reef lights

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    Thoughts on Current USA Orbit IC LED?

    Hey y'all, Anyone here have or know anyone that has experience with the Current USA Orbit IC lights? This is not the Pro version. Also it's Loop compatible but the app hasnt released yet. Thanks
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    Thoughts on FLUVAL Marine & Reef 2.0 Lights?

    Hey everyone, What's everyones thoughts on the lights below: I know they're not super high end, but I am slowly trying to transition into reef. Looking for something that's at a good price range, can sit right...
  3. AshwinRavi

    DIY Led reef lighting

    Has anyone owned a Rapid LED kit ( ) as shown in this picture below, I am curious to know if anyone has PAR measurements for this DIY kit and their experience in owning it.
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    Can lights be directly ontop of the tank?

    I often see majority of the lights hovering above the tank but I was wondering if its possible lay it right on top of the tank on top of the glass canopy? My tank has a full wood canopy set up and I need to keep that way due to kids. Any recommendations for specific lights as well?
  5. MarineDepot

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  6. quicksil328

    Current Marine Orbit IC LED

    Does anyone have any experience with the Current Marine Orbit IC lights. I was thinking I would put a t5 fixture over the new frag tank I am setting up but the LFS I use suggested this light. He uses all leds in his shop and has really nice livestock. I have purchased several items off of him...