red sea 425xl

  1. RyanHoan

    Build Thread Sandy Eggo Red Sea Reefer 425 XL Build (Upgrade)

    Hello Everyone! I'm going to try my best to document my build for this upgrade. I'm upgrading from my Red Sea Reefer 250, which was my first reef tank in a decade. I purchased it second hand and pre-plumbed, with all equipment included. This time I'm buying everything brand new and will try...
  2. Agraves77

    Tennessee WTB WTB Red Sea Reefer 170 or 425, 525xl

    I am looking for a white cabinet version of either the reefer 170, 425xl, or 525xl. If it comes with some other equipment along with it thats awesome too. Just looking for the tank, stand, sump and plumbing primarily. Thanks!
  3. Leiph86

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer XL 425 - The Upgrade

    Red Sea Reefer XL 425 - The Upgrade Welcome to my newest build thread for my Red Sea Reefer XL 425 - (if you are looking for my original build thread with my Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 Gallon with custom stand, please use the following link...
  4. NLKlis

    Build Thread Alexander's Red Sea Reefer 425 to 625

    Hi fellow reefer addicts, My name is Alexander, I'm 28 years old and new to this forum. I've been reading for a couple of time on this forum. I want to share my transformation from a 425, to an 625 with you guys. I'm in the aquarium-life for over a decade now, and started my first salt tank 10...
  5. BonelessEvil

    Seam in class losing integrity

    So far, no water has leaked out. Red Sea has given me a new tank in exchange, but I would still like to think I can keep this one running. Is it okay to squirt silicone into the seam – while inside the water? Will that kill the corals or fish? If I should do something else, what would you...
  6. BonelessEvil

    Urgent: Red Sea LED 90 lights off– No connection

    –SOLVED– I cannot seem to connect my Reefer 425 XL deluxe to my Reef LED 90 lights. I lost connection to them after re-building my home network. After that, I tried everything I could: deleted the app on my phone, deleted the lights from the aquarium I set up inside the reef beat app I...
  7. Otter Water Reefing

    Build Thread New to R2R, here's my RedSea 425XL

    Decided I would finally join the forum! Thought it seemed appropriate to start a thread and share a short video and pics of my current tank, if I'm going to be a member of the community :) My RedSea Reefer 425XL has been running since April 2018. It's my second reef. My first tank was a 20g...
  8. Rudzbrewski

    Build Thread Rudzbrewski's Journey to the Reef-er xl425 (V3 sump, Clarisea, plumbing w/ manifold)

    Build Thread Index 1. Initial thoughts and plans 2. Start of 10 gallon saltwater tank build 3. Upgraded mixing station 4. Start of Red Sea Reefer xl425 build, projected equipment list, and preliminary steps 5. Initial list of plumbing supplies (with links) 6. Filter sock holder modification for...
  9. Dj Mars

    Red Sea 425XL

    Hello everyone! This forum helped me a lot on deciding where to start and what to buy!! I’m converting from fresh water to saltwater! Got an awesome deal for a 425XL at a local shop near me. Shout out to Rainbow Aquarium! Everything should arrive this weekend. Need help setting it up Can you...
  10. MichaelP121579

    AI Prime 16s

    went from a 31x31x15 tank to a redsea reefer. I'm running the schedule in pics but I'm wandering if I should run something more intense 4 prime 16s. I just transferred all the livestock from my old tank to the reefer 425lx today. Also anyone. done any diy refugium in a stock redsea tank.
  11. MikeYasin

    Build Thread Mike’s Reefer 425XL build

    Hi all
  12. P

    Build Thread Paul's Red Sea Reefer 425xl Build

    Finally taking the dive into salt. According to my other half I've been talking about building a saltwater system since we first met over a decade ago. She finally go fed up with me just talking about it and started working on getting me a tank for xmas last year, but the more she found out, the...
  13. Behnken

    Ohio Custom Elite Aquatics RRS-33 Sump

    I’m selling a custom Elite Aquatics RRS-33 sump. The sump was used in a Red Sea Reefer 450, and has had the supply and return swapped to accomadate the Red Sea system. Nothing is wrong with the sump, I am just upgrading to a larger system. Selling for $400 plus shipping. Let me know if you...
  14. rerana

    Zoas creeping on base of SPS; is this problem?

    My zoas are creeping in on the base of some of my SPS. I am starting to get worried. Should I be? I feel like this will only get worse. One of the plugs already has a few polyps on it. How should I deal with this? Although I like the Zoas, I like the SPS much better. I would be ok with...
  15. Kelmm009

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 425 XL Journal

    Hello Reefer I'm Kelvin from NYC, I'm super super excited to share my reefer journal with your guys. I'm still kind of a newbie for saltwater aquariums but I'm always willing to learn from you guys to maintain a stable aquariums. I've been researching and planning for a few weeks and I'm...
  16. 1Blazer

    AIO Build 1Blazer Build Thread - Red Sea Reefer 425XL

    Hey there! I'm Zach and I have been in and out of the hobby over the past 10 years due to having to travel for work (SC->TX->IL->TN->GA and now Monterey Bay, CA). As many of you know stability is key especially when it comes to SPS which is my personal favorite type of coral but my career hasnt...
  17. 1Blazer

    Reefer 425XL - Remote Sump?

    Sooo I just moved into a new home and lucky enough I have an opportunity to start up a new tank! I decided on the Red Sea Reefer 425XL but i got to thinking...Which is typically not the best for my wallet lol. Has anyone done a remote sump for more customization on the Red Sea reefer series? I...