1. D

    PAR daily strength

    Curious if a coral is supposed to get their recommended amount of light (ex zoas at 150) for a certain period of the day or the full day? for example, having my corals gradually reach their peak (ex 150) then taper down as the day progresses or have the corals at 150 for the day with a ramp...
  2. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Nicrew 32W led light settings?

    Currently I have 2 of these 32W Nicrew marine led lights on a 125. Trying to encourage the growth of coralline that came on one of my snails. If anyone could tell me a good setting for blue and white lights I would appreciate it. Currently have it set to 40 Blue 50 White. But had it set to 85...
  3. OcellarisClown

    California WTB Looking to Rent PAR meter for a day!

    Hello there SoCal Reefers! (: I’m getting new lights in and I wanted to rent a PAR meter from a fellow reefer in SoCal for a day. Let me know if anyone has one available. Thanks! #happyreefing
  4. cheykaser

    PAR? The importance and understanding it?

    I recently saw a post on PAR and how important it can be "IF" you understand I've been doing a little (very little) search on the subject and that is a Pandoras box ! I currently have a 25 nano and a 55g (currently cycling) both are running radions...I would like to know a...
  5. cpachris

    PSA: Kessil Narrow Reflector and Par

    Some of my corals have been struggling and I finally decided to get one of the Apogee 510 PAR meters from BRS and see if lighting might be my issue. I have two Kessil A360X's on a fairly small tank so I've always assumed that I probably had plenty of PAR. Turns out, I had way too much, and...
  6. bdare

    How fast do you increase PAR?

    Hello all, I finally got around to renting a BRS par meter. I have several SPS in my tank and I wanted to be double sure about the amount of light I was giving my corals. I'm currently running 4 Kessil 360x and 2 80W T5's over a 72" 220. At the peak of the lighting schedule, the Kessils are...
  7. ajtomase

    Vivid Aquariums vs Tidal Gardens par level suggestions

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to plan my first LPS dominant system and I've been doing researching on corals, especially when it comes to par measurements. I saw the these two company give par recommendations for all their corals, but they couldn't be any more different. Has anyone used either of...
  8. ajtomase

    Par measurement suggestions (Vivid Aquariums vs. Tidal Gardens)

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to plan my first LPS dominant system and I've been doing researching on corals, especially when it comes to par measurements. I saw the these two company give par recommendations for all their corals, but they couldn't be any more different. Has anyone used either of...
  9. J

    Question about PAR and general lighting

    Hello! I have a 4 ft, Innovative Marine EXT 100 tank, and lighting consists of 2 AI 32 HDs on the rail. They are 11 inches off the surface of the water. My goal is LPS/Softies only, and then I have a few BTA's. Over the last couple of weeks, I have had a few LPS losses. I'm wondering if my...
  10. Schraufabagel

    Squamosa Clam Input

    I like the look of clams and I am exploring if it would be feasible to have in my new reef tank. I wouldn’t get one for the tank for a long time (6+ months), but I want to know if I should leave space for it if I can support it. I have a Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25 and an AI Prime 16. Per ORA’s...
  11. I

    Pennsylvania SOLD Seneye Par Probe Sws $95

    $95... only used once to get my initial par readings worked great.
  12. OdetteDelacroix

    California Lighting Testing Apogee Mq-510 Par Meter with AM-320 Saltwater wand *like New* w/ HARD case..

    Howdy Folks, I'm going to be parting ways with my Apogee Mq-510 Par Meter. This is a fantastic and incredibly useful device for anyone interested in growing coral and monitoring their light settings. The MQ-510 comes with the AM-320 Saltwater wand which allows you to place the probe underwater...
  13. W

    Seneye Web Server PAR Reef Monitor

    Seneye Web Server and Seneye Reef Monitor. These were being used on a tank I purchased as a package; however, I do not need this. I know nothing about the Seneye, but I've read a lot of good things. I've never used it or tested it, but I assume it works since it was connected to the tank...
  14. MartinM

    What PAR are your maximas under?

