1. K

    Mushroom flathead coral parasite eating at 'foot stumps' of mushroom coral or normal pedal laceration behavior?

    I have a few month old 3.5 ish gallon tank with one Turbo Snail, a ton of live rock from E-bay (claimed the live rock was cured) and a large mushroom coral frag. The live rock is teaming with life, so it is hard to tell the difference between what is a live rock hitchhiker and what is a...
  2. M

    Tomini tang in QT - prophylactic treatment?

    Hi all, I have a little 2-inch Tomini tang in QT right now, he has been there for about 2 weeks. We haven't done any medication yet because he wasn't eating at first and we didn't want to stress him further. He is eating just fine now, and has become more active (still a complete scaredy cat...
  3. TheDuude

    Yellow tang Poo or Parasites?

    I have just over a year old CB Biota tang I purchased from Live Aquaria. He has always had slight HLLE. I feed frozen food soaked in selcon and plenty of Nori. HLLE has not healed but is not getting worse as he ages. Trying to do everything I can to make sure he is healthy as possible. Noticing...
  4. leilanastasia

    EMERGENCY Parasites in my tank & How do I setup medicine/qt tank?

    Alright, so I have parasite outbreaks like ich. I am wondering what is the best way to setup a medicine/quarantine tank. I got a Fluval over the back filter and took the carbon out and instead put in zeolite for the ammonia. I also have a heater and airstone. Does the tank itself need to cycle...
  5. P

    Fish not likely to get diseases/parasites

    Just wondering, are there any fish that are less likely/impossible to contract parasite or diseases? I’ve heard that blennies possibly are less susceptible to it maybe?
  6. C

    Diagnosis & Treatment

    I have a 32g Biocube tank with 2 clowns, 2 fire fish and 1 mandarin goby. I have some softies and LPS. For invertebrates, have BTA, cleaner shrimp, crabs, snails. Today, all of a sudden, all but mandarin are flashing. One clown has been periodically hanging near surface of water with rapid...
  7. VanCityReef

    Can you mix copper and prazi?? Clownfish & 6-Line

    Hey guys, I'm currently quarantining two small clownfish and one small 6-line wrasse. Over the course of a week I have slowly been bringing them up to therapeutic levels of copper. I am noticing that both clowns have white stringy poop which, (feel free to correct me if I am wrong) are symptoms...
  8. T

    White poop on established coral beauty

    New reefer here. I’m the relatively new owner of an established tank. It’s got 4 fish, a coral beauty, one spot foxface, cardinal, and blue tang. They’ve all been in the tank a year plus. There have only been a few inverts and coral added the past 3 months. The past day the coral beauty...
  9. Reefer37

    Melanurus Wrasse Ick?

    Hey guys, so I'm still fairly new to reefing and this is my first wrasse and I've never had a parasite issue before, so bare with me. Couple days ago got a Melanurus Wrasse from my LFS and never noticed anything on him when I got him and hadn't noticed any weird behavior at the store. He was...
  10. imanewberry

    Hard Red-Brownish Tube Like Thing Growing From Torch Frag HELP!

    I just bought a new torch coral frag from my LFS that was open and beautiful when purchased. Whenever I got it home and it was closed up, I noticed something hard and dark growing from the skeleton of the coral. The coral is currently in coral dip and I didn’t think to grab a picture before I...
  11. Establishing a Healthy Microbiome in a New Aquarium Using Live Rock

    Sponsored Establishing a Healthy Microbiome in a New Aquarium Using Live Rock

    About this article This article describes an experiment documenting the effects of live rock in a newly established aquarium. While I’ve tried to tell the story as briefly as I can, it’s the story of a month-long study of replicated tanks, with analysis of both water chemistry and the microbial...
  12. MnFish1

    Anecdote vs. reality

    So I was sitting here thinking about some 'maxims' - that are promulgated here often - and wondered - whether they make sense. Note - I'm not criticizing or discounting anecdote - that said - I wonder about some common sayings in the reefing community (which are usually supported by anecdote -...
  13. Eve

    Is it parasites?

