1. mwil79

    New Jersey Lighting LED Drygoods RedSea ReefLED 90 with mounting arm

    Used for.about a year. Includes original box. Perfect working condition. $250 shipped
  2. panui22

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Redsea reefer 350. Tank stand sump ato and miscellaneous

    Selling my Redsea reefer 350 pick up only. Tank, stand, sump, ato, custom manifold, diy lid, and miscellaneous reefing equipment (pictured). Priced to move (wife wants it all gone lol). Must take everything. The tank is a few years old, minor scratches but no major defects. No leaks and holds...
  3. J

    Lighting LED Drygoods 2 x RedSea ReefLED 90 lights with mounting arms

    I am selling two RedSea ReefLED 90 lights with mounting arms. The lights are in like-new condition and come with the original boxes. The mounting arms are in excellent condition as well (original boxes not included). These lights are under two years old and have never given me a hint of...
  4. A

    Build Thread Time to go BIGGER to Start - Red Sea Reefer S 850 G2

    Hello Everyone! Started to come together. But I am taking is slowly, feeling I might have bitten off a little more than I thought. But up for the challenge. Ordered the tank about a month ago, it arrived 4 days after I ask them to hold it. Got it moved into place (talk about HEAVY)...
  5. Thizz

    California Aquariums Drygoods Red Sea Reefer 250 V3 complete setup-awesome condition

    great condition, only had it set up for 2 months before taking it down. decided this big of a setup just does not work out for the space i have. marks on the back panel are on the outside black vinyl, from the plastic screws used on light mounts. located in Anaheim, California $1000
  6. S_orourke21

    Redsea 750xxl v1 build thread

    Recently picked up a redsea 750xxl tank (glass only). It was replaced via warranty as the overflow glass was cracked during shipping. I decided to take it on as a new build and see if I could tinker with it and make a beautiful reef tank. 1st thing obviously was building the stand I was going to...
  7. helmsreef

    Large Build CDA 250 Build, my journey to success... hopefully

    What a journey.. could this be the final iteration of my best? Maybe not but you just never know in this hobby. Just like many I've been enveloped in this hobby of reefing for the last few years , watching, reading, processing and applying all that I can. This is where it has led me and I...
  8. B

    Prefered coral dip

    What coral dip do you use? Are you loyal to a certain brand? Use depending on situation? Don't use it at all? Let me know down below.
  9. A

    Red Sea Max E 260 Water level fluctuating

    Hi all, i have had a Red Sea Max E 260 set up for over a month now and one thing that has left me scratching my head in frustration is how the water level in the sump and rear chamber is constantly fluctuating so much so that the stock ATO is constantly dumping the whole reservoir of RO water...
  10. J

    Lighting LED Drygoods 2 x RedSea ReefLED 90 lights with mounting arms

    I’m selling two ReefLED 90 lights with mounting arms. The lights are less than two years old and are in like-new condition. The arms are in great shape as well. Everything works as new, and I have never had WiFi connectivity issues with these lights. I have the original boxes for the lights...
  11. O

    Lighting for Reefer 525 G2

    Hey so I was going to buy a Reefer 350 G2 but I have decided on getting a 525 G2 ,I'm conflicted on what light to get for the 525. I've seen people use 2 xr30, RedSea lights, etc. What would you guys recommend? Also I am looking to grow LPS and SPS
  12. M

    Red Sea Max Peninsula

    I have been looking for the max peninsula for sale, where can it be bought? Ive had no luck finding anything other than max nano.
  13. nbaker47

    RedSea Max Nano lighting

    Hi everyone just acclimating my lights to the max nano. I decided to upgrade the LED50 to the AI Prime 16 Reef HD. Light is 12” off the water. Schedule is not at full length. Was wonder everyone’s thoughts on percentages. Going to be a majority LPS tank. Any advice appreciated
  14. OfficeReefer

    Redsea ReefMat orders with - Order Status sticky

    Not sure if anyone else is still waiting on this item. Ordered mid to late March. Has anyone received one of these from Saltwateraquarium, if so please share and if not, please share too!
  15. Free: Red Sea Main Drain with Valve.

    For sale Maryland Free: Red Sea Main Drain with Valve.

    Free: Red Sea lower main drain pipe with red sea gate valve. I know this fits 170, 250 and 350, not sure about other models. I found this going through some things. It's in great condition with good o-ring. I took the valve apart and cleaned everything with vinegar/hot water when it was removed...
  16. RickG

    Help me decide 750xxl or 900xxl

    Tanks costs are 3779 vs 4859. About 8 inch difference and split sump compartment. Help me decide lol! Worth the extra $1000?
  17. M

    Red Sea ReefDose4 issues "unknown error"

    Hey everyone, I have a ReefDose 4 that I'm just setting up. I have no issues running through the reefbeat app and getting it connected to wi-fi. It even downloaded and updated the firmware. However, when it gets to the screen where you can rename it, it always fails with an "unknown error". I...
  18. Chouchen

    Hello New Member From Taiwan

    Hi everyone! I’m new here hoping to connect with people and learn new things. Share my nano tank.
  19. revnull

    Taylor SpeedStir Cuvette Adapters

    Back when I was testing more regularly I bought a Taylor SpeedStir portable magnetic stirrer for use with my Red Sea titration tests. Even with a smaller 15mm stir bar I had to make sure the cuvette was absolutely centered or the bar would just bounce off of the sides and get stuck. It was a bit...
  20. Red Sea Reefer RSK-600 Protein Skimmer

    For sale Florida Red Sea Reefer RSK-600 Protein Skimmer

    Used, in our Peninsula 7225. Tested working, cleaned and ready to go $340 shipped and insured Pick up: $300
  21. F

    Build Thread First Reef Tank!! Red Sea Peninsula 650 - Mixed Reef

    What's up everyone! I am new to R2R, but had been admiring from afar for some time. Build threads is what made me love the site, not to mention the excellent community of reefers, so I figured why not start a thread to share my build. For starters this is my first reef tank, I have kept fresh...
  22. N

    is redsea reef led 90 compatible with aquatic life T5 hybrid ?

    hi guyss .. is there anyone have try to run red sea reef led 90 with aquaticlife t5 hybrid fixture ? im planning to combine aquatic life hybrid fixture and my reef led 90 but i heard there is an issuee with heat when running it ..
  23. B

    USA WTB Wtb Red Sea 90 without mounts

    Please lmk what you have .
  24. S

    Large Build My Blue Heaven - Reefer-S 850 Build - First Saltwater Tank

    "Oh lord what have I done" - is the primary thought going through my head as I sit here waiting for what feels like half of the entire BRS inventory to arrive at my door. Am I excited? yep! nervous? yep! feeling impatient? absolutely!! Ladies and gentleman, I must say this is a huge day for me...
  25. C

    SOS - Need Auquascaping Ideas!

    We are finally getting to the point of aquascaping this 65 gallon tank! However, we are completely stumped on how we want to set it up so we are open to any and all ideas, tips and tricks. Lets be real, this your chance to brag about how great your tank is! Let's see some of those reef setup!
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