rented a PAR meter (MQ 500) from my LFS and I was kinda surprised at the readings so I’m...
  22. Mike N

    Mars Aqua 165w PAR Numbers

    I had my reef club's par meter (Apogee MQ500) last week and captured PAR numbers for the Mars Aqua 165w hanging over my frag tank. All measurements taken at 5" below water line.
  23. Joe Batt

    PAR lighting readings with AI 52HD and 4xT5

    Mixed reef Waterbox 230 just taken initial PAR readings. 5 hours peak lighting readings, looking for comments or suggestions.
  24. MarineDepot

    What Is The Right PAR For Vibrant Coral Coloration and Growth?

    What Is The Right PAR For Vibrant Coral Coloration and Growth? NEW VIDEO! Reef Aquarium Lighting Guide
  25. Jimmyneptune

    Appogee MQ-510 readings off

    I rented an apogee 510 from a local fish store and have been using it in my display and I feel like the readings are off. My light is a single Radion gen 2 pro over a 93 gallon cube. I have had the set up for several years. I am battling high nitrate but I am lowering. My nitrate was 100 and...
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