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  2. nycfreshreef

    Zoa eating “asterina” starfish experiment

    Interesting perspective After noticing an “asterina” starfish (I actually believe the are a different species) population starting to grow in a 1.5 year old mixed reef - I kept a close eye on my 2 colonies of illuminati zoas (as I started to see the asterinas sitting on zoas) I was able to...
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  4. L

    Shrimp in 75gallon reef tank

    Hey everyone Just looking for advice and recommendations on shrimp for a 75 gallon mixed reef tank. I’m looking to add of my first shrimp and just wondering what would be the best I really like the skunk cleaner shrimp, and the blood shrimp or fire shrimp. However, I do plan or it is in my list...
  5. L

    Yellow wrasse questions and quarantining

    Hello everyone, I just set up a 75 gallon tank and currently have three pajama fish in there that seem to be doing good and eating fine. I also have a anthias in my quarantine tank that I will be adding within a week or two my local fish store has a really nice small yellow wrasse. That is very...
  6. H

    Gasoila Thread sealant quetion

    First off not a reef question but i love the website Great people on here! So I had a old pre Drilled 110 tub hanging around and decided to fill it for some baby koi Im getting on Tuesday and the treads on the gasket were a bit chewed up and it was leaking. I didn't have tape on me the other...
  7. D

    Good macro algae for mixed reef tank

    What is a good macro algae to use inside a display tank? I’m constantly fighting nitrates and phosphates, and I have an aquatop 40 cube AIO, so a refugium is not very easily done. I’m looking for a macro algae I can put in my display tank that will be 1.) Safe for corals : I know a lot of...
  8. hexcolor reef

    Unknown Marine life found in tank?

    Looks like a shrimp of some sort. It’s it coral safe is the question. Don’t know how it got in the tank but it’s there. Found in the refugium Photos of video doesn’t play. Main question/issue why happens if it populate the tank
  9. Starfishandseahorse

    Zoanthids and clove polyps clearly being eaten. I don’t trust my cowfish.

    Today I noticed that a few of my smaller zoanthid colonies were gone and a rainbow clove polyp frag I just purchased that previously had two heads now has two chewed up stumps. I suspect I know who may be responsible… I have heard mixed things about whether cow fish will nibble on...
  10. Zokki

    Can I add rock from the beach to my tank?

    Hello, my mother find lovely Rick when she was visiting. I would love to add it to the tank but I’m scared that something can go wrong. I clean the rock with sponge and I left it under the sun for a week. After that I put vinegar in bucket and left it there for another week then rinse it with...
  11. CincyReefer07

    What’s the likelihood this Glue is reef safe??

    I feel absolutely terrible and a little annoyed. Got my dad involved in a diy acclimation box build for my tank. We got all the pieces cut, drilled a bunch of holes in the acrylic. And he was off work that week and asked me if I wanted him to go ahead and glue it together for me while he was...
  12. aquatic engineer

    Illinois Live Goods Reef safe, mature fish for sale

    Moving out of state to a house with no room for my 150G tank. Selling entire set up, but need to sell fish and inverts first to break down the tank. If interested in the full setup, I will have another listing of all that equipment under the Drygoods Selling section. All fish have been with...
  13. shawnriv

    Reef Safe Angelfish: Lamarck Angelfish or Swallowtail Angelfish?

    Which Angelfish would be better for my tank? I have a 120G SPS dominated tank. I am considering adding an angel and was originally interested in the Lamarck since they seem to be relatively inexpensive. Recently, I discovered they are considered "large" angelfish. After doing some research on...
  14. Adam1985

    Trigger ID - Please Helo

    Hi all, Can anyone help me ID this trigger and also comment if it’s reef safe (with caution) like a niger trigger would be, or not reef safe? Thanks! Adam
  15. S

    Reef safe acrylic dye

    Hello everyone, I recently designed a waterproof camera housing that you can 3D print. I’ll be uploading the files once I am able to fine tune the lens filter. I am also working on a more compact V2 that can hold a higher quality camera module but not sure when that will be done. Currently, I...
  16. J

    Worm Id hitchhiker

    I found this worm in my tank a week or so ago. I decided to pull it out tonight to get a better look at it. I don’t think it’s a bristle worm. I’m worried it may be a bobbit worm of some sort. Can someone ID? And tell if it’s dangerous or not. Thanks.
  17. jacquesPiette

    Cardinalfish lovers

    I love Cardinalfish! their angular shape, their colours, their unique behaviors. understand my surprise when i find that there isnt a whole lot about theses guys on the internet (exept the pyjama and the bangai) i have a 55 gallon tank with three pyjamas, 3 bangais and 3 longspine cardinalfish...
  18. AllAmericanReefs

    Pistol shrimp attacking corals

    Hi, i just got my first two corals for the tank this week and my pistol shrimp has went after both so far. The first was the hammer coral because it was in the sand bed so the shrimp didn’t like that I assume. Then today he attacked the zoas and knocked them over. I’m not sure what I should do...
  19. WheatToast

    What are the completely "reef-safe" crabs? Are they even a thing?

    The crabs I will be considering include the true crabs (Brachyura) and some "crabs" from Anomura, including hermit crabs (Paguroidea) and porcelain crabs (Porcellanidae). Horseshoe crabs (Limulidae) will be excluded. Over the years, I have heard mixed reports on how "reef-safe" crabs are in the...
  20. Ariahsart

    Chocolate Chip Starfish and Coral

    Hello I am new to this forum, I'm not exactly new to the hobby (almost a year in) but am when it comes to corals. I was convinced to get some coral however I have two chocolate Chip Starfish. My first basically lives on my filter or the glass and never touches the ground, and my new one...

    Marine weld

    Hi is marine weld reef safe when fully cured…. Got a new magnet with a dimple in the epoxy…. Wanted to cover it.. thanks
  22. B

    UV sterilizer in a reef setup?

    Hello all, I’ve been having trouble with algae blooms during the day when my lights turn on and I have a UV sterilizer that was part of a yard sale bundle I got a few years back. I was wondering if anyone has tried this before and if it’s reef safe. My main concern is nitrifying bacteria but...
  23. 2manyideas

    Build Thread 75 gal. stocking help

    I am helping my friend decide on a stocking list for his new tank. He is upgrading from a 36 gallon bowfront to a 75 gallon. The 75 is equipped with a sump. The fish he is moving from the 36 to the 75 once it is cycled are a 8-10 inch snowflake eel and a rust angel. The tank was just filled and...
  24. damsels are not mean

    Any experience with Biota's CAPTIVE coral beauties?

    Wanting to gauge the reef-safeness of captive coral beauties. Since they are tank born and raised, they will never have seen a coral before nor known it as food. Biota says they won't pick at corals unless they are poorly fed. I love what they are doing over there but I don't buy it :D. If...
  25. Adam1985

    Are these harmless or problematic?

    Hi all, In relation to ticked off corals from time to time, coupled with being able to sleep late and wake up late (vacation for the holidays), I’ve been looking at my tank more at night, i.e. during total darkness. I noticed quite a large population of these, and they seem to be congregating...