1. djobaekdb

    RODI Plumbed Directly To Tank

    I am looking to build a ULM tank at some point that is fully automated and I have come across RODI units being plumbed directly to a sump or ATO within the cabinet to eliminate the need for carrying buckets of water. Redundancy of failsafes to ensure flooding the tank as well as your home does...
  2. AquaFX

    Reverse Osmosis & Deionization Q & A

    The following is an answer to one of our customers who asked, How many gallons will my membranes last. So I thought I would post the answer. Ahh, There is no direct answer to your question. There are several factors that determine membrane life. Chlorine will destroy a membrane in no time...
  3. akopley

    Illinois MP40QD, GYRE 250, Skimmer, CalcReactor etc

    Cleaning out the fish room and I have the following for sale. SOLD Nearly new Maxspect Gyre XF250 Pump (I bought this for $230 and it was not powerful enough for my system. I ended up going with dual MP60s instead. My loss is your gain asking $200 shipped or picked up in Chicago. MP40QD...
  4. mckinleyw


    I was wondering if any one would be able to help me figure out how to hook up a list of parts to a 6 stage rodi unit. i will list all the parts i want on this system. currently running: Prefilter to Booster pump, to 5 micron sediment, to 5 micron carbon, to 1 micron carbon, through aso to ro...
  5. JoshH

    So what's everyone's Tap TDS and how do you handle it?

    Over the past little while I've been reading lots of threads on RODI selection questions and seen some responses here and there about some who have insanely high and insanely low TDS and pressure coming from there tap. And it really got me wondering how wide of a range there really is out there...
  6. T3CHED

    225Gal Wish List

    Im unable to post in the WTB forum so Im posting here in hopes an admin member can help me get it into that forum. Im currently doing a 225Gal DT / 75Gal Sump and need a few items, if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated! 1. (3) ocean revive T247 led lights (hoping with remotes) 2...
  7. Mark Derail

    Reefers can brew the world's best coffee !!!

    I blow away guests to my house, not with my DT, but my outstanding coffee !!! I use RODI water and an AeroPress coffee maker, see This is just so versatile. I can do an expresso shot, filtered coffee, play with any parameters like I see fit, why -...
  8. Be102

    Upgrading my RO/DI?

    I purchased a marine depot ro/Di a few months ago and its been fine, but would like to upgrade I think to a flush...
  9. Mike N

    Curing dry rock in RO/RODI vs SW

    I have a lot of dry rock to cure. I would prefer to cure in RODI water to save some cash on salt. Any advantages to curing in saltwater vs RODI?
  10. K

    High TDS

    Whats the best way to set up an RO sys for water thats 480 ppm ? DI going way to quick. i have pre filter, 2 stages carbon, a 150gpd ro= 14-15tds, and a 75+75 water saver sys from BRS =22tds. if i run the out put from the 150 to the 75+75 i get 1tds but water output is to low. in coming water...
  11. Hugo Garcia

    New to all this.

    Hey guys, how is it going? This is my first time at reef2reef, and my first attempt at a saltwater tank. I've had a freshwater tank with goldfish for about a year now, and decided to take the leap and start a saltwater tank as well. So what I'm paling to have is a 20 Gallon tank with 2 clownfish...
  12. TheLadyCrash

    RO/DI Unit Losing Pressure

    I have a 6 Stage RO/DI unit from BRS that I've been using for around 4 months or so. Normally my pressure when using it is around 80 PSI. The last time I went to use it, I noticed that the pressure would drop from around 80 PSI to 30 PSI after I finished flushing the system and flipped the...
  13. Giraffe0621

    RODI/Saltwater Mixing Station - dual pumps, heater, Norwesco tanks, etc. Milford, CT

    -Twin 35 gallon Norwesco containers, each independent of one another with dual RO/DI feeds, dual Quiet One 4000 pumps -Control Board with: -Switches for RODI and salt pumps -Switch for the included Finnex 150w digital heater -Switch for the included Korallia circulator pump...
  14. pelphrey

    Spectrapure CSPDI-MF 90 GPD RODI

    I bought this unit from Spectapure on 7/31/15, it is a 90 GPD manual flush unit. I will ship the unit with the membrane (It will probably need to be replaced, I've never replaced it). Sediment, carbon block & DI will be pulled to save weight. It is under $50 for all 3 of these filters and the...
  15. Fr4nkthet4nk

    RODI Water question

    My RODI unit is showing TDS out equal 1. Is that water ok for a water change? and when should I change those filters?
  16. 1

    Need RODI Recommendations

    Hi, I am in need of a well priced RODI. I asked already in the New to SW section but I had no idea this category existed. If there's any deals/coupons currently going on out there I would love to know. Aiming for 4-5stage RODI that can handle silicates and chlorinates/chloramines. I really...
  17. 1

    RODI System recommendations?

    Hey Everyone, I am need of a RODI and I am not sure which one to pick. Looking for something that is priced just right that is well built. So far I have checked out KoolerMax AR-122, Spectrapure (not sure which model to settle on), and BRS Systems. Are there any other systems you would...
  18. MarineDepot

    Produce Ultra-Pure Water — PLUS Earn 10% Back!

    Produce Ultra-Pure Water — PLUS Earn 10% Back! Buy made in the USA AquaFX reverse osmosis products and earn 10x rewards!
  19. randyBRS

    What does heating my water do to my RODI unit performance? | BRStv Investigates

    Hey guys, Today we are investigating RODI even further by testing the effects of heated water on RODI unit performance. I think you may surprised with the results, even though most manufacturers test their membranes at 77 degrees! Let us know what you think about heating your water prior to...
  20. ScubaSteve4Life

    Storing RO/DI ?

    I've been thinking of storing my rodi water in a Rubbermaid 32 or so gallon bin. I'd only need about 3-5 gallons of water each week. About how long could I store this before it goes bad? Or would I need something more like a powerhead inside the bin or to seal it?
  21. ScubaSteve4Life

    Is this a good or cheap RO/DI system?

    I'm a novice with this hobby but have heard the importance of good water quality. So I decided to get a RO/DI system. I am on a tight budget and found this system on amazon : Aquarium Reef Reverse Osmosis water filter 6 stage RO/DI SYSTEM 75 GPD USA...
  22. haanstang

    Haanstang's 210 peninsula

    So I've been Reefing for about 2 years now and have been planning this build for about 4 years it seems like. I have a 65g tank at the moment with a 30 gallon sump that is too wide for my stand so it's on the floor in the spare room ( soon to be fishroom ). Anyway my new build. The tank is a...
  23. fmf_21

    REEF OCTOPUS skimmer XP-2000SSS !

    1 x Reef Octopus super xp-2000sss skimmer $200 All items where removed from a running system and are clean and ready to use . Please feel free to PM and questions . Prices do NOT included shipping but can be discussed via PM . Thanks
  24. shadow1013

    Orlando - AquaFX Barracuda Glacial RO/DI System

    We are selling our AquaFX Barracuda Glacial RO/DI system which is rated at 100GPD. I changed the DI resin, membrane, carbon block, and sediment filter a couple of months ago. I bought two bags of DI resin, which are 1.5 refills in each bag for a total of 3 refills, but I did use it for the...
  25. BlueZreef

    RODI Won't hit rejection rates

    Idk what's wrong...I swear I've tried everything at this point! Here's what I have setup: Pre filter culligan filter -> aquatec 8800 booster-> 3x carbon blocks 1 micron and one is .5 micron I think from BRS -> 100 gpd Dow filmtec -> 3 DI canisters I just swapped to the 100 gpd hoping the...
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