pistol shrimp goby

  1. AquaLocker

    BOO!!! Are you ready for Halloween? We have 3 Dracula Gobies in stock!

    We have 3 Dracula Gobies in Davy Jones Locker right now - 4 have already sold! These gobies are shrimp gobies and will typically pair with a pistol shrimp if introduced to an aquarium together. Get yours before they are gone: https://aqualocker.com/wysiwyg/deep-water-dracula-goby-maldives/
  2. Cas

    Royal Gamma bullying yellow Goby

    Hello, I am having an issue with my Royal Gramma bullying my yellow Goby. I’ve had Royal for just over a month and bought my Goby a week later. Royal and the other fish in the tank, a pink streaked Wrasse who I’ve had for months, have both been showing hostility (raising fins and opening...
  3. Eve

    Goby and Saddleback

    Okay guys, so I know saddleback fishies are aggressive or at least semi aggressive. Lately, I have been noticing that the saddleback has been bothering the goby and pistol shrimp, but not attacking the goby, just getting next to him and just swimming around him. However, the saddleback it is...
  4. M

    What’s your favorite pistol shrimp goby pair?

    I have had a couple different pistol shrimp goby pairs over the years. I just picked up a pair of red banded high fin gobies and a candy cane pistol. Although these guys are cool I think I liked my Randall’s goby a bit more. The Randall’s seemed to really look out for the pistol shrimp while...
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