power supply

  1. C

    Florida XR30 Power Supplies and Adapters

    I have 5 brand new XR30 power supplies for sale. I bought them for my tank, but sent in my units for service and all needed replaced. So I bought all new gen 4’s, so these power supplies need to go. I have 5 power supplies, and if you have gen 1 or gen 2, I have 4 adapters to convert the round...
  2. Torx

    Aquacontroller 3 power supply

    I have a friend looking to give his old Aquacontroller 3 to someone who is getting into the hobby. He can not find or been able to buy the power cable. I can make him one, but I do not know all the specs. I know it is a mono stereo plug, but does anyone have one who can get the details off the...
  3. Simply__J

    Florida VorTech M10w Controller (White Box) + Power Supply & Wet Side

    For sale are: VorTech EcoTech MP10w Controller w/ original power supply. Perfect working condition. (White Box) Manuf. Date - Aug. 12, 2014 - Shipped $60 MP10w Wet-Side with nozzle. Ceramic shaft shows signs of wear. - Shipped $35 Pay-Pal only. Will reduce price if picked up in Miami.
  4. T

    Power Brick Consolidation

    Hey all! I'm in the midst of planning a new build which should get off the ground shortly. One of the issues I'm running in to is what to do with all of the power bricks that are part of the equipment. I'm using the wet side/dry side arrangement, however, due to space limitations, the dry side...
  5. gtbarsi

    Question regarding powering LED drivers with different voltage needs

    The DIY LED solution I am looking at building has multiple channels with varying voltage needs. Channel 1: 96w @ 45v Channel 2: 78w @ 36v Channel 3: 54.6w @36v Channel 4: 60w @ 27v Channel 5: 86w @ 40v Channel 6: 86w @ 40v Besides not being efficient what would the impact be...