    The last time I had a maxima, PAR meters hadn’t been invented. It was 15cm+, grew like crazy, and was maybe 15cm beneath a 150w, 10k halide bulb. I’m back in the hobby now and have two large (20cm+) maximas (one blue, one pink) currently on the sand at about 225-250 PAR as measured by my...
  15. Reef and Dive

    Lets make an LED tanks par database with builds?

    Par database with tank builds, specially acropora-dominant, under LED lights Hi folks, I believe this is a REALLY cloudy topic. Most of @Dana Riddle ’s amazing articles have shown that 250-350 PAR is pretty adequate for most Acropora. On the other hand we have seen many extreme PAR (800ish)...
  16. J

    PAR Value Pros

    TL;DR: - an 8 year old reef/ fish store specializing in a wide range of exotic to household name corals with multiple display tanks (gorgeous ones) and at least 8 frag tanks in the customer side of the store (and a dozen more in the back), and they don't know a single PAR value for what they...
  17. CodeRed

    New 190gal Build and want to do orphek lighting

    I just purchased a 190 gallon rimless aquarium from top shelf aquatics in Orlando, FL. The dimensions are 60L X 30W X 24H. I wanted to do Orphek for lighting and was thinking about two fullsize Atlantic v4 gen2. Will this be enough for an sps dominant reef? They will be running from left to...
  18. Erick Armanii

    Par meter anyone near by?!

    I’m having difficulty keeping sps and to rule out par I’m hoping that someone in the area can loan me one! I don’t mind renting or buying used but I can’t justify $4-500 on a par meter that I would use maybe twice a year. current lights 3 hydra 26HD BRS AB+ spectrum and less than a year of use...
  19. M

    Influence of sand bed to PAR distribution

    Hi guys, does a tank with white sandbed really have better PAR distribution inside in comparison with the same tank, but with bare bottom and let say black cabinet top? I noticed that lower parts of acroporas branches aren't colored as good as upper and have significantly less polyps number...
  20. DeepSeaRob17

    Fluval flex 32.5 with AI Hydra 26

    I have a question... I do t have a PAR meter handy, but wondering if anyone has done this yet (I’m sure someone has) I had a friend give me an AI Hydra 26, I put it over my fluval flex 32.5. The dimensions of the tank are 32”L x 15.5w x 15.65” deep. The light is 14” off the top of the water. I’m...
  21. Rijos Reef

    Korona App iphone for reading PAR

    Hi everybody, A few weeks ago I came across a light meter for IOS called KORONA (yeah I know) It has an option to read PAR. Your iPhone with a small piece of paper in front of the lens is meant to do the readings. (I used a lens holder to put a piece of paper in it) I gave it a try with my...
  22. Razorp

    Purchased an AI Prime 16 HD... Corals are bleaching please help

    So I purchased the AI prime 16 HD and installed it to my 16 gallon Biocube. I downloaded saxbys presets, and the only thing i did was up the uv and violet to match the blues (basically making it more of an AB+ , but with the up and down ramping throughout the day). I let that run on acclimation...
  23. ADAM

    North Carolina Lighting LED ALL SOLD 3-XR15 G4 Pro / WXM / 2- RB XHO XR15 Kits / Reefbrite Dual Channel Controller

    I switched lighting to give Kessil a try and looking to sell my Radions, Reefbrite Radion Kits, Reefbrite Dual Channel Controller, and WXM Pics to follow in next post. RADIONS SOLD! The Radions were all made in 2018, 1 February, 2 October. I ran the CoralLab LPS/Soft Profile at 60% No visible...
  24. D

    20K BLV MH bulb versus 14.5K Giesemann bulb Spectrum and PAR difference - Should I change bulbs?

    I currently run the 20K BLV Nepturion 250W SE bulb over my tank. Couple of months ago I used to run the 14.5K Gisemann bulb. I have measured PAR from both and obviously the 20K bulb has less ( about 100) PAR when compared to the 14.5K bulb. Not too concerned about PAR, but I think growth is...
  25. Mike T IL

    Par readings

    215 gallon tank. 72x24 1/2x 29 1/2 Aquatic life T5HO. Four 80W bulbs. (2 ATI Blue and 2 ATI Purple Plus. With 3 Kessil A360x’s 8” above water Are these Par readings ok?