1. The Italian


    The Dennis Rodman Double Bubble Ricordea Mushroom! This baby is 1 of 4! The mother comes from my boys over at Blue Seas Aquariums in Florida. This thing is UNREAL!! neon green mouth, mini neon green bubbles with HUGE bright pink bubbles, some of pink bubbles have these crazy little speckles in...
  2. crabcore

    New Coral!

    Just got today! the Chalice and Ricordea are from WWC. The Acropora is from Top Shelf Aquatics. Wife acclimated them form me wail I was at work and did a great job. so far so good.
  3. RandyC

    California Shrooms for Sale

    WYSIWYG. Paypal required to hold. No Exceptions. Flat shipping rate of $40 for FedEx Priority Overnight shipping to lower 48. I am located in Northern California. Shrooms are currently attached to rock rubble and will be glued to a frag plug prior to shipping unless otherwise requested. 1...
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  5. Evan28395950

    Thought I would share my new tank additions

    So today I went coral shopping, I ended up buying a decent sized birdsnest frag, 3 frogspawn hammer mix heads, and 2 ricordea mushrooms. All came in very healthy condition, and they look amazing!
  6. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Super Softie Sale 25% off + New Customers Save 10% off

    Super Softie Sale 25% off all Softies!!! Don't Miss out!!! SUPER25 for use on SOFTIES, MUSHROOMS, and ROCK FLOWERS + New Customers Save 10% off!!! TOTAL 35% OFF All SOFTIES!!!! https://daydreamcorals.com/product-category/softie/
  7. Lotus Reef


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    Davy Jones Locker - New SPS Corals and Anemones (BTA & Ritteri)

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  9. AquaLocker

    REEF FACT - Ricordea Mushroom Corals

    These coral are easy to care for and come in a huge range of colors. Below is a Yuma Ricordea from our Davy Jones Locker. Florida Ricordea are another very popular species.
  10. diverdown

    Michigan Mini Colonies Zoas Palys Pikachu, Butt Kisser, Purple Monster, Rasta, Bam Bam, Gatorade, Sunny D

    Mini colonies of zoas, palys and ricordea shown in the images below with prices. Standard DOA applies, please send photo within 2 hours of opening if DOA. Free shipping over $350, otherwise $50. Thanks for looking!
  11. AquariumSpecialtyMatt

    High End/Collector Yuma's

    We recently received a small shipment of some high quality Ricordea Yuma's. Follow the link if interested. All WYSIWYG https://www.aquariumspecialty.com/aquarium-specialty-live/wysiwyg.html
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  14. Keith_0011

    Questions for Ricordea Florida experts

    OK. I'm looking to fine tune a Ricordea florida exhibit at work. Some of them look fine, but others are shrinking and I cannot put my finger on why. 60 gallon custom made glass tank made by TankMeUSA. 24"x24"x25" Kessil 360 W Tuna blue light about 8"over the top of the water. Light at about...
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  18. Robin Haselden

    Turtle's Miniature Menagerie

    The Ocean The Ocean has its silent caves, Deep, quiet, and alone; Though there be fury on the waves, Beneath them there is none. The awful spirits of the deep Hold their communion there; And there are those for whom we weep, The young, the bright, the fair. Calmly the wearied seamen rest...
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  22. AllSignsPointToFish

    Florida Must go...LOTS of Ricordea Mushrooms!

    Tons of orange and purple Ricordea mushrooms available. All have chartreuse green mouths and are unattached. Small mushrooms (<1.5" diameter) $5/ea. Large mushrooms (>1.5" diameter) $10/ea. I'm in the Pensacola area. If I can't sell these, they're going in the sump or the trash. I have too...
  23. AquaLocker

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    Here are a few of the many items coming to Davy Jones Locker...
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    A few of the Items on Sale this week at FishyBusinessAquatics.com

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