1. pelphrey

    Gyre Advanced Controller Shutting Off - Random Mode 100%

    I am running two 230's on my tank with the advanced controller. Both pumps are running in "Random" mode. When I adjust the speed of both pumps up to 100% they will run for about a minute and the controller will shut off. Last night it took my 5 minutes to get the controller to come back on, I...
  2. Lorenzo.1703

    Looking for return pump

    My return pump went out and looking for a replacement does anyone have one wanting to sell?
  3. P

    Nano Build 3/4" vs 1/2" bulkhead on a 20G?

    I'm putting together a 20G Innovative Marine Nuvo reef, and I'm trying to decide between 1/2" and 3/4" bulkheads for the return flow. I plan on having 2 returns into the tank. Is there a "standard" size for a tank this small? Thanks in advance.
  4. Evan West

    Moving Time? My Advice to You.

    Welcome! Hello all, I am what I would consider to be somewhat of an expert on moving a reef tank. I say this because due to the way my college works I move every 3 months......gasp! yes yes I know bring on the nay sayers! "That's bad for your reef they need stability!".......and yes your right...
  5. J

    Vortech MP10QD pump

    I'm selling one Vortech MP10QD pump with the original box for $125 with free shipping to the continental U.S. The controller, dry-side motor, and power supply are in excellent condition but the wet side may need to be replaced (see details below). Everything comes in the original box with the...
  6. Monte Blair

    Hello and a couple questions

    Hello everyone! My name is Monte. My wife, Evy (pronounced E-V), and I live in San Diego, CA. We just recently started our first tank. It's 30 gallons and is doing great! I have 7 corals, two anemones, two clowns, a ruby red dragonette, red fire shrimp, a few turbos, a few snails, and 1 royal...
  7. p1u5h13r4m24

    Red Sea reefer 350 deluxe worth it?

    Hi all, This is my first large tank with a sump. All my past tanks had hob filters or in tank sumps. I really want to get the Red Sea reefer, but idk how much I would need to spend on a decent led light for the tank. Also I need at least a 790gph return pump The tank is going to run me 1700 so...
  8. Chirag Marwaha

    My 24 Gallon(90 Litres) Sump Design

    Hi! I've created a sump design and would like some feedback on it. Pardon me for cramping the drawing a bit. Hope it's readable enough and not an eyesore. It has following 4 chambers: 1) Protein Skimmer 2) Ceramic Rings, Pot Scrubbers(Scrubbies Affectionately) and maybe Activated Carbon 3)...
  9. Chirag Marwaha

    Miscellaneous help regarding first marine, fish only tank

    Hi! My first post here. I've got a few queries. Hope someone experienced would help out. 1) I've already got Chaetos macroalgae for my refugium, but my sump tank isn't ready yet. Now, I might not be able to collect it till the next weekend. I've kept it in a bucket of saltwater. Will it survive...
  10. Ryan Rioux

    Pump and skimmer decisions for a RED SEA reefer deluxe .

    Wondering if anyone has any input on a good water pump and good in sump skimmer ? Thinking about upgrading tank to a Red Sea reefer deluxe system. 34 gallon comes with ai hydra 26 . 54 gallon comes with 2 ai hydra 26 lights . I believe it comes with all plumbing and dump as well, just need to...
  11. MarineDepot

    NOW IN STOCK: Aqamai KPS Pump

    Aqamai KPS Wifi Controllable Wavemaker For aquariums 10-50 Gallons PROGRAMMABLE A professional and fully programmable Wavemaker for your acquarium SILENT No noise, no vibrations. Virtually silent PATENDED DUAL MAGNET SUPPORT SYSTEM Full adjustability and the maximum vibrations absorbition...
  12. N

    Ecotech Vortech MP40WES - Wireless

    Ecotech Vortech MP40ES Wireless for sale. Comes with everything pictured. I gave the wet side a vinegar bath yesterday and it is packaged and ready to ship ASAP. Manufacturer date of 2012. Please see pictures and pm me any additional questions. Looking for $190 + USPS medium flat rate box...
  13. Thle009

    Aqua Lifter for dosing pump.

    Does any one use Aqua Lifter for dosing pump? Especially Calcium reactor pump? I'm having trouble setting it up properly, even when the power is cut off, the pump is still running and further pumping water through. Mine is plugged to an Apex EB8 and it continued to running even when the...
  14. chriscq

    300DD, XR30/XR15 PRO's,Kore 5th doser, Regal 300EXT skimmer and more

    All prices include shipping and paypal Marineland 300DD w/ custom 6' sump (local pickup only) - $1500 Gen3 XR15 pro's with RMS mount (x2) - SOLD Gen3 XR30 pro(AUG 26 2014) - $450 Kore 5th doser BNIB - $350 Waveline DC10000ii - $160 Regal 300EXT skimmer w/ jebao DCT6000 feed pump - $750...
  15. twilliard

    Proper skimmer pump cleaning and inspection

    Hi guys and gals! It's time to add another section to my skimmer mechanics. We all have faced problems at some point with our skimmers. Sometimes we tend to overlook the reasons as to why. Skimmers are basic functions of mechanics and fluid dynamics. I covered the first area of inspection...
  16. FLSharkvictim

    Need some help on Calibrating the Ecotech Vectra M1 pump???

    Does anybody know how to calibrate the Ecotech Vectra M1 pump so I can use the feeding mode.. If you own the M1 OR the L1, let me know how you did yours, it would be HIGHLY appercaited..
  17. Broadfield

    FS: EcoTech Vectra M1 DC Pump ***SOLD***

    I recently upgraded to 1" piping and a 3rd reactor, so I swapped out my M1 for a L1. Amazing pump to say the least. It's virtually silent! It is 7 months old and everything is in absolutely mint condition. Includes all original parts and will be shipped in a L1 box. Price: $250 shipped...
  18. MarineDepot

    Return Pumps: Save up to $50!

    Return Pumps: Save up to $50! Black Friday Daily Deals! TODAY: 15% off Pan World Pumps! [/SIZE]
  19. Benedetto84

    Return pump.

    Looking for a new return pump for my biocube 29. This morning my pump started acting funny. When I turned it off for feed when I tried to turn it back on it wouldn't come on. After unplugging and plugging back in several times it started working . So as stated I am looking for a new return pump...