1. Y

    Storing an Aquarium

    Hey all!! So I currently have an empty Red Sea Max Nano sitting in my room with some dry rock already scaped in it. It’s currently sitting there empty only because I’m moving in with my partner in 6 months, so I figured better to wait until then to set it up! So my question is, is the tank...
  2. P

    How to stop a RedSea Reef LED Mount sagging?

    I have recently bought a few RedSea LED 90's and got the aluminium universal mounts to go with them, but have noticed that they keep 'sagging' and angling downwards. I have attached a couple of photos. I thought it was because the screw needed to be tighter, but when I tried to tighten it, I...
  3. Micah Guadagno

    Need light advice

    Hi! I need some advice on lights, I can’t decide between a Ai Prime and a Red Sea Reef led 50, I have a 60 gallon Aqueon corner tank, I’m probably going for a mixed with a few sticks. cycling right now and running my old Nicrew light atm. No coral. I understand for sticks I’m going to need more...
  4. HBoojie

    Build Thread My First Tank Build Discussion!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my build thread, I’m very excited for this and couldn’t contain it any longer so I felt the need to share! Tank is a 24g aqua top AIO! Relatively cheap, but if done right can be as good as any! Equipment will be as follows: AI prime 16hd Aqua too Recife 24 AIO...
  5. HBoojie

    My First Tank Build Discussion!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my build thread, I’m very excited for this and couldn’t contain it any longer so I felt the need to share! Tank is a 24g aqua top AIO! Relatively cheap, but if done right can be as good as any! Equipment will be as follows: AI prime 16hd Aqua too Recife 24 AIO...
  6. jonnyeatworld

    Getting out of Hobby Sale - Updated List

    UPDATE: Full apex system with Dos, Fluid monitor and WXM - (free 2 aqua max dosing containers, will only part out of i can’t sell the whole package) $900 Neptune Apex Leak Detection Kit (brand new) - $100 2-Red Sea reefled 90 with mounting arms -$700 Red Sea reefer 350 with black stand and...
  7. Blueringed_Octo

    Maryland Red Sea Reefer 750 XXL complete setup with tons of extras

    Build Thread - BluOcto's Red Sea Reefer 750 XXL Hey everyone! Been a bit but now I have some really great progression pics to share with you all and anyone looking to get an idea of how much growth you can expect after 4 months of running the new upgrades I added to my tank. I will try to...
  8. Y

    What salt to use

    Hey all, Ive been slowly piecing together my tank, and I’ve spent the past few weeks deciding on what salt to use. I’m currently hung up between Red Sea Salt, or their Coral Pro salt. I live in Australia so some other salts are unavailable, but for my tank needs the coral pro seems best I’ll...
  9. Devaji

    Display fuge vs cheato

    so I was thinking...... long story short I was planing on an ATS as part of my RS650P filtration due to supply chain issues I might just do a fuge. I have never had a proper fuge before but have had complete macro algae tank. so my question is would a maco display fuge filter as well as a...
  10. Y

    New aquascape, chasing opinions

    This is my current aqua scape I’m looking at keeping for my tank. Tank will be mainly for 2 clowns, softies, maybe SPS down the track and definitely an anemone once the tank is mature. Anyone have any suggestions or improvements for what I’ve got currently? Ignore the little coral skeleton at...
  11. musaabi

    New dosing pump, Red Sea?

    Hey guys, I just bought a Neptune DOS pump to set up automatic water changes. It works great and I love how easy it was to setup but I’m not crazy about the cost or the form factor. $300 for a double head and it’s bulky and awkward AF. I only had the pump for maybe a week or 2 and I’m sure my...
  12. Mrtakeoff53

    Water testing apprehension

    I know I ALWAYS have a little ‘test anxiety’ when performing my water tests every week (alk every other day). I always hope everything turns out well and it usually does. Problem is, when it doesn’t (or I have missed a few weeks of testing), it can sometimes bring on a little panic as the...
  13. T

    Build Thread New Reefer 350 Build & Custom Plumbing!

