1. JeffLED

    Hey boss, here are the ATO plans for final approval!

    Long time reefer here, and I FINALLY own a house that is suitable for the display aquarium I have always wanted. The current setup is a custom 165 gallon with a Trigger Systems Ruby Sump in the stand that has been running for about 9 months, and I am finally ready to start automating/upgrading...
  2. drtechno

    OINK! I'm a Pig. 200g Reef Savvy, Bashsea, Royal Exclusiv -Direct sunlight- In wall w/ IKEA fishroom basement sump build

    Hi everyone. I finally got around to starting this build thread. I had originally wanted to wait until things were closer to being done, and then doing a recap of sorts, so that people didn't have to wait long periods of time before updates. However, I am learning many things along the way...
  3. SenorBubs

    RODI system working correctly?

    Hey everyone! I’m fairly new to reefing and have been buying distilled water for the water changes which was too much... so I got myself a used RODI system to save myself some time/money. But the output for the filtered water is dripping while the waste water is flowing out which doesn’t seem...
  4. diabolical_clownfish

    RO/DI installation advice

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice regarding the installation of a reverse osmosis system in my home. After some research, I'd like to buy the AquaFX Barracuda RO/DI Aquarium Filter unit (open to suggestions). I would likely only need to use it on a weekly basis. It seems the AquaFX is slightly...
  5. jackalexander

    Water Top Off

    My salinity is rising slowly rising and I don’t have an RODI system. I do have an RO system that I drink from but I was told that RODI is better for the fish. Any ideas what water I could use to top off my tank? (my RO has a TDS of <30).
  6. wowatracy

    California ATO Plumbing 35g Auto Water Changing Auto Aqua System Los Angeles

    Completely automate your water changes with everything included for $365. I spent around $780 on the equipment and it all worked great for the four months I used it but I decided to break down my tank and sell everything off. The auto water changing really made a difference in the stability of...
  7. C

    RO Buddie vs.... More expensive stuff

    When I first got my RO Buddie (100 GPD) with DI cartridge, I paid approximately $70 for the set. I have had it for almost 9 months I've run through the DI about three times so far. I've changed the sediment and carbon cartidge once. Currently, it appears that my DI is not working. It is still...
  8. LEOreefer

    New York Misc. Filtration 6 stage BRS RODI 150 gpd filter

    For sale 6 stage BRS RODI system with inline TDS meter and pressure gauge. RO membranes were replaced 2 months ago and sediment filters are all a couple moths old. System is currently putting out 0 TDS water. $200 shipped.
  9. TexasReefer82

    High copper in RODI water

    Looking for some advice here... Last week I sent in an ATI ICP test for both my tank water as well as my RODI. The results unexpectedly came back with 36ppb copper in the RODI water (as well as 4ppb tin). Where could this copper have come from? I don't have copper plumbing in my home, and...
  10. Tristan

    How does an auto flush flow restrictor, booster pump, and pressure switch all work in conjunction?

    I’ve been looking to add all three to my RODI system and have been watching some of BRS’s videos to see how it all goes together, but I’m confused. From what I can tell, the pressure switch from Aquatec can only connect to the booster pump or auto flush flow restrictor, not both at the same...
  11. H

    How many stages of RODI filtration do I need?

    How many stages of RODi filtration do I need? I’m a bit confused.
  12. thereefingguy

    High TDS after carbon blocks (before membrane) normal?

    Hi reefers I replaced all my filters, membrane and added another stage of carbon to my 6 stage spectrapure and now my TDS is reading higher after the carbon blocks. Is this normal for it to be 100 tds higher? The blocks have been flushed for a couple hours.
  13. V

    Water Delivery Services

    It occurs once or twice a year (actually more). I neglect to replace my RO/DI cartridges when needed. Maybe because I left it running for several days while on a trip. Or maybe because the last carbon block I bought was delivered 2 weeks later than expected. Or maybe because I had to do 2 * 70%...
  14. cwb_reeftank

    Tampa LFS?

    Hey I'm new in the Tampa area and I'm trying to find a good LFS, I'm trying to get ro water and the store I've been going to around here has been terrible. The water I got there smelled like rotten eggs and I picked up some emerald crabs and they died shortly after I got them. So if you know any...
  15. Reefer37

    Do I Need a Better RO/DI Unit?

    I bought an Aquatic Life 4-stage RO/DI Buddie that includes the DI and all. First couple batches of RODI water tested at 0 TDS. Last batch I just made shows 1 TDS, this was after about 25g of RODI water was made with this brand new. My waste ratio is about 3/1. Am I needing a better unit or is...
  16. dtruitt

    RODI water consistently reading 8.3dKH with salifert titration

    I recently saw a huge alk spike after switching salt mixes. After contacting the manufacturer, I got a reading of 8.3dKH on multiple titrations on "clean" rodi with the salifert kit. I dont have a TDS meter on hand. I'm assuming the water must not be very clean. Membrane was changed 6 months...
  17. Salt_Creep

    RODI: Membrane flushing, TDS creep, and best practices questions

    Hello, I have recently moved to a larger tank and larger holding containers and I have found that I need to replace my DI resin just about every week or else my TDS starts creeping up, which raises my ALK in my tank via ATO. I do have well water, so its gross. At the RODI unit, it goes in at...
  18. Philgiff

    Nano reef tank help!

    I have been researching on starting a 10 gallon nano reef tank. I see people using ro/di water for refills/ toping the tank off. Do I need ro/di water for a 10gallon tank or would I be ok using petco’s Pacific Ocean water?
  19. C

    Switching to RODI

    I started a 15 gallon reef tank about 3 weeks ago just using tap water with a water conditioner and everything is doing fine other then alge and I am aware i need RODI water. If i start doing water changes with RODI will it filter out my tap water ?
  20. C

    Tap water->RODI water

    I started a 15 gallon reef tank about 3 weeks ago and used tap water with a water conditoner, everything has been doing good other then having alge issues and i am aware I should be using RODI water. If i start doing water changes with RODI from now on will that tap water be filtered out ?
  21. Reefer37

    Salt Mix Recommendations

    So I'm new to making saltwater, been using LFS water and they use Fritz salt. Finally ordering an RODI system and going to be making my own saltwater and all. I know it's ideal to use to same salt you've been using with your system, but Fritz salt is like 2-3x's more expensive than some of the...
  22. MrsWeathers

    Missouri WTB WTB RODI filtration system!

    I’m Looking for a sufficient RODI water filtration system reasonably priced. At least 75gpd.
  23. AquaFX

    AquaFX Barracuda Winner Announcement!!

    We finally have a winner!! Congratulations to: JonoB from the North Alabama Reef Club. Thank you to everyone who participated. We loved doing this giveaway so much for you guys and we want to keep doing more!! Look out for us on R2R and Facebook for the next one, it may be sooner than you think!
  24. palbert_95

    RODI water

    I'm new to the hobby and I'm thinking about getting an RO system for my tank, I've been using tap water with a conditioner(i know its a lot less than ideal) hence the reason I'm looking to buy an RO or RODI system. the quesion is, is an RO system good enough or better than tap with a...
  25. O

    RODI unit DI issue

    I’m running two carbon, one paper, one membrane, and one DI canister. I just replaced everything as I’ve recently moved and I’m on well water. I bought a higher quality membrane and it’s typically 5 ppm before hitting the DI. Based on what I read it sounds like that’s on the money. Problem Is...
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