DIY Led reef lighting

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Aug 31, 2012
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nice to know, could you share picture if you don't mind..
Hey ashwin,

I've used several kits, I built then rebuilt my fixture for my 90 gallon started with 2 fixtures with 40 leds each in a linear pattern, mostly cw and rb with a few uv, green,red and blue. Here is my current setup designed like a radion-esque puck.
Channel 1: Cool white, Neutral white ,
Channel 2: Lime, Green, Warm white, red
Channel 3: blue, cyan
Channel 4: Royal blue,
Channel 5: uv 420, viloet,
Oriniginaly controlled by petentiometers now through apex.
Run rb at 55%
Uv at 50%
Blue 40%
Colors 35%
Whites 25%
I also run 2 4' t5 ho for extra light/color
More than enough light at where in the tank and adjustable color rendition to your pleasing. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

We also used a rapid aurora puck for my gf's biocube which worked wonderfully! Still a bit too bright at 50%. Rapid led is a great company with good customer service and support, had my diy led fixtures for over 5 years and everything's going strong just make sure you clean and keep cool and it will last a long time!

Has anyone owned a Rapid LED kit ( )
as shown in this picture below, I am curious to know if anyone has PAR measurements for this DIY kit and their experience in owning it.


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