1. haleyf1024

    PAR needed for Magnificas?

    What PAR does everyone keep their Magnificent nems at?
  2. zachxlutz

    Daily Light Integral, PAR, and Photosaturation Discussion

    I'd like to start a discussion based on a few things I've been reading lately regarding optimum daily light integral, PAR and photosaturation in our reef tanks and with the advent of this new lighting forum. For those of you with PAR meters and the ability to continually monitor PAR via an...
  3. FoxTalbott

    Help with Par Levels & Lighting Schedule in Mixed Reef

    First time here..... Hellow R2R I was wondering what are ideal Par values/numbers at top, mid & bottom for a mixed reef to include softies, LPS & SPS. All this Par, light intensity & color talk is confusing to me. :) I would like advice & recommendations on a 12 hr lighting schedule from dusk...
  4. randyBRS

    A deeper look into the Giesemann Spectra T5/MH Hybrid Fixture | BRStv Investigates

    Hey guys! Today on BRStv Investigates, we continue our series on optimal lighting for SPS corals with a complete look at the Giesemann Spectra T5/MH Hybrid Fixture! Being proven lighting options for healthy and colorful SPS corals, the T5/MH combo is sure to impress with its performance in this...
  5. BlueWorldJeff

    Red Planet White Tips

    I've never had luck with Red Planet frags, but I traded some hammer and acro corals for a large piece of Red Planet and am trying again. I figure a larger colony will have a better chance of survival. Parameters: Ca - 450 Alk - 7.3 Mg - 1290 PO4 -.04 NO3 - 0-5 I've had the red planet about...
  6. beyer

    Can I support a Frogspawn?

    I did my research and found that with the placement in my tank from the surface and the PAR readings of my light (Current USA orbit marine), the frogspawn would receive anywhere from 80-100 PAR. Is there anyone who has tried this (or any other euphyllia corals) with the same light setup?
  7. beyer

    Corals under 100 PAR?

    what are some cool low light corals? Mostly under 100 PAR as my lighting is low. I already have 3 different zoas , 1 mushroom, and 1 Pom Pom Xenia. Is there any other corals you guys like that fit in my PAR range?
  8. beyer

    PAR and Corals?

    Will a coral still grow with light 50-100 PAR less than that of the corals minimum suggestion? For example, a coral with a PAR range of 150-250 under a light of 50 or 75.
  9. Nathan Belz

    Just got my par meter - now I have a few questions

    So I just got my par meter and have a few questions! MY TANKS 150g SPS only tank - running 5 Hydra 26s over a 60" x 24" x 24" tank. Frag tanks 48" x 24" x 8" running an 8 bulb t5HO setup Bedroom tank at home - 60 gallon cube with 24" x 24" x 24" with a Kessil 360W READINGS 150 was reading...
  10. jason2459

    ROUND 2! PAR Shootout! Seneye Reef Monitor v2 VS. Apex PMK vs. Apogee MQ-510 Full

    So.... Round 2 has started! Skip to it here: Original Round 1 continue on below: Background: I bought this Seneye Reef Monitor off...