    Hi guys, so I noticed this white string hanging out of my clownfish. Doesn’t look like poop. Do you think its parasites? It seems like he is trying to rub it off him.
  14. Jaag

    Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse with Internal Parasites

    My YBP wrasse has internal parasites. How do I go about treating him? Thank you
  15. Cyclone-G

    Eradicate Acropora Eating Red Bugs in 1 Day!

    This happened a few years ago but I finally got around to posting up the video on it. I'll show you how to completely eradicate Acropora eating red bugs in 1 day! This treatment works so well you won't believe your eyes. It's the easiest thing I've ever done to my reef tank, and totally reef...
  16. Reefahholic

    Possible solution to end RTN forever?!?

    So if you haven't heard...Prime Coral has some impressive videos showing a parasite that's responsible for RTN and others that might be responsible for STN. This guy is from Florida and his name is Dr. Ara Deukmedjian. This Philaster parasite that he's captured on video eating acros sure fits...
  17. HomeSlizzice

    QT and TTM plan while renting/limited space.

    Hi Everyone, I need some help planning my new QT and/or TTM method for fish in my tank. First off let me give you the bad new, heart breaking news.... I recently lost almost all of my fish to Velvet as of yesterday (PBT, Regal Angel, Potters Angel, Isosceles Wrasse, 2x Yellow Wrasse, and Royal...
  18. C

    Damselfish stranded in quarantine

    Hi Reef2Reef, I've been in a bit of a knotty situation ... I've had a young springer's damselfish in the quarantine for almost 70 days now, but I'm not sure if I should transfer this fish to my display. At first I had this damselfish and two neon gobies together, all juvenile. The two neon...
  19. C

    Can too many internal parasites dying at once kill fish?

    I've been battling intestinal worms in my neon goby using MetroPlex food and since yesterday the goby has been acting strange. Sometimes it eats like there's no tomorrow and other times it's lethargic and lying, twitching at times. Now it seems as though it's at death's doorstep, huddled up in...
  20. C

    Neon gobies, one dead, the other having worms/stringy poop

    I've been quarantining two neon gobies and a springer's damselfish (all about 1/2"). Five days ago I found the larger neon goby dead on the bottom. On the previous evening the goby didn't eat and was hopping behind the filter. I thought it was strange because it always came out to eat, but I...
  21. Kth

    Dipping corals eventually leading to Superbugs?

    Will dipping corals for pests eventually lead to superbugs? Real world example: Antibiotics are currently over-used in our world, and are leading to antibiotic resistant bugs. Antibacterial soap is being banned in parts of the world due to the development of resistant strains of bacteria...
  22. Jaybella8

    Please help! I don't know what type of parasite/worm this is!?

    So I really need help, I recently had an infestation of these worms in my tank. I asked a local aquarium employee what It could be and I guess their lack of experience couldn't identify what I'm looking at here. Please! If anyone knows and can recommend a good, safe treatment for this, I've...
  23. M

    Black ich (Paravortex)

    Hi everyone, I have a special request, and hope someone might help me out on this. I am a PhD student in the Zoology lab at Hasselt University, Belgium. I am working on evolution of endosymbiotic (i.e. living inside the body of another species) flatworms. One of the species I am interested in...
  24. kennedpa

    Parasitic pods

    If you have parasitic pods PM me. Ivermectin IV is available from TSC for 45$ which will treat 833 gallons. Using as part of my QT protocol and is effective in my hands. Not safe for bristle worms or stomatellas. Mine have died in the QT. I would be willing to ship treatments to you to try...
  25. SaltySteve

    Puffer parasite ID?

    Here I am kicking myself for not investing the time to quarantine my Leopard puffer (Canthigaster leoparda). Lesson learned. I've had him in the tank for about 2 months now, eats like a pig (mysis soaked in Selcon, PE pellets, and Hikari pellets). He is still very active, constantly picking at...