red sea 750xxl

  1. blaxsun

    Large Build Blaxsun's Abyss: Red Sea 750XXL

    Red Sea Reefer 750 XXL v3 | System: 200 gallons | Display: 160 gallons | Sump: 40 gallons | ATO: 15+7 gallons Mixed Reef: Anemone, Soft, LPS, SPS | Anemones: 12 | Corals: 50+ | Fish: 42 (current) | Cleanup Crew: 100+ Return Pump: Sicce SDC 9.0 (»45%) | UV Sterilizer: AquaUltraviolet 57-watt |...
  2. RickG

    Help me decide 750xxl or 900xxl

    Tanks costs are 3779 vs 4859. About 8 inch difference and split sump compartment. Help me decide lol! Worth the extra $1000?
  3. ajtomase

    Build Thread Desert Reef (200 gallon)

    Ever since I was a child I pretty much lived at the aquarium and thanks to pandemic I’ve been researching the hobby since September 2019 and have had a mentor to help me along my slew of questions (cc_reefkpr on Instagram, @Scubabum on R2R)! Back during the Black Friday sales, I decided to...
  4. ajtomase

    Gate valve for Red Sea Reefer 625/750?

    So...I've got no clue what I'm doing when it comes to plumbing, but I want to replace the diaphragm valve with a gate valve system. Does anyone know what parts I need to get for either a Red Sea Reefer 625 or 750?

    Hello The new guy

    Hello reefers! I’m stoked to find a forum like this and all the help a community like this can provide. I’m new to having a reef tank but not new to the saltwater hobby. My previous tank was a self built 400 gal swim tank, where I homed a nurse and bamboo shark, zebra eel, and a few other...
  6. T

    South Carolina Aquariums Red Sea Reefer 750xxl for sale

    Selling my Red Sea reefer 750xxl 200 gallon system. Only the aquarium and sump are for sale and come with the original plumbing and 7 gallon reservoir. I’ll also throw in filter socks and media bags. This bundle also comes with a dyi Red Sea reefer mesh top you can build. Asking $3,300 for...
  7. Tomnerr

    Build Thread New Tank In the Works!!!

    Hey all! Currently in the process for planning for a new tank and wanted to get some input on the equipment that I am planning for it. The tank is going to be the Red Sea Reefer XXL 750 (160 gal with 40 gal sump). All the major equipment I'll list below. Tank will mostly be a mix, LPS heavy with...
  8. ajtomase

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 625 or 750 v3

    Hi everyone, I'm still on the fence about getting either a Red Sea Reefer 625 or 750 v3. Anyone prefer one over the other? I know bigger is usually better, but wanted to double check since I've heard some sketchy things about the 750...
  9. R

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer XXL 750 New Build

    Hey All, Newcomer to R2R, but been using this forum as a resource on my current build. Wanted to share this and hopefully pick up some info from you more experienced folks along the way. This is my second mixed reef tank, had one at my office a few years back, but decided to take it down and...
  10. ThriftyOregon

    Build Thread Red Sea REEFER XXL 750 Build Thread with Shadowbox

    Recent Update 5/31/19 Recent Update 4/8/19 - Shadowbox installed, tank filled -----ORIGINAL POST------ Hey guys! First time poster here but I've been reading Reef2Reef for years and most everything I've learned about this hobby was from you all. Build threads have been so helpful for me to...
  11. Kaiser

    Build Thread Kaiser's Red Sea 750xxl SPS Dream Build

    I've been a hobbyist for about 5 years now, starting when I was 16 and I'm now turning 21, and being of the younger crowd, I could only really dream of owning a larger tank. I started off with a 20g high, and I've had many tanks set up at the same time, but I never really had the money to have a...
  12. This guy is Extra Salty

    Build Thread An acroholic’s 750xxl

    Well this was quite a journey to begin with.. First I researched the tank I wanted and the types of corals I wanted to put into it. I came up with Redsea 750xxl deluxe Perfect size 200g and came with an awesome sump. Let alone the lights came with it But first equipment : Refugium mud 40lbs...
  13. Kaiser

    Skimmer Recommendation for a Trigger Triton44 Sump

    I previously posted about a skimmer i was returning but now I want to hear about what other people have experienced with the skimmers I am looking into. I have a Red Sea 750xxl (160g Display) equipped with a Trigger Triton44 sump that has a skimmer section which is 9.5" x 15.5". The tank is...
  14. TX_Punisher

    Potassium testing and dosing in my 750XXL

    Well, I finally decided to join the crowd especially since I want to grow out some nice sps pieces. After doing some reading on potassium I decided to pick up a test kit. I found Amazon had a Salifert available, so a day later it was in my mailbox. Having ran out of my Reef crystals last...
  15. bif24701

    Build Thread bif's Grand XXL 750 Build

    This is going to be the third reboot of my system. I am about to complete my duty as an Active Duty member of the US Air Force and that will require me and my family to move. This time I want to keep everything under the stand, this is because we plan to start searching for a home to buy...
  16. highendofthelow

    Large Build HighEndOfTheLow's Red Sea Reefer 750 XXL

    Welcome All to HighEndOfTheLow's new build. So new year, new house, new job, new tank, new thread! Brief history: Uk based Reefer Couple, 12 years and 6 years experience respectively. Been largely quiet on forums for the past few years due to moving into rental accommodation, finally after ~3...
  17. R&J Reefs

    Build Thread Ryan’s Red Sea Reefer 750xxl build

    Ok , I’m super stoked to start this build ! Little frustrating to start . I picked up the tank little over 3 week ago and had a cabinet panel damaged and after dealing with my lfs and finally emailing Red Sea the panel is on its way. Let me start off by saying this tank is a beast ! It’s heavy...
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