    Hi Guys! Just bought and assembled a new RedSea Reefer 350, with a V3 sump! I have a lot of plans for the tank, and put together an initial video documenting my progress: I am planning to custom plumb the Clarisea 5000 and will document that in a new video as well, for anyone who is...
  14. Bmartinez76

    Florida RedSea Reefwave 45

    Broke down tank, selling 2 RedSea Reefwave 45's. These are less than a year old. Asking $225 each shipped. Located in Orlando, Florida. Winter Garden to be specific for any locals.
  15. Q_BoxReef

    Build Thread Redsea Reefer 350 Build

    Hello, We just moved into our new house and have a perfect spot for a larger tank in our new front room. In our old house we had a 100 gallon display and 2 Waterbox 20’s, however we had to sell the 100 gallon while we were between places. For the new build we decided to go with the Redsea...
  16. Noinoi24

    Nano Build Red Sea Reefer Nano SPS Dominated Build

    After being in the hobby for at least a 3 years with softies, zoas, clams, to mixed reef. Now I'm on the journey on setting up an SPS dominated nano tank. I know this will be a lot more challenging, especially with time, patience and money so this will be slow. My goal is to learn about these...
  17. R

    Florida Aquariums Waterbox 5526 Peninsula Aquarium

    Waterbox 5526 peninsula aquarium, purchased directly from waterbox roughly 6 months ago, has been setup as a fish only tank since then. Aquarium is in perfect condition no scratches or imperfections. I moved and aquarium will not fit comfortably in new place. Retails for $3,500, selling for...
  18. chemicals

    Redsea reefer 350 or waterbox reef 100.3

    Hi there, I am new to salt water aquaria and I’m looking into my first reef tank. I have a hard time deciding between the Redsea reefer 350 deluxe (47x21x20”) and Waterbox reef 100.3 (36x24x22”). They are both around 75 gallon but the reefer 350 is 4ft and the reef 100.3 is 36”. Does anybody...
  19. Jarbour14

    Massachusetts Additives & More For Sale, Pickup or Shipped

    All items have either not been opened or have been used once and resealed. Redsea Algae Management no3po4-x Redsea Reef Energy Plus Coral Nutrition AB+ Seachem Reef Builder Seachem Reef Advantage Calcium API High Range pH Test Kit API KH Test Kit API Calcium Test Kit Hikari Seaweed Extreme...
  20. Jarbour14

    What system do I buy? Prostar?

    Hello everyone I am stuck with a tough decision. I want to purchase a new reef system with at least 70 gallons of display area with a sump, easy plumbing, etc. I have narrowed it down to a few systems I really think would suit my needs but one of them doesn't have much info about people's...
  21. DesertCitiesReefer

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 250

    Ok, so today I bought a used Red Sea Reefer 250. This will eventually replace my current AIO display tank. Couldn’t pass up this tank when I saw it at my LFS. The previous owner had it for about a year till he upgraded to a 450. Saw it yesterday and was talking to the LFS owner and said the tank...
  22. Reefer825

    Maryland New Jersey Pennsylvania Virginia Washington, D.C. Red Sea RSK600 Protein Skimmer. Brand New!!

    Selling my Red Sea RSK600 Protein Skimmer. It's brand new in the box and has never been used. I paid $445 plus tax. I'm asking $400. It's the newest model and was purchased three months ago. Shipping is available. Included: 1x RSK 600 Reefer Protein Skimmer Body 1x RSK 600 Reefer Collection Cup...
  23. R

    Build Thread Calling ANY and ALL MODE 135G Infinity owners!!!

    Hey guys. I'm in deep conflict looking at a few systems in the 120-140 gallon range between Cade, RedSea, Waterbox, and MODE. I need to hear from MODE 135G owners and your experience. Please chime in!!! Thanks for any input you can lend.
  24. Aquachristik

    Build Thread Aquachristik's Red Sea Reefer 170

    After starting the aquarium hobby in freshwater (currently have 2 freshwater tanks, a 5 and a 55) I decided to dip my toes into saltwater thanks to the assistance of a friend with a great reef tank (Afishionado). In April 2020 I decided to get a Fluval 13.5 and built my first reef. I'd like to...
  25. spilot

    Build Thread Sebastian's Reefer 300 XL

    Hello Reefer, As promised my tank presentation! I'm looking to recreate a mixed reef for my home. A stock list is not yet complete but definitely some LPS, SPS and a couple of fish. my Equipment: Tank: Red Sea Reefer 300 XL – 90cm/36” - 300 liters/80 gallons Lighting: 2x Maxspect Jump LED...
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