1. Lillmoya

    Temp & Drip Acclimating Simultaneously

    I bought my first marine fish yesterday, a beautiful pair of ocellaris clowns! One yellow and one a picture perfect Nemo orange. I’d had plenty of freshwater fish in the past, but this being my first marine fish... needless to say I was nervous. I didn’t have a container to drip acclimate them...
  2. avatar71

    Use of household ceramic tile

    Hi, as a homeowner, I’ve got pounds of leftover tile. Although some too big to use, some are perfect colony size for coral frag propagation. Some of the fancy tile might look pretty cool in the tank as well is there any reason to believe that house grade or even commercial grade tile would be...
  3. Transporter

    Safe...or pest ?

    Ok, so after a couple days of searching, I have still not come to a solid determination as to what kind of inhabitants can be safely kept with Zoas & paly's . Other than the obvious zoa eating nudi's and obvious non-reef safe fish, are there any other certain fish / inverts to be warry of ? Or...
  4. Hambonej

    What is this stuff?

    I have a biocube 29, the sump is pretty basic. Chamber 1 hydor slim skim. Opened up the flow into chamber to filter floss, purigen, chemi pure elite, then rock rumble. Chamber three 3 heater and return pump. Two power heads in the back for extra flow in the tank. I have mars-aqua lights on a...
  5. tutmatt3

    Today - ICH Reveals itself! Fallow Time Begins... Now

    If you don't want to read all - the main question from this thread is: ***Can I treat API Primafix, API Melafix, & Fritz CopperSafe all at the same time in QT for 2x small clowns, and 1x hippo tang. ------------------- Alrighty, you guys called it, and I didn't listen when I was extra newb...