1. M

    Chlorine testing and carbon blocks

    Residual chlorine (no chloramines) in the water mains where I live in Italy is between 0,03 and 0,05 ppm. Do I need a very good 1 mcr carbon block, or can I just get a cheap 10 or 5 mcr carbon block and replace it once a year? Is it recommended to test for chlorine after the carbon blocks, or...
  2. M

    Carbon blocks and chlorine testing

    Residual chlorine (no chloramines, only chlorine and chlorine dioxide) in the water mains where I live in Italy is between 0,03 and 0,05 ppm. Do I need a very good 1 mcr carbon block, or can I just get a cheap 10 or 5 mcr carbon block and replace it once a year? Is it recommended to test for...
  3. M

    How reliable are cheap TDS pens to test RO/DI in the 0 - 3 TDS range? Hanna Pure Water Tester?

    What is everyone here using to test the TDS of their RO/DI? Any tips or experiences concerning the reliability of cheap TDS pens? Would you trust a cheap HM Digital TDS-3 Handheld TDS Meter? Plenty of positive reviews, but a reviewer pointed out: The Hanna Pure Water Tester looks like a better...
  4. Reefahholic

    Do you clean your RODI system once a year?

    Do you clean your RODI system? If you do, what do you clean and how often do you clean it? What products do you use? For those that don’t clean, have you ever had experienced any harmful effects? Thanks for participating. :-)
  5. Cavalina

    Small Mixing Station: Need R2R Expert Advice!

    Hi Guys, For years I have trudged over to my LFS once a month or more to refill my collection of 5 gallon jugs. But this will be coming to an end fairly soon -- later this week I will be receiving a 4 stage BRS Value Plus RODI unit. I plan on placing the unit under my utility sink in my mud...
  6. M

    RODI waste question

    Ok, so I know some of you reading this will gasp at my thoughts....but I have to ask/discuss anyway because it's truly bugging me not finding a good answer. I have had a 4 stage "plus" RODI system from BRS for a little over 3 years. With the "plus" I am supposed to be getting more water than...
  7. F

    Ultra Pure Water in Reef Tank

    I have access to a lot of free Ultra Pure Water (UPW) whenever I want. I mixed up 45 gallons of it into my new E-170 and it took 14 cups of salt to get to 1.021 salinaty. I think it only should have taken me 11.25 cups. My ATO reserve is full of the UPW. Is this water too clean for a reef tank?
  8. R

    BRS 4 Stage RO DI

    Alright so I need some help here. It's been about a month since I changed all my filters on my BRS 4 stage RO DI unit. As you can see my DI is half way used up but I've only made about 26 gallons. I've flushed the membrane (I changed it) 3 times by now , about 50 gallons flushed with the DI...
  9. ChefJTMK

    TDS meter

    If anyone is interested, some Pūr water filters come with tds meters! My permanent roommate brought one home for the house. When she asked what the meter was for, I was tickled pink when I realized it was included with the set. works!!!
  10. KyleJ42

    Connecticut New York Waterbox cube 20 complete setup $600

    Selling my waterbox cube 20. Thought i’d be where i am currently living for longer, but the wife and i decided its time to move. Dont really want to put a 15hr trip of stress on any of the fish/corals/inverts here. $600 obo. Comes with everything in pictures, plus about 120 gallons or so of...
  11. AtticusPutt

    My Rodi Water TDS

    I have A 75 gpd RODI system, the water coming out of it is a consistent 0 tds, but my tds meter says the water coming in is only 2 tds. I was wondering if the number is accurate, and if it was if I don't need to use the RODI system at all and just condition the water?
  12. Augus7us

    Well Water: What is your filtration setup?

    I have well water with TDS at ~400 coming out of the tap. I also have iron, sulpher, etc. I plan on fixing the iron issue with a katalox AIO unit, in addition to my softner, but reading up on them they all recommend pre filtering the water. This got me thinking. I don't want to run RO for my...
  13. Prairiereefer

    Auto top off question.

