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  1. REEF OF THE MONTH - October 2021: Charlie's Amazing 400-gallon Reef

    REEF OF THE MONTH - October 2021: Charlie's Amazing 400-gallon Reef

    R2R Username: @charliethetuna Build Thread: My 400 Introduction: Hi my R2R family. It's an honor to be asked by [email protected] to be featured as tank of the month for October. My name is Charlie Pace. My handle name is charliethetuna on R2R and on Instagram. I am 43 years old and grew up in...
  2. Bouncingsoul39

    Build Thread My IM Nuvo 30L Mixed Reef

    This tank has been up and running since the beginning of June. Started with 20lbs of KP Aquatics “starter” live rock and 20lbs of Caribsea Fiji Pink live sand. Equipment: IM Nuvo 30L AIO Rimless low-iron aquarium IM APS aluminum white stand Current USA Orbit R24 LED Reef Lights x2 Tunze...
  3. Cali-Saltwater-1st-Timer

    California ATO Skimmers Reef Octopus eSsence S-130 & 10 Gallon Ruby Trigger ATO Reservoir

    For sale I have a used Reef Octopus eSsence S-130 Internal Protein Skimmer and a 10 gallon Ruby colored Trigger ATO reservoir. Both used for approximately 5 months. Both are in perfect operating condition. New system came with an ato reservoir and required a larger skimmer so no use for these...
  4. A

    Coral has white hole?

    So I purchased a watermelon favia coral a month ago and it seem to be doing well and all of a sudden today it got a hole so I got worried and wondered if they were hitchhikers or a disease or something else I just don’t want to worry my self over the coral if it’s dying Any info would be helpful
  5. Carebearsss.x

    Hello Newbie

    Hello! My names Caroline, I’m 19 years old and have been in the aquarium hobby for about 2 years (freshwater only). My boyfriend knows SO much about reef tanks! Me, on the other hand, I’ve recently became more interested in reef tanks & was wondering if anybody has some helpful advice?
  6. R

    Large Build Building your own aquarium from stand to tank

    This is My 300 gallon system that I built from scratch. From 70 gallon sump/refegium to 230 gallon display tank, stand and floating light housing everything was built from the ground up. Really proud of it. There is 40 fish in there including 8 tangs and 7 wrasses Anyone else build there own...
  7. ReefReadyYouTube

    What your favorite part of Reefing?

    We all have the same love for reefing but what’s your favorite part of it. I’m curious as to why everyone’s in the hobby or what got them into reefing? Is it the corals or the fish? Do you like buying a frag and watching it grow? Maybe it’s the whole tiny ecosystem you control and you can see...
  8. Reefaddict585

    DIY 180gal stand build, what you all think

    I’m pretty new to the reefing scene, started about a year ago with a 55g and quickly realized, that tank size wasn’t gonna cut it. Had a lot of success with it but just to small over all. So I started saving and a year later I found a good deal on a used 180g and a BUNCH of gear, took it home...
  9. glendale789

    Build Thread Starting @ 40gal Breeder

    Timeline Started: 7/8/2019 First fish: 8/18/2019 (day 41) First coral: 12/27/2019 (day 172) This update: 10/10/2020 (day 460) Water changes: as needed Filter sock: Yes, changed M/W/F Skimmer: Yes Chaeto: Yes Carbon: Yes, plus SeaChem PhosGuard Latest Weekly Testing: 9/5/2020 PO4 - 0.07 ppm...
  10. Edward A Nasco

    Green Slimer Acropora SPS Coral

    If you're thinking of starting out with Acro's my suggestion is a Green Slimer Acropora SPS coral like this one. The Green Slimer Acropora is not as delicate to keep as other Acro's and will tolerate certain differences in water parameter differences. Thanks for checking out my recent and...
  11. tdlawdo

    Build Thread My First Attempt at the Big Time: WaterBox PP 230.6 Tank Build

    Ok! So I started this thread long ago “so I thought” but then I couldn’t find it. I am now 7 months into this adventure and 3 months into the tank itself. So I will bring you up to speed and then continue live. I have journaled and documented along the way. Many on my IG @Reeferstrong I will...
  12. Agraves77

    Tennessee 80 Gallon Rimless Aquarium Setup

    I have a 80 Gallon Deep Blue Rimless Setup for sale. It includes the tank, a custom built stand, the Triton Systems 34" sump, a reactor, simplicity dc 2100 gph return pump, ATO Reservoir, 2 eheim jager heaters (150 watts each) and some plumbing accessories to go with it. Asking $475 OBO...
  13. AJI23

    Biotek reef rock. Vs BRS reef saver rock.

    I’ve used BRS reefsaver rock for a long time. I’m setting up a 180 and looking to purchase some rock. I can’t find a single review about the biotek rock, yet it looks the same as the reef saver and about a $1 per pound cheaper. Any experience with the biotek rock. Thank you.
  14. Orphek

    Lighting the Reef Aquarium By Dana Riddle

    We invite you all to talk about LIGHT. Come share your knowledge, your thoughts and experience with us! original source link : By Dana Riddle There are many aspects involved in successfully husbandry of a reef aquarium, not the least of which is...

    California 125 gal acrylic set up with formica stand and canopy

    125H acrylic black back w/center trapezoid overflow, black formica stand and canopy, excellent condition overall, aquarium is 60"L x 18"W x 24"H, stand height is 30", and canopy height is 10". Comes with 1 sump that holds (1) 7" sock, Iwaki 55rlt return pump, Koralia wave controller, (2)...
  16. landlocked303

    Red Sea's new refugium ready Reefer sump

    Anyone have experience with the redesigned Reefer sump that claims to be refugium ready? I think it's on the 250 and up. How big is it? Is it easy to do maintenance/mount lights to? Thanks!
  17. Gahngoo

    Florida 21" Reef Savvy Ghost overflow NEW

    I bought a ReefSavvy 21" ghost overflowthat flows 2000 gph for a new aquarium build I'm doing. Of course, my plans changed. It's brand new and was never installed. ReefSavvy doesn't accept returns, so my loss your gain. To get all the info on the overflow, Google: "reef savvy ghost overflow 21"...
  18. wesamazmy

    Cube Build NEW DIY 25g Nano cube, Needs Recommendations!!

    Good Day, Update #1 I started to build 25g nano cube, the project still under the construction The plan is: 1- Display tank 25g nano cube 50x50 cm 2- Eternal sump 60x30x30 cm 3- Eternal refugium 30x30 cm (separated from the sump) 4- I am going to use it for mix reef and focusing more on SPS...
  19. Bran415

    What corals to buy

    Hi everyone what kind of corals should i buy give me some ideas.
  20. cwb_reeftank

    West Virginia looking at buying some acros

    I am looking for some sps, I can't buy anything right now but in the next couple weeks I would like to, sometime after June 22nd. My price range should be 300-400ish. Here is a list of what I want: Red Dragon Ice fire echinata Tyree le bali tricolor ORA Pearlberry Oregon tort Shades of Fall...
  21. Zeal

    Am I doing this right?

    Hi everyone new to the hobby been in it almost 2 months now. SUper excited and im obsessedddddd. Recently got a bunch of coral over the span of 2 weeks and everything is doing AWESOME. But I have a couple questions... Salt hovers around... 1.025-1.026 Water temperature hovers around... 78/79...
  22. Bran415

    Build Thread Tank size

    Hi every one what tank size should i get for my reef tank im about to get..and who know any that can help me put it together..
  23. cwb_reeftank

    4 or 6 bulbs?

    Would it be to much or a waste to get a 6 bulb fixture for a 55 gal. or should I stick with a 4 bulb fixture (going for more sps). also I use ATI bulbs
  24. DQM5

    having high nutrient can turn sps to different color?

    hey guys, so I have this red table acro, it was red at first and then it started to turn green on the base. is this from having nutrient or low light? Alk 7.7 Cal 440 No3- 0.25-1.00 Po4- 0.25 I'm running AI Hydra 52hd about 8-9 inches above the water line. 1st and 2nd is picture is about 2...
  25. Bran415

    Build Thread How many tanks in the house is to many

    Hi team how many tanks is to many how many tanks fo you have comment below to let everyone know what you got..send pic