predator tank stocking

  1. ISpeakForTheSeas

    Pebble-Tooth Eels with Predators/Inverts?

    So, a bit of a hypothetical variation on a frequently asked question, but I'm wondering about potential long-term tank mates for eels. Specifically, I'm wondering about potential predator and invert tank mates with pebble-tooth eels: lionfish, anglers, scorpionfish, walking batfish...
  2. N

    220 Gallon predator Stock List Help

    Hey Everyone, I recently set up my tank and currently it houses ten blue damsels. I have a service that will maintain it and they set it all up for me but im in charge of stocking it. I have a Wishlist and I want to know if im missing anything good or if some are not compatible. The guy running...
  3. bronzewhaler22

    Monster Build Looking at going big

    Looking at building a large tank I think it is about 950g, Wondering on any thoughts about stocking, food, filtration, lighting and clean up crew
  4. Fish Novice

    75 Gallon Semi-Aggressive FOWLR Tank, Stocking List

    Hi guys, I am looking to get a 75-gallon semi-aggressive tank, here are my ideas. Flame Angel/Kole Tang (tell me which is better) Snowflake Eel Hawkfish, Longnose or Scarlet Blue-spotted puffer Marine Betta Silver Belly Wrasse (Ill take other suggestions for a wrasse) I would like any...
  5. Fish Novice

    75 Gallon Semi Aggressive Tank Stocking

    Hi guys, I am looking to get a 75-gallon semi-aggressive tank, here are my ideas (I won't get every fish on the list, that would be way overstocked. I'm more focused on who cant go with what. One Spot Foxface Snowflake Eel Some Lobster, blue or purple Hawkfish Blue-spotted puffer Marine Betta...
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