    Hello, I'm currently designing a new setup and was look at ATOs and had an idea but can't find if its been done before or not. I was wondering if it would be possible to run a splitter on the output of my rodi to a float valve like I currently have on my rodi container but to the sump so it...
  14. 7777


    What type of RODI system do you use? I’m currently using RO Buddie and I feel like I’m wasting so much water to get a clean water. Also the resin filter is already discoloured more than halfway when I only used about 38 gallons of water out of it. The LFS that sold me it told me to run the...
  15. R

    BRS 4 stage issue

    So my BRS RODI system wasn't producing any water. Thought it was the filters that needed to be changed. Well I got to changing them today and still no luck. First compartment is full. Second is almost full but the top has some air. The last one, it got some water through the resin and then...
  16. J

    Storing RODI in garage. Possible Contamination?

    Hello all, I live in Florida and I have my RODI unit in my garage along with the storage container a 50 gallon brute garbage can. we do not park cars in the garage but the lawnmower, generator, and gas cans are in there and today I noticed a heavy gasoline smell and saw my Emergency generator...
  17. Lacrette1991

    First RODI system

    So I finally got an RODI unit after starting up a new 72gallon. I figured with this much water my trips to big als will have to come to an end I purchased the unit off Amazon. The “Geekpure” unit seems to be working pretty well after some fighting to set it up. I haven’t found a lot online...
  18. Tristan

    Help: RO System Leaking Wastewater

    I have a 4 stage BRS water saver system that’s around 5-6 years old now. I have it hooked up directly to a water supply with a ball valve on the product line so I can turn it on when I need it. For the wastewater, the line goes outside to a bucket, and just a couple days ago I noticed that the...
  19. Brent Behringer

    California Misc. Pumps Brand New in Box Tunze Osmolator 3155 Auto Top Off

    I am selling this Brand New in Box Tunze Osmolator 3155 Auto Top Off $185 shipped The Tunze Osmolator 3155 is one of the safest ATO’s available. It utilizes an electronic eye sensor to monitor water levels and a backup float switch sensor with an optional audible alarm. The controller protects...
  20. Brent Behringer


    Due to Financial and Health reasons I will be parting out my current Reefer 250 Build. I completed the build up to a wet test only. So all equipment is brand new never used except for the wet test of my Tank, Custom Sump and Return Pump (ran for about an hour). Brand New KLEANWATER 4-STAGE...
  21. C

    Question on programming multiple solenoids (using profilux 4 and GHL powerbar)

    I have some programming questions. I am thinking of improving my RODI unit. I am thinking of buying 3 more solenoid valves to plug into my GHL powerbar. I already have one solenoid that turns on when my auto top off water bin is low. It is connected to two float switches. My solenoid...
  22. Bevans27

    South Carolina ATO Powerheads RO/DI Few pieces equipment

    I’ve got a few pieces of equipment for sale. Acquired from a tank breakdown and I don’t need the items. All used about 6 months. icecap ATO - $100 Aqamai KPS wi-if wavemaker w/ original box - $100 AquaticLife 100 GPD RO/DI - $100 - cartridges changed out on 9/6/2020 and only ran about 20...
  23. S

    RODI Question

    Hi All, I won't call myself new to reefing, but I have been out of it for quite some time so for this purpose, lets just call me new! I purchased a BRS 4 stage value plus RODI System and added the water saver upgrade to make it 100 gpd. I had a TDS meter that I purchased from Amazon several...
  24. 802ScubaFish

    RODI - Laundry/Garden T connection?

    I have a feed adapter for under the sink where we live, but I’m wondering if there is something just like that, that I could ‘T’ off of my laundry cold water connection? I believe this is the same as a garden hose? Sorry, I’m not super familiar with plumbing stuff. (hot water side was easier...
  25. Mpraytor2

    Not really new just need help....

    So I just relocated back to San Diego county(el cajon) and just need some help finding some stores that sell salt/rodi till I get a set up going. Also if there are and places that just have high quality fish and inverts? Let me know thank you!!